Wednesday, May 21, 2008

SL Music Community Island - Official Opening - Saturday - May 24th 2008

Saturday - May 24th 2008

Intended as a resource in world and also as a huge showcase of Musicians/Dj's/Venues and Radio Stations in the main gallery. It has information on many aspects of Music in SL. SLMC FORUMS

If anyone is free to come and help out with tours and general information then please contact Slim Warrior or Doubledown Tandino inworld.

SO FAR (updated May 21, 12pm): some not totally confirmed yet / revisions will be updated here

1:00am - Soundcircel Flanagan
2:00am - Fyrm Fouroux
3:00am - Club Piranha presents:
DJ Seismo Glanz
4:00am - VI AI PI Music & Media Ltd & Dorian Grey presents:
DJ Andy Moon
6:00am - Club Vital Staff presents:
DJ Clastix Enzo
DJ Stefan Chrousch
8:00am - Sunset Jazz Club & Circe Circle Radio present:
"Coffee & Pajamas" with Elfay Pinkdot & Circe Broom
10:00am - Kourosh Eusebio
11:00am - Slim Warrior
12:00pm - Aira Jun
1:00pm - Grace McDunnough
1.30pm - Joozz
2:00pm - Dres Forder
2.30pm - Dizzy Banjo
3.00pm - Preciousse Moody
3.30pm - Lyndon Heart
4:00pm - Andie's & Rg's BlueBerry Hill/BZoO Radio WorldWide presents:
Papp Daddy and The Papp Daddy Dancers
5pm - Spotlight Promotions presents
Nad Gough
Norris Shepard
6:00pm - Johnny99 Gumshoe
6:30pm - Doubledown Tandino
7:00pm - Da Bluez Preacher Man
8:00pm - Silas Scarborough
8-30pm - Kaklick Martin
9:00pm - Juel Resistance
10:00pm - Elvis Duffy
11:00pm -
11:30pm -

---Djai Skjellerup is backup performer noon-4


Slim Warrior

games & trivia:
Slim Warrior
Doubledown Tandino

creative sound & art installations:
Eshi Otawara
Dizzy Banjo
Elliott Eldrich
Adam Ramona
Robbie Dingo
Bibi Ballanger

hosts, staff, & production team available:
1am-4am -- Soundcircel Flanagan
4am-10am -- Doubledown Tandino, Radi Roffo, Circe Broom
10am - 6pm -- Slim Warrior, Doubledown Tandino, Ticious Trottier
7pm - 10:30 pm night -- Cher Harrington
Sally? Bibi? Komuso?

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