Thursday, January 31, 2008

SL Literary Festival - Saturday February 2nd, 2008

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Club Republik's Iron DJ Contest - $26,000L in cash and prizes!


Welcome to the official site of Club Republik’s Iron DJ Competition!
This is where you can get all the latest announcements, find out how to enter & what the rules are, and see where DJ entrants are on the Leaderboard.

We’re currently in Round 1 of the competition, which means there’s still plenty of time for the entrants to collect as many votes as possible to ensure they’re at the top of the Leaderboard.

Only the top 24 DJs will make it to Round 2 and the start of the big event at Club Republik on the 1st of February!

We’ve got much more to come, so get out there and get voting for your favourite DJs! They need your help to get them a chance of walking away with the coveted title of IronDJ at the biggest electronic music event in a virtual world so far!
We’ll be back soon with more.
Sable Sunset x.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Orange invites you the Create Programme Launch Party - January 14th, 2008 - 10am-1pm (slt)


Orange is proud to invite you to the launch party of the Create Programme on Monday (Jan 14th). You can find all the details of the Create Programme by clicking here.

At 10:00AM SLT, we will meet you in Orange 1 and take you to our new sim Orange 4 where you’ll be able to see the parcels up for grabs.

Then, after a Q&A session we will be pleased to take you all to our partners’ area in Orange 2.

Join us after for a celebration party featuring live turntable DJ and Orange Island favorite, Doubledown Tandino. We hope you join the community for some fun dancing and music from 12pm-1pm SLT on the Orange 1 plaza.

We are all thrilled by this project, and really hope it will foster creativity and innovation among SL residents.
See you there!
- Fandango

Thursday, January 3, 2008

"Quirk" - Doubledown Tandino's Live Digital Electronic Music Performance Tour - January 2008

Ravelong Productions Presents:
January 2008
Exclusively in Second Life

A Live Digital Electronic Music Performance Tour
featuring real time creation of avant-garde sounds and beats with
Doubledown Tandino and special musical guests

Jan 4 - 6pm - Meet the Artists
Live Original Music by Doubledown Tandino

Jan 8 - 12pm - Orange
Live Original Music by Doubledown Tandino

Jan 10 - 6pm - Oyster Bay One-Year Party
Live Original Music by Doubledown Tandino & Komuso Tokugawa

Jan 11 - 10am - Princeton University
Live Original Music by Doubledown Tandino

Jan 12 - 6pm - Second Life Travel Guide & Landmark Island Book Release Party
DJ Set by Doubledown Tandino

Jan 15 - 3pm - Menorca Stage Performance
Live Original Music by Doubledown Tandino & Strangefates

Jan 15 - 5:30pm - Second Arts Grand Opening
Live Original Music by Doubledown Tandino & Moshang Zhao

Jan 17 - 11am - Waterfall Stage Performance
Live Original Music & DJ Set by Doubledown Tandino

PLUS - A special grand opening performance at the
end of the month at a location that is sure to be
Second Life’s music community hub. Date to be announced.

*please note all times are SLT

For more info: in SL, IM Doubledown Tandino or Email


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