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"Musicians in Second Life" by The Greater Des Moines Music Coalition

Musicians in Second Life
Written by Greater Des Moines Music Coalition
Article by Andy Duffelmeyer Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Bryan Baker lives a double life.

By day he works as an I.T. consultant in Des Moines, Iowa. He has a wife, a young family and a dog named Henry. At night he performs several gigs a week as Kaklick Martin, traveling to exotic island venues and playing for fans all over the world.

Bryan Baker is one of a burgeoning number of musical artists in Second Life , a free gaming platform introduced in 2003 by Linden Lab. He streams his live performances through his avatar, named Kaklick Martin, to crowds of other Second Life players. Second Life has millions of users around the world.

Baker has been composing music since he was eight years old. He played with several bands, including The Keyz, a group he joined while studying theatre at Iowa State University; and Sh*t Happens, an experimental band he joined while earning a masters degree in theater sound design at the California Institute of the Arts.

After receiving his degrees Baker dropped out of music for several years, concentrating on his day job. It wasn’t until Apple came out with GarageBand in 2004 that he decided to start composing and recording songs again.

“I thought ‘wow this is great,’” Baker said in his West Des Moines home-studio, as his yellow labrador lay at his feet. “GarageBand gave me an environment to get in, work, not mess around too much with the tech stuff and then get out. I started posting a lot of stuff on Then I found out a couple people had already done shows on Second Life.”

For a small fee, Second Life users can own a piece of virtual land in the game. When you own land you can control much of the environment, including what other users hear when they enter your area.

“If you plug a live stream into that, you have a live show,” Baker said. “And when you have an avatar there it becomes an interactive thing. Avatars can dance and you can see comments people type.”

Baker has released two albums since he started performing on Second Life in 2005, Big Bad World and Roadhouse Ranch Saloon, available on iTunes and at ZZZ Records in Des Moines. His lyrics range from playful to political and everywhere in between, while his musical style floats from pop and punk to reggae and blues.

He has even been able to make a little money gigging electronically from his home studio.

“I make some money. Not a lot,” Baker said. “My main thing is trying to promote my music. The secondary thing has been the money.”

"Because I have a full time job, I don’t play a lot of shows, but it’s a lot more than I could play in real life,” Baker, 45, said. “The great thing is it’s allowed me to gig at all. The other thing is there’s a pretty good chance that I’ll be performing for people all over the country and parts of Europe, Asia and Australia.”

Baker charges 5,000 Linden dollars per performance. Lindens are the currency in Second Life and are exchanged at a rate of about 265 to one U.S. dollar. He also receives tips from his audience.

“At this point I do a lot of shows for free,” Baker said. “It’s not a great amount of money.”

He usually sings and plays an acoustic-electric guitar during his live performances, although he has backing tracks from his albums that he uses occasionally. A woman from Great Britain even did some back up vocals for one of his recent tunes, “The Road.”

His more serious songs cover issues like the Jose Padilla trial and the election of President Bush. His Second Life-targeted songs are about issues like users crashing, avatars loading slowly, anthropomorphic character skins (or “furries”) and cyber sex.

“It’s kind of frightening writing songs about technology because things are changing so fast,” Baker said.

“I’d say I write two or three regular songs for every Second Life song. And there’s been a few that are somewhere in between like ‘Closing Time At the Roadhouse.’ That song is named after a place in Second Life that I liked to hang out, and the atmosphere of that place reminded me of this scene of the last couple in a bar: having one last dance before they have to go back to their regular lives. But most of my Second Life stuff goes for the funny as much as I can.”

Although Baker says he has made a couple thousand dollars from gigging and CD sales, he doesn’t plan to quit his I.T. job anytime in the near future.

“My goal is to break even,” Baker said. “I would like to sell CD’s at a brisker pace. But
I’ve never been invested in making a career in Second Life music. There are people that play two or three shows a day and that’s enough to kind of eek by. I think of it mostly as a place I can do shows and sell stuff while at the same time interact with people.”

Not many big-name artists have performed in Second Life. Once more than about 100 avatars are in the same area the game slows and users experience lag, making it nearly impossible for a well-known band to perform in-world. However, there are several performers from Second Life that have gone the other direction and made a real-life career from electronic gigging.

"Keiko Takamura, she was on MTV, so she’s gotten a lot of press about that,” Baker said. “She’s a fabulous songwriter and a great performer.”

Baker said there has been a lot of debate about what Second Life is and what it can be. For some people it’s a game where they can role-play, explore and meet other players. For others, like Baker, it’s a platform to perform when it might be difficult to otherwise.

“The nice thing is I can come into this room, plug in my guitar and do a show. And when I’m done I can wander to the fridge and get a beer or go upstairs and go to bed,” Baker said, smiling. “Another advantage to playing online is I can cheat and look at my lyrics.”

Second Life Requirements: You need a pretty beefy machine to run Second Life, especially if you want to stream music. You also must have a broadband connection.

For more information on Bryan Baker aka Kaklick Martin visit:

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Hot House Nights @ House Divaz - Saturdays in August

Hot House Nights @ HOUSE DIVAZ <--- SLURL

Blues Traveler: The Story of Von Johin, The Avatar Who Landed A Real World Record Deal

Blues Traveler:
The Story of Von Johin, The Avatar Who Landed A Real World Record Deal
by Wagner James Oh/Hamlet Oh on Thurs August 14th, 2008

"On the Eastern shore of Second Life's French Quarter (SLURL) is a club where Tennessee bluesman Von Johin holds sway. He performs there, and the place is now his; he bought it, he tells me, when the region's original owner had to leave SL.

"I did not want to move," he explains, grinning. He pays for the club with the live music he performs in-world. "I do very well, I have very generous fans." Many tip well; many more tip often. Between two groups centered around his performances, French Quarter and Johin's Blue Note Group, Johin estimates several hundred fans, who love, as this video attests, his raspy, old school blues laced with witty twists. (He does a great bluesy cover of Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog", for example, which was itself a riff on blues master Howlin' Wolf. Returning Zeppelin, in other words, to its roots.)

Among those many fans, as it turned out, were talent scouts with Reality Entertainment, a real world multimedia company with a boutique record label that counts albums from popular alt rock group Marcy Playground (they of "Sex and Candy") and 80s metal gods Krokus in its library. The scouts were in Second Life looking for top talent among SL's large live music scene, Wired reported yesterday, and settled on Johin for his heartfelt performances. The company claims it's the first recording contract offered to an avatar, and that's probably true. (The acclaimed avatar-only duo of Chouchou were recently offered a small label deal; however, singer juliet Heberle told me, the label discovered their music on the web, not in SL.)"


Second Life Bluesman Signs Record Deal
By Eric Reuters Thu Aug 14, 2008

"The newest destination for talent scouts looking to sign fresh acts is Second Life.
Boutique label Reality Entertainment has signed popular Second Life musician Von Johin to a record deal. Wagner James Au runs a lengthy interview with Johin, who performs weekly shows in the virtual world."

Second Life Bluesman Gets First-Life Recording Contract
By Eliot Van Buskirk August 13, 2008

Aug 12, 2008


About Reality Entertainment:

Reality Entertainment (RE) is a diverse multimedia company that specializes in music, books and film. Known for #1 musical acts such as Marcy Playground and KC and the Sunshine Band, RE also is known for #1 best selling books on as well as nationally successful films such as The Extraordinary Voyages of Jules Verne.

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How to Find Real World Talent in Second Life - By Eric Rice/Spin Martin

Eric Rice a.k.a Spin Martin wrote a brilliant article on discussing an overview of the real world talent of the people not only taking place in Second Life, but taking place as real life careers; 8 specific SL professional careers in fact.

I was delighted to find myself mentioned along with famous SL music legend Cylindrian Rutabaga
on page 3.
"Under the hood, the Second Life software is a streaming media client, capable of playing Quicktime movies and Internet radio streams. Independent musicians like Atlanta-based Grace Buford (SL: Cylindrian Rutabaga), ‘perform’ by broadcasting from their homes or studios, to regular audiences around the world. This exposure has led to artists like Grace performing in venues around the country in real life. Club DJs are also part of the mix, performing nightly to enthusiastic crowds of club-going avatars, like East Coast DJ Brad Reason, who performs full time—virtually—as a club DJ as Doubledown Tandino for large and small venues alike."
Full Story:
August 5, 2008 By:Eric Rice

"Virtual worlds like Second Life are massive, interactive places that are as diverse as the Web itself. Is it possible to find real world creative talent in the metaverse? Of course! Here are six creative skills that exist in plain view -- and how to dig deeper."

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Bassline Junkiez - Drum-n-Bass & Dubstep at Orange Island - Aug 10th, 2008


Sunday 10th of August starting from 11AM SLT

Join us on Orange Island for a day long fest organized by Bassline Junkiez presenting:
A 10+ hours live performance on a DnB Zone and Dubstep Zone both located near Orange Island Amphitheater, featuring 17 DJ’S and broadcast “Live DJ WebCams”, LIVE on MZM 95.1FM Housten Texas and LIVE Online SecondLife video Broadcast at

BassLinesJunkiez: “Second life will be rolling the deepest and Heavy Basslinez. We aim To keep a Good vibe and satisfy all bassline addicts on our Dnb Zone & Dubstep Zone located on Orange Island that day!

BassLineJunkiez is a collection of International DJ’s, MC’s, promoters, and multimedia enthusiast all with a addiction for heavy Bassline Music. We formed our group within Second Life in 2008 , bringing together a group of over 20 of the best sl and rl djs. Were huge music fans and seek to create combined Audio/ Video/ 3D experiences in a truly International multi location environment.

Our aim is to keep DnB, Dubstep alive in Second life and promote our artist who are all closely involved with the events. One of our goals is to create a truly international events with people attending on second life, web sites, radio stations and broadcast to and from real world clubs.”

The Global Justice Jam: A Benefit Dance Party and Chat about the International Criminal Court - Wednesday August 13th, 2008 - 5pm (slt)

--== The Global Justice Jam ==--
A Benefit Dance Party and Chat about the International Criminal Court

Wednesday August 13 - 5pm SLT
Teleport SLURL

To RSVP, please go to

This Wednesday, August 13, at 5PM PST, come to the International Justice Center to catch real world / virtual DJ Doubledown Tandino spinning an eclectic mix of global grooves for your dancing pleasure. During the dance, we'll also be asking for donations to aid victims of human rights abuses in Darfur, the Congo, Uganda, and Central African Republic. Afterwards, Mr. John Washburn of the American NGO Network for the ICC will talk about why the next US President should support the International Criminal Court.

Come dance, support human rights, and learn about the ICC! Donations received will be forward to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and the ICC Victims Trust Fund.

Join our online network & to stay informed of our activities and developments at the Center

Relevant Links:

* Doubledown Tandino
* American NGO Network for the ICC
* International Justice Center:
* International Criminal Court:

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The Art of Zak Claxton - Art Opening and Ball - August 10th, 2008 - 2pm (slt)

August 10th, 2008 - 2pm (slt)

SLNE is pleased to announce the opening of our newest exhibit on Nantucket Town Square, Sunday the 10th August.
This new show will feature the wonderful creations of Zak Claxton, a professional (first life) musician, writer and artist. Kicking off the event will be a formal gala ball beginning at 2:00 SLT.
Zak is a self-described 21st century renaissance man, and has based his entire life around fanning the creative flame. While basing his career around graphic arts and web design, he has also spent over 20 years as a touring and recording musician and singer-songwriter. Combining his passions, his real life company does marketing and design work for the music industry.

Zak's artistic influences span several schools of art, from pop artists like Haring and Lichtenstein to nonrepresentational and surrealistic influences like Mondrian, Magritte, Dali, and others. Claxton's work ranges from geometrical precision to cartoonish illustration, with his medium of choice being the Macintosh computer, the mouse, and Photoshop (though he still occasionally turns to pencils, oils, and cameras to build elements of his pieces). Recurring subjects of Claxton's pieces include locales around his Southern California home, as well as everyday objects both serene and nightmarish. Much like the spawning of his original music, Zak only creates artwork when inspired to do so, never sitting down to "try" and create visual art. Find out more about him at

Written by Signey Gustafson Tuesday, 29 July 2008 18:17

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


720LIVE! - AUGUST 23RD - 8am-9pm (slt)

Operation Kid Equip (OKE) in partnership with Monogram Virtua (MV) will host a very rare event at the Monogram Virtua Convention Center on August 23rd, 2008 from 9am to 9pm PST/SLT featuring Bosco Constantine (A.K.A. John Bosco) playing for 12 straight hours with 12 other Second Life (SL) artists jamming along with him using dual stream technology. OKE is a Michigan based program to provide under privileged youth with back to school supplies enabling them to be ready for school on day one.

At the top of each hour, during the set, another SL musician will join Bosco on the stream for a unique duet experience with changing styles from the different SL performers that come on stage. Scheduled to appear during the 12 hours are Azriel, Anek Fuchs (Anekretia), Peregrine Singh, Chaos Noyes, Jano Runo, Max Kleene, Detritus Rau, Distilled1 Rush, Dominick Manatiso, Norris Sheperd and others! Kicking it off will be DJ Doubledown Tandino at 8am and your MC throughout the day!

There will be a live video stream to several in world venues as well as kiosks for donating to this great cause!

Also available at the event will be an auction of goods donated by many SL businesses and booths rented to help support the event with proceeds going to OKE’s fall drive for supplies.

Once again the SL music community is coming together to help a great cause for children and we thank them whole-heartedly for their participation. This again shows how much the live music community in SL can come together to support real life causes and make real life changes.

For the latest in Lineup, Musician’s Bios, and further details please visit the website at

For any questions on the event please feel free to contact:
Address: PO Box 364
Royal Oak, Michigan 48068-0364
In SecondLife: Alligator Wingtips or Maybee Fall

Operation Kid Equip is a program of Congressional District Programs, Inc., a registered 501(c)(3) Public Charity. (Tax ID#:65-0970090).

The mission of Operation: Kid Equip is to provide economically disadvantaged children with the basic educational supplies needed to be successful in school.

Monogram Virtua Charities, A division of Monogram Virtua.

With the charity arm of Mongoram Virtua's business, they provide non-profit organizations with an outside-the-box way of placing organizations in front of global donors.

Visitors are entertained while being educated and informed about charitable organizations while interacting with real-life organizers.

Monogram Virtua has organized virtual charitable donation projects such as: Spiritual Gatherings, Concerts, Parties, Donor Box Placements, AA Meetings, After-School Homework Programs and many more.

For more information visit:

Venture Magazine:

Launched on August 1, 2008, Venture Magazine is entered an arena that filled with many other great magazines. However, Venture Magazine does not have any direct competition. As of this press release, there are no other monthly magazines that feature business leaders and offer advice on how to grow small businesses into big businesses. This new tool for business owners will surely positively impact how business is done in SL, forever.

For further information regarding advertising, kiosks or magazine copies, please contact Carter Giacobini. To join the group for the magazine, simply do a search for "Venture Magazine" in SL.

Bosco Constantine:
Raised in the great city of New Orleans with over 12 years real life touring experience he will thrill you with original music and a non-stop performance that has been compared to a powerful religious experience for the musically in-tune. All of his original music is written just for SL and is based on experiences we all share. His new hit song Addicted, has sold numerous copies at every show and is a can’t miss.

Bosco broadcasts from his professional studio on theEast Coast and runs his feed from a dedicated computer not running SL for the best in signal quality. He has 3 different guitars available for use during his set for a smooth transition from song to song and everything is done live, including guest musicians that come from time to time to the studio.

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Blue Sensations - "So You Think You Can DJ" $100,000L DJ Contest!

Blue Sensations - "So You Think You Can DJ"
Over $L100,000.00
in Prizes and Linden Ca$h.

Auditions for the competition will be held weekdays Monday through Thursday 2PM to 8PM PST/SLT

Accepted Genres: Blues, Country, Classic Rock, R&B, Funk, Pop, Jazz, Oldies

If you are interested in taking part in this competition extravaganza, you need to schedule a time of 1 hour to try out for the Saturday Spin Off. Contact Rg Papp inWorld or

Spin Offs will be held on Saturday from Noon to 6PM

Winners will be determined by their draw/popularity during their weekday audition and their spin off on Saturday. The Top Four (4) DJs of that week will compete on Saturday. The Top two (2) DJs on Saturday will move on to the next Saturday.Two (2) Wildcard DJs will be choosen the first week of audition. Each Saturday will have Six (6) DJs competing.

On The Final Saturday August 30, 2008 The Top four (4) DJs will be announced and their Prizes/postions.

Top DJ Positions are:

1 - Grand DJ
1 - Top DJ
2 - Honorable Mention DJs

All Top 4 DJs will share in the Prize Pool based on their position.

Dates of Competition are:
August 9th - First Round
August 16th - Second Round
August 23rd - Third Round
August 30th - Final Round

Blue Sensation will be broadcast throughout SL and RL exclusively on BZoO Radio WorldWide.
All events are held at Andie’s & Rg’s BlueBerry Hill.

Blue Sensations is made possible through the following Sponsors:
SpacialAudio/SAM Broadcaster
Spacialnet Stream Hosting
Stream Team Hosting
Ravelong Productions
BZoO Radio WorldWide

If your a vendor and can offer the entertainment community in SL a product or service and would like to join our group of fine sponsors contact Rg Papp inWorld or

If you have any questions or would like help with the event staff contact Rg Papp.

Thank You for the Space and Your Support.

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Wanderlust World Music Club - Sundays - Next Stop, Beijing - Aug 3rd, 2008

WAN·DER·LUST : [won-der-luhst] : n. A very strong or irresistible impulse to travel.

WANDERLUST WORLD MUSIC CLUB - Tour the world Sundays

August 3rd, 2008 - starting at 10am (slt) - Visit Beijing!

10a-12p - DJ Elfay Pinkdot
12p-1p - DJ Doubledown Tandino

WanderLust features live DJs, live concerts, and a different world DESTINATION theme every week!
The worldy creators include Mellifera Szondi, Cael Szondi, MoonMaiden Horner, Electra Felisimo, Mauren Mureaux, Zaphod Theas and more!

Last week: Paris with DJ Elfay Pinkdot:

Life of Baltimore Club Queen 'K-Swift' Remembered

This is a huge blow to me and my hometown of Baltimore Maryland. She was my age, a superstar DJ, producer, & host among many other things. EVERYONE in Baltimore knows DJ K-Swift.

Khia Danielle Edgerton (October 19, 1978 – July 21, 2008), better known as "K-Swift" was a Club DJ, MC, Radio Personality and Entrepreneur. K-Swift was known up and down the East Coast of the United States as 'The Club Queen'

I grew up listening to her on the radio and getting her mixes "The Jumpoff" every time they came out. Her, and Baltimore Club music, is one of my deep rooted inspirations. My heart goes out to her family, her 92Q family, and her Baltimore community of fans and friends.

Life of 'K-Swift' remembered
Mourners recall groundbreaking DJ Khia Edgerton as determined, hard-working and talented
By Melissa Harris Sun reporter
July 27, 2008

The thousands of fans who filed into Morgan State University's auditorium for Khia Edgerton's funeral yesterday could recite her accomplishments: recording artist, radio personality, leader of an underground music movement.

But during the two-hour music-filled ceremony, those fans learned how Edgerton rose from spinning records in her family's Randallstown basement to become "K-Swift," leader of Baltimore's club music scene. The story is a by-the-book lesson on the value of hard work.

"She didn't talk about building an entertainment empire - she just did it," said Marc Clarke, of radio station 92Q, where Edgerton was the first female DJ. "She didn't talk about losing 170 pounds. She just did it. And she didn't rely on a man to build her dreams. ... She didn't bat her eyes."

Edgerton, 29, died early Monday of neck injuries after jumping into an above-ground pool during a party at her home.

None of the eight speakers sugarcoated the 29-year-old's challenges in the music industry - from obesity to disappointing her family when she dropped out of college to pursue her career. But as her success grew, cousin Stacy Brown said, her family "warmed up to her dream."

As did Baltimore.

Mayor Sheila Dixon attended the wake Friday, and Gov. Martin O'Malley attended the funeral yesterday, issuing a proclamation in Edgerton's honor.

"But there's no more important proclamation than each of you here," O'Malley said, referring to the crowd of about 2,500 inside the Murphy Fine Arts Center. Police officers had to turn people away when the facility reached capacity.

In death, Edgerton achieved another goal - a national distribution deal to place her albums in music stores.

"I can remember when we were kids, when she had one turntable and a tape deck, and would mix on that," said Ronnissa Bailey, 29, who attended middle school and Randallstown High with Edgerton. "She would practice all day, every day."

Brown said that it was not easy for Edgerton to "come of age in two strong families," whose patriarchs and matriarchs wanted to see their children and grandchildren "complete college" above all else.

At the request of Edgerton's mother, Brown spoke to her cousin about studying to become a sound engineer to "bridge her career goals with what the family wanted," she said.

"I told her, 'You gotta have substance behind your trade so you can branch off and do your own things,'" Brown said. "But she wanted to make it her way."

From gig to gig, Brown said her cousin "grinded the streets." At 92Q, Edgerton began as an intern and worked her way up. Meanwhile, Brown said, she tackled her final obstacle in a quest for a record deal: her weight.

"She took that same DJ work ethic to her fight against obesity," Brown said. "Her life shows the world that anything is possible with discipline and believing in yourself."

Edgerton's mentor, Jimmy Trujillo, met the aspiring DJ when she was 17, a time he referred to as the "lost years," before she achieved fame on 92Q.

A guy had come into his nonalcoholic teen club, The Twilight Zone, hoping to push talent and "manage" the entertainment. Trujillo gave him a shot that night, but the DJs "just got worse and worse," he said. The guy begged Trujillo to give him one more try on a female emcee.

The emcee wasn't Edgerton, but the girl spinning records for her at the back of the stage was.

"I thought, 'This guy's not trying to sell her, so she's fair game,'" Trujillo said. "I asked her name, and she said, 'It's Khia, but I'm going to be known as K-Swift.' I slipped her my phone number, and you know she called me back."

Months later, during a conversation in his office, Trujillo asked Edgerton what she wanted to be. The answer: A DJ on 92Q Jams.

"We started plotting," Trujillo said.

As Trujillo began to cry, he concluded: "It comforts me she got to live her dream."

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Scoutlounge - Stylish Beach House Lounge

Stylish Beach House

Berlin Love Parade in Second Life - Aug 2, 2008

Berlin Parade - Second Life
The Spirit of Berlin Love Parade
August 2nd, 2008


Welcome Area,

Additional Event Area

Vote for your Favorite Truck Here


The Parade 9am,-12pm

14 Trucks are placed on 4 connected SIM´s and play all their own music and present themself!
Differnet Styles from Minimal to Trance, to Techno or Jumstyle about 45 DJ´s spinning on the trucks!
Or so called Loveparade Floats

Their will be a Voting! 5.000 Linden on the Board!
Any Avatar is asked to vote for a favorite Truck at the Voteboard situated at the Mainstage .
All voting avatars can take part and win 5000 Linden$ The winner will be choosen randomly form the board.

So come enjoy a various Trucks and electronic music styles and decide what truck feserves your Vote!
Every avatar has only one vote! So support the truck you like at most!

The Final Party at the Mainstage 12pm- Open End
Andy Moon, Init Hubble, Okin Nishi, Deejay Astaroth Amat, thomtrance Otoole and many more will spin the whole nite on the big and awesome Siegessäule! The Final Party will be broadcasted on all 4 Sims so you can party at every place!

Live Video Animation by Alicedea Timeless during the Mainparty!

Live Video Broadcast !
The whole Event will be broadcasted life on Videostream. You can watch the Live Cast on different vidowalls at the Event SIm and in the Interent on the NewBerlin Websites. We will promote the links soon.

The Impressione "Capture the moment" Photocontest 10.000 Linden Contest
JennyH Gossipgirl and her Impressione Group presenting a Photoconcept! All you have to do
shoot photos and take transfer them to the Contest. All Infos will be placed on the Welcome
Area (LM above!) The 1st 2nd and 3rd Winner cann win up to 10.000 L$

Aftershow parties
At around 03pm SLT different clubs offer aftershow parties with own line up, simple check the Groups for announcments! Acually their are Aftershow Parties at CLub Experience, GlamCult CLub, Ibiza Island Underwater, Arena, at the Mainstage itself and others

Welcome Area
All important Infos will be placed at the Berlin Parade Welcome Area close to the Mainstage.

Sunshine Daydream Presents - Grateful Dead Day Deadfest - Aug 2nd, 2008

Sunshine Daydream
It's Jerry Garcia's birthday with an all-day Grateful Dead Fest. Here's the schedule if anyone is interested in going there and being Deadified. All songs being performed are those written or often played by the Dead.

10:00am: Opening Remarks and Music
10:30am: Spaceman Opus
11:00am: Grateful Stryker
12:00pm: Dakota7z7 Pluto
1:00pm: Marnola McConnell
2:00pm: Janor Slichter
3:00pm: Zak Claxton
4:00pm: Nick99 Razor
5:00pm: Goonigoogoo Gumbo
6:00pm-10:00pm: Downtownshakedown Band

My Second Life Adventure by Braclo Eber

A cool dude JackJohnson Richez dropped me a travelogue video of Braclo Eber's journeys in SL. Braclo decided to scrap the TP and get a lay of the land in a new video travel journal.
Looking forward to more of his SL video exploring adventures and thank you Jack for the vid drop-off

Check out all of Braclo's adventures HERE