Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gibson Guitars Enters Second Life with the Launch of Gibson Island July 16th

BobWelch Magic, Von Johin, Cypress Rosewood, 7pm

CharlesEBristol Performs live 3pm (photos by Doubledown Tandino):

Gibson Island Opens
The schedule includes:

8am - Mimi Carpenter performs folk music from Paris, France

9am - Hathead Rickenbacker plays blues piano from Toronto, Canada

10am - Forsythe Whitfield plays the blues from Manitoba, Canada

11am - Cylindrean Rutabega from Atlanta, George plays guitar and piano in an exclusive blues performance

12pm - Joaquin Gustav, Latin jazz guitarist from Buenos Aires, Argentina

1pm - World music from Peregrine Singh in California

2pm - Etherian Kamaboko Blues and Folk from North Carolina

3pm - Charles E Bristol XI, 86 year old authentic blues singer performs with his Gibson Lucille from North Carolina

4pm - Julian2914 Hifeng performs jazz instrumentals from Montana

5pm - Cypress Rosewood is live with "Space Music" from Nashville, Tennessee

6pm - Von John is playing the Country Blues from Nashville, Tennessee

7pm - Finale concert with Bob Welch performing acoustic pop from Nashville, Tennessee as avatar Bob Welch Magic

Make sure to check out Myriam Beck's phenominal hand-crafted exclusive SL Gibson guitar creations!

Gibson joins Second Life, Bob Welch to perform
by Tateru Nino Jul 15th 2008 at 1:00AM

"Gibson Guitar corporation, the famous manufacturer of acoustic and electric guitars is launching an island in Second Life on Wednesday, 16 July to promote their products, and the work done through the Gibson Foundation
...As part of the launch, 70s multi-platinum solo artist and former Fleetwood Mac vocalist/guitarist Bob Welch will perform in an exclusive concert with other Second Life musicians. Bob Welch's avatar (Bobwelch Magic) will also appear on stage along with celebrity musicians Cypress Rosewood and Von Johin."

Tateru Nino & Massively got a sneak peek of the island.
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"What a great idea - to bring Gibson Guitars in-world and set up a few stages for performances! Bob Welch is playing to a sim filled with 110 avatars, and the crowd is doing it’s thing in true SL style…offering feedback and chatting with the performers like you just can’t do in RL. Some nice Fleetwood Mac anecdotes are a-flowing…the guys clearly are having a great time."

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Anonymous said...

This was AWESOME!! It will go down as one of those times when you look back and say "I was there when it happened. I was there at the beginning of something great!". Thank you Gibson Guitars, Bob Welch, Cypress Rosewood, and everyone involved who brought this incredible show to SL.