Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Detroit Life Electronic Music Festival 2007 Brings the Madness into Second Life

Live from the Detroit Electronic Music Festival and into Second Life : Detroit Life

Thank you Borneo Bathgate for the excellent show, the first 5 photos, and the info below.

Last weekend's debut of the DLEMF (Detroit Life, Electronic Music Festival) is now one for the history books. DLEMF coincided with Detroit's annual Movement Festival (aka DEMF) which takes place each May over America's 3 day Memorial Day Weekend Holiday at Hart Plaza in downtown Detroit.

DLEMF 2007 featured 15 DJs from around the world including Los Angeles, London, New York, Barcelona, Miami and of course Detroit. Along with the great streaming music, video of the crowd from Hart Plaza (location of the real life festival) was beamed into the Detroit Life SIM and projected onto giant screens flanking the virtual Hart Plaza stage. The festival finale featured streaming audio and video from Detroit Legend Kevin Saunderson performing the "Elevator Tour Live" from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit.

Post event buzz and enthusiasm are running high and next year's event promises to be even bigger and better! We already have commitments from several of the world's top DJs excited to perform at DLEMF 2008. For more info on upcoming events in the Detroit Life SIM please visit www.detroit-life.com Detroit Life : The Motor City inside the Metaverse.

DLEMF Schedule
Saturday May 26th
Reggie "Hot Mix" Harrell - Detroit
Brian Kage - Detroit
Asrock - Detroit
Dan Diamond - Miami
Static Revenger - Los Angeles
Richard Vission - Los Angeles
Sunday May 27th
Reggie "Hot Mix" Harrell - Detroit
Norm Talley - Detroit
Marley Cole - London
DJ Trench - Detroit
DJ Bone - Detroit
DJ Audio Acid (aka Mike E. Clark) - Detroit
Monday May 28th
DJ Shortround - Detroit
David Gausa - Barcelona
Dan Diamond - Miami
The Scumfrog - New York
Kevin Saunderson - Elevator Tour @ the Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit

Photo below courtesy of Morris Vig

Friday, May 25, 2007

ElektroTribe.com Delivers in SL

www.Elektrotribe.com busts out with a new club Club SH-3013
Tonight 5-25-07 featured Lucio & Pep from Italy as well as MoogConspiracy Lykin.
Excellent tech/minimal house in the new club! What I was most impressed with was all of the DJ's ability to select very nicely produced minimal tech. The sounds were crisp and all enjoyable to the ears. The track blends were very complimentary to each other. Full rich sets from each of them.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Nano2Hype Kidd @ The Beach Stage, Rave Island - 5/18/07

Rave Island once again delivers the heavy hitters. This time it's DJ Nano2Hype Kidd (RL: Nano 2 Hype from Detroit). Mainroom peak-hour house!!!!! It's quite obvious this guy has been DJing for decades!
Excellent way to start off my birthday weekend!

Zenboy Timtam @ Club Republik

It's looong overdue regarding me mentioning Club Republik. My SL rave heart will always belong to Republik and will always be my #1 pick! Headlining resident DJ Zenboy pictured below.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Top DJ Clubs in SL - April 2007

1) Club Republik

2) Rave Island

3) The Clock Tower

4) Club Fallout

5) The Dogglounge

6) Isle of Noise

7) Club Nebula

#1 from March 2007
Club Piranha

DJ Doubledown Tandino - Upcoming May Shows - UPDATED

SUN 05/20 - 11am-2pm - Bowling Alley Grand Opening @ Castles in the Sky (Beady Voom)

MON 05/21 - 8pm-9pm - Madcow Cosmos Dance Party @ Oyster Bay

SAT 05/26 - 8am-10am - "Coffee & Pajamas - Cafe Latte"

TUE 05/29 - 8pm-10pm - Enigmatic Artworks

WED 05/30 - 6pm-8pm - tentative with Rockcliffe University

SUN 06/03 - Studs Grand Opening - TBD
**A Doubledown Tandino Production**

TBD - Club Fallout - Tentative

TBD - The Dogglounge - Tentative

TBD - The Clock Tower - Tentative

=========in the wings=========
AUGUST 24th-26th - SLCC - Doubledown Tandino is included in the live music panel & also performs at the SLCC masquerade ball. (with Slim Warrior).

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Sunday, May 6, 2007

DJ Doubledown @ Club Republik Birthday Bash - 5/6/07

DJ Doubledown Tandino & Kinkykitty Tibbett at the Sunday opening of Club Republik's Birthday Celebration May 5th, 2007.

Photos below courtesy of Kinkykitty Tibbett:

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Cave Rave (at Rave Island) - 5/5/2007

Nitron Xi and company at Rave Island have made a substantial breakthrough in the world of Second Life raves.... well, that is at least in the realm of atmosphere and location.

The opening party in the Rave Cave took place Saturday May 5th. As you can see in the photo, the whole approach to scenery has been upgraded created a vibe for the whole event. Atmosphere and presence is usually lacking at most SL parties. Some fancy glowing walls and cool lighting just doesn't do it anymore. Nitron saw some mission elements and brought his ideas to fruition. I'm not going to reveal his secrets of 'interior design' but he has many other venue ideas in the works.

Make sure to catch the weekly Rave Island party every Satuday. It usually starts at 7pm, however there are DJs and partying going on there all weekend.

More info to come

Urbane DJ Festival Featured in The Avastar - May 4th, 2007

Taken from The Avastar May 4th, 2007