Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Second Life of Second Life - A-list Companies are Returning to Second Life with New Methods of Customer Interaction

Second Stage: Joni West (real life, center; avatar, right foreground) has revived Second Life as a place to engage customers. Site: Toomey-Tourell Fine Art Gallery San Francisco, California which represents Joni West’s real-life fine art. The works on the walls are by Joni West. photo illustration by Jamie Kripke

The Second Life of Second Life
By: Arianne Cohen

A-list companies are returning to the virtual world of Second Life with new methods of customer interaction.

When the online virtual world Second Life first got hot a couple of years ago, Dell was among the companies that joined the craze. The computer giant built four islands: a factory where users could build custom PCs, a theater, a model of Michael Dell's dorm room, and a nursery promoting a plant-a-tree program. "We learned right away that maintaining these areas requires a lot of resources," says Laura Thomas, an e-business consultant at Dell who headed the efforts. Of course, if customers had followed, there would have been no problem, but "there wasn't enough usage of the space to justify the resources needed to keep it dynamic." Dell dismantled the factory last year, right alongside dozens of other companies that scrambled to stanch their bleeding Second Life budget line items. Second Life was over before it had begun.


Friday, November 28, 2008

35 Days Against DRM -- Day 1: MacBook

Starting this Black Friday and over the next 35 days leading up to the end of 2008, we want your help in promoting a consumer boycott of DRM. Once again, Apple have pushed their DRM agenda, with the release of the latest revision of their MacBook computers, with a hardware chip that prevents certain types of display being used when playing movies.

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35 days against DRM
Say NO to DRM!

What is DRM? Digital Restrictions Management. is a broad-based anti-DRM campaign that is targeting Big Media, unhelpful manufacturers and DRM distributors. The campaign aims to make all manufacturers wary about bringing their DRM-enabled products to market. DRM products have features built-in that restrict what jobs they can do. These products have been intentionally crippled from the users' perspective, and are therefore "defective by design". Learn more about our campaign.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

DJ Doubledown Tandino LIVE at Italia Vera - Friday 3pm-5pm

▓▒░ FRIDAYS - 3pm-5pm

•:*¨¨*:• DJ Doubledown Tandino - •:*¨¨*:•
Mixing the fresh peak hour club, progressive house, breakbeats & techno music. Pumpin', fresh, and packed!
▓▒░ Friday Nights at ITALIA VERA

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Meetsee - My Office - Mal's Office

For those times ya just don't feel like making it to your real virtual office, you can pop into your Meetsee virtual office.

Here's my office:

Get your free Meetsee virtual office at:

Here's Mal's Office

We have similar tastes.
Thanks Mal for the find!

Music Mogul. Make Your Mark. The new metaverse for music!

In rare instances, I find a virtual world (other than Second Life) worth mentioning. There have been many made. I have tried any and all of the free metaverses. I have an account in each. Second Life is the ONLY one I use. However, once in awhile I find a new metaverse with potential. This one not only has potential, but I think it's could be the breakthrough many Second Life performers will move to. We shall see, it's waay too soon to tell, we only have a preview so far. Music Mogul Drops in The Verse in 2009.


It was extremely tough to find any form of promotion in relation to the site. and the launch. Lucky the press release came my way (posted below).

The website currently has a video explaining what's to come, and otherwise, there's basically nothing on the net announcing this.... ... yet....

I think this is going to be HUUUGE! Rodney Jerken's new ahead-of-the-game music project is already getting me thrilled. Mr Jerkins is a hitmaker, innovator, phenomenon, & impresario. If there were a Guinness Book of Musical Records, Grammy Award-winning superproducer Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins and his myriad accomplishments would certainly comprise quite a few chapters. An outstanding producer/songwriter, multi-faceted 29-year-old Jerkins creates timeless compositions that stand the test of time again and again.

Personal Sidenote: He was a neighbor of mine in South New Jersey for some time. Although we had never met. I did meet Whitney Houston though on one occasion and not only made her laugh, but made her BUST OUT LAUGHING! It was a proud wonderful moment in my life that I actually don't think I ever mentioned to anyone except for one other person until now. I got to meet many Darkchild reps during my fun and exciting times working as a performer at Caesars Atlantic City. (yep, that's me Jugging in front of Caesar and Cleopatra. I was 18.)

This is the next step, the next level, the obvious next level. This is the way to go. Some may have the goal of specifically winning the record deal Mr Jerkins is going to drop to one music artist every 3 months. Others will have the common goal of music networking, sharing, spreading, enjoying, collaborating, and exposing EVERYONE to the world.

I think this is it! I think this could be the next big thing. Reason being: The money and the backing is there to make this universe work. The combination of technology professionals leading the virtual worlds movement, mixed with the talent of all people creative and artistic, plus the backing and simple fact that Rodney Jerkins is gonna make his shit work! He's not gonna accept lag. People's gonna get fired if they don't fix his shit up tight! I jest I jest.

Mr Jerkins, the Darkchild team, and the wave of people that jump into this metaverse is going to be a proper combination.

There are a few potentials where people would NOT join. For example, if in the ToS, all music in Music Mogul becomes available to Darkchild. I doubt that will take place. Everyone will own their own intellectual property. That's what it will be about. Individuals, teams, collaborations, labels, all pumpin' their own directions and journeys. I am also hoping this is a free service. I would hate to see a pay for basic member. Obviously there will be high price tags for the Gold Membership, whatever that may be, but I'm also fairly certain that this will be free (I am hoping) and each music artist will be able to use all of the features without paying. We shall see.

-Doubledown Tandino

The 80's had MTV(TM), the 00's had MySpace(TM), and now is The NEXT Evolution of the Music Industry LOS ANGELES, Nov. 17

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Music Mogul, LLC ( is the world's first online music world with real rewards and a unique search for the hottest new superstars. This online destination is set to make a mark on the music industry and social networks with the ground-breaking design and interactive experience for the consumer,
performers, and celebrity artists, alike. For the first time, social networkers can experience the music lifestyle through a virtual living world.
Set to alter the face of music engagement through a rich interactive world, Music Mogul, LLC represents an entirely browser-based online destination where celebrity artists can unite with their fans and aspiring artists have a chance for discovery to become the next superstars!

It took the collaborative effort and vision of four industry power players from music and video games who have joined forces to pioneer this innovative new endeavor. The team behind the virtual world are a step ahead with their entry into the ever growing virtual online space. Music Mogul, LLC was founded by Nicholas Longano, CEO of Music Mogul, LLC (8 year video game
veteran and former Co-Founder of Brash, President of Massive Inc which sold to Microsoft in 2006, and General Manager/EVP of Vivendi Games); Rodney Jerkins, Chief Creative Officer & Music Supervisor of Music Mogul, LLC (Rodney is a Grammy(TM)-winning producer, who has produced many of the hottest artists in music, such as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Madonna, Brandy, Beyonce, Janet Jackson, Pussycat Dolls, Britney Spears, Destiny's Child, Cher, Toni Braxton, Jennifer Lopez, Mary J. Blige); Ray Brown, Chief Talent Operations of
Music Mogul, LLC (Ribeiro & Brown Management, Nu Life Entertainment, Southern Boy Entertainment and has worked with Will Smith, Nick Cannon, Quincy Jones, and TLC to name a few); and Jonathan Eubanks, Chief Operating Officer of Music Mogul, LLC (15 years in video game production, with such companies as Activision, Brash, Vivendi Games and Warner Interactive).

Of his latest project, Jerkins says, "I've been looking for the next big thing to come out of music ... and I found it through games. Music Mogul is an extraordinary new music experience, created for anyone who's ever wanted a chance to be discovered, or anyone who just loves music or games. It offers something for everyone, including artists who are looking for new ways to
reach and connect with fans in a way that is both comfortable and personal."

Jerkins is confident in his belief that the Music Mogul, LLC world will be a direct line to undiscovered talent, as evidenced by his announcement that a new Music Mogul, LLC artist will be chosen every quarter to receive a three song demo deal with his own Darkchild Productions.

CEO Longano says, "Music Mogul offers a full music lifestyle and virtual world experience. Through Rodney's star making abilities and incredible ear for talent, it provides a new generation of performers that have grown up with video games and social networks, a new venue to discover and be discovered."

Music Mogul, LLC provides something for everyone. For performers, this is the first time ever that aspiring artists are given all the tools they need to audition, promote, and perform live to a global audience through a virtual world with real life rewards. For those who just want to experience the music lifestyle, there is endless opportunity for entertainment, including live
karaoke, game arcades, in-world concerts, and more.

To further expand the music lifestyle experience, users can establish, decorate, and expand their Hollywood "cribs," adorn themselves in the latest fashions, and attend exclusive in-world events with their favorite celebrities. "Using a game inspired, Aria powered, microtransaction platform,
Music Mogul collapses the barriers between the music, artists and their fans.

Music Mogul eliminates the restrictions of time, currency or geography and connects the music world participants in real time. It's pure genius," Ed Sullivan, CEO of Aria Systems.

Music Mogul, LLC is being developed by iLemon, a leading virtual world developer founded by former senior management of popular virtual world Habbo Hotel. "Music Mogul's attention to realism and detail is pushing the boundaries of virtual worlds. Music Mogul will be a showcase of not only the future of virtual worlds, but how users will experience music and connect with
each other. It is unique, focused and compelling," says iLemon President and Founder, Jouni Keranen.

Calvin Ng, CEO of iLemon says, "We are excited to be developing the Music Mogul world, and believe it is an important step toward bringing virtual worlds to a broader audience, and making connections between the virtual world and the real world through the global appeal of music."

See the evolution of music at
...coming Q1 2009.

For Press Inquires Please Contact:
Laura Ackermann
Much and House Public Relations
323.965.0852 ext. 150 or

SOURCE Music Mogul, LLC

Saturday, November 22, 2008

YouTube Goes Live! November 22nd, 2008

YouTube Live! is, first and foremost, a celebration of the site's vast user communities; everyone from bedroom vloggers to world-famous rock stars, musicians, comedians, athletes, artists and more. Part concert, part variety show and part party, the event will bring to life many of the amazing videos and talent.

YouTube Live Goes Mobile too!
Watch YouTube Live at on your mobile phone.

I just want to mention...... I am there for YOU (Part 2)

Above is 4 screenshots of the The Monogram Virtua "Skins and Shapes" convention on November 22nd, 12pm-2pm slt. The expo continues onward through the weekend, November 22nd through the 24th.
On to the point at hand: I refer you to this post I blogged a few days ago:
Please take a moment to review comment 3 and then my response.
There is currently a "punk-crew" within Second Life, that has changed their goals from positive to negative. Previously they were about the promotion and enhancement of the DJ community. Now they spend most of their days simply tearing down other people's projects and creations. It must take a lot of their time planning to slander other people, instead of just continuing on with your initial goals. I am just a small portion of their hassles, mainly because I am completely indifferent to what they do, nor have their methods ever been anything but laughable. However, newer DJs, performers, and Venue Owners are arriving in SL, and running into this punk crew. Overall, no matter what this punkcrew wants to do, my simple suggestion is whenever you hear from someone in SL that "someone said this and that" or "someone did this and that" .. just go ask the people involved directly. Why would a DJ/Production crew rather spend their time trying to slander or incriminate other real performer/production crews?
As the picture shows above, if anyone feels that packing a sim during my performances is a bad thing, then please let me know in advance so I can make sure not to get booked for your show.
At the start of my Monogram Virtua booking (which happened to be the start of the whole weekend, so things were just getting started), I was hired to be a DJ for 2 hours.
However because I am a good community member, I WANT to HELP by packing the convention center, instead of leaving it vacant. As I started my show, there was NO ONE present, NO ONE in charge, NO hosts, NO managers, NO vendors, and basically NO ONE that should have been there running the event. There was only me, the DJ, and no one there... and I was hired to start performing at 12pm.
a) I could have DJed from 12pm-2pm and then left.
b) I could take on the host/emcee/promoter/DJ role to make the event work even though I was the ONLY person around to make the event work.
Let me ask you, do you want someone to work FOR you and FOR your company REPRESENTING YOUR PROJECT out of kindness? Or do you just want an unprofessional jackass that just abandons shows, cuts off their live stream, and burns bridges just because the previous plans turned out differently?
It's all about professionalism and reputation in SL, and that is displayed directy from the avatar,... not from word of mouth, faked chatlogs, especially coming from someone you do not trust in the first place.
Feel free to comment about your own experiences or current dramas & distractions while you progress on your productions. Please REFRAIN from naming names. It's probably best if in the comments no one is specifically calling people out. Instead, use the space to describe what YOU are dealing with. This post isn't about supporting me. It is about supporting us all, everyone. I think if we can hear some common experiences, and even arguments, at least that is progress. We can then take the next step and figure out how to transform these various issues and greivances into more cohesive unit in the Second Life DJ and Club community.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Why I think Google is pulling the plug on "Lively"

Lively is a google enhanced chatroom, sorta virtual world MMO, sorta kinda.

For info on Google's Lively, and ending the service only after 5 months, I refer you to Sarah Nerd of : Google Lively Already Ending Only 5 Months After it Opens.
November 20, 2008 by Sarah Nerd
There are other Second Life blogs that have mentioned this ( / ) I'm sure you'll hit those two.
[HERE} I would generally add a screenshot of what Lively looks like, but imagine this image:
a general cliche of a cartoon character facing the corner of an empty room.
That's the photo of Google's Lively.
I bring this up here: my theory as to the reasons why they're shutting it down. I believe it is NOT because it sucks, NOT seems childish, NOT because no one is using it, and NOT because no one gets it or likes it.... yes, those are all the reasons, however.... It was all just testing for Google to get their feet wet in the metaverse.
Google, I am guessing, almost predicting the future.... Google is using the technology from Lively, plus whatever they learned about social interaction, and is now moving toward these two technologies instead:

ExitReality is a new technology that has made the entire Internet 3D. By creating an instant 3D world from any web page, ExitReality adds a new dimension to the Internet. And this new universe of inter-connected worlds expands even beyond 2D to include thousands of innovative 3D places and games created over the past decade, and now ready to be explored.
Meet your friendsand new peopleon every website!
weblin makes you and others on the Web visible as small avatars. There are others on the same page you are on right now. Weblin opens a new and exciting world on every web site.
Get to know people with the same interests. Do you want to enter this world? Get your personal weblin now!
Both of these (which may I add have been discussed within Second Life in conversations for the past 4 years) are the beginnings of the future of the internet. Second Life is a virtual universe; a fictional world built up by the residents to make that inworld metaverse a reality..... and Linden Lab was always hoping that Second Life would be the "future of the internet"
Then comes along ExitReality and Weblin. The combination of these two would mean: any one can browse any webpage in a 3d virtual environment, while also seeing and chatting with other viewers on that page.
.... I remember pre-corporation SL times, 2006, Philip Linden would have town-hall speeches about how Second Life would one day be like "the future of the internet"...... (sidenote: thats why LL need corporations in SL now, because they need corps in SL so as Exitreality and Weblin technology comes out, the corps already have contracts set up with Linden Lab.)
ExitReality is clunky and barely works..... its so flunky. The concept and ideal of it is brilliant, but it simpy DOES NOT WORK currently... I'm sure Google could drop a cool couple million on the company that created it and buy it out..... which then becomes Google's technology.
Weblin, which I am seeing much more potential in usefulness (Weblin is the new black of instant messagers). Google will simply use their Lively technology and create their own Google form of a weblin instant messaging)....
So there's my guess, based on no fact, and no info. I am simply venturing an assumption as to why Google Lively is cancelling:
Google is cancelling Lively in order to create a much better social network virtual situation: which is a combination of viewing websites with other users, in a 3d environment, while being able to chat with others on the webpage.
As an unrelatable footnote: I have always refused to use the phrase "Instant Messenger" ... and I will continue to use the word "messager". I believe that it is called "Instant MESSAGER" and AOL fucked up years ago, and the name just stuck. Keep in mind... you are sending an instant message, not an instant messenger . The little yellow AOL running guy is not really the instant messenger delivering your message to the other person. SO, in conclusion. You send instant messages, you receive instant messages, and when two people are messaging eachother..... they are not 'messengering' : You are using an instant MESSAGER.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

MalBurns Writer - The Ponce De Leon of Second Life

Explorer Ponce De Leon, among his countless expeditions, was most famous for his exploration for the fountain of youth. I'm not sure if he found it or not, because I think he's dead by now so I guess either the fountain didn't work, or he was at the wrong fountain. Plus, I live in Florda, and I havn't seen any "Fountain of Youth" billboards on the highway.

My askew anology here is that Mal Burns is the awesome Ponce De Leon of Virtual Worlds and Technolgy. In fact, Mal is better than Ponce, because unlike Ponce, Mal actually finds stuff.
Mal Burns (Malburns Writer in SL) is the explorer on a daily expedition to bring life, knowledge, and the overall happenings of all things related to us to the masses.

Soon, I will devote a whole feed section to his exploration find. In the meantime, here's some I picked out, courtesy of Mal Burns

It’s an SL Buskers Life?
By Allanah Tomsen

The Wishfarmers - Kelly Services Jobbit

Follow-up: 20% Tax Rate on Virtual Currency Brokering in China?
By Juho Hamari

Virtual Worlds: necessary or just making things easier?

Collapsing Geography
Posted by cory ondrejka
Having used every tool around during distributed development for Second Life, I am jazzed to finally see people moving in the direction of EtherPad. Real-time, collaborative text editing on the web done really well. Plus, from quick mucking around, it seems to work in the SL browser.So, collaborative text editing in Second Life. Very big deal.

Thank you Mal Burns for the finds.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Doubledown Tandino - Approved for Radio Operator Position with The Dharma Initiative

I just want to mention...... I am there for YOU

Doubledown Tandino from Second Life here:
This is simply to spread the word to you, and possibly that word will be spread onward.

I've written several scripts (now 4 months of work) which are my server auto-promotion tools.... i will divulge nothing more because they are extremely awesome scripts I made, and I would never sell them, and pretty much not even want to explain what they are doing.... but trust me, the tools I've created are nothing but GOOD for whichever parcel I am standing on, it causes ZERO lag, there is no form of seedy data collection. (Most people seem to assume I must be using some sort of bot system which auto spams to 1000s of groups or some other nasty method). Believe me, it has NOTHING to do with that.

ANYHOOOOOO.... lately, people may have been seeing me show up to their party, venue, or club, with an attached floating box near me. I come into the venue, sit, and just dont say a word. Some managers and hosts don't care or mind, some get suspicious and IM me, some eject me, some eject and ban me.... either way it doesnt matter, all are fine. It is their land, and have full rights to.

However, I want to mention, that when I come in and do this, I am dramatically helping the venue/land I'm standing in, and also AFK, not paying attention to SL, and probably watching TV.

When I see a good event about to happen, but know I'm not involved in SL or my computer during that time, I tend to drop my avatar off at a venue, and in essence have my auto scripts run on my avatar. They enhance the land in the short term and long term.

In exchange for doing this, I need to have a small floating box attached to me.

All-in-all I was spending the last few months trying to explain one-on-one what O was actually doing to help when venue managers ask. It's just getting too time consuming for me to try to explain the methods I am doing to help by dropping my avatar off at an event. It looks suspicious if you do not know me, so that is why I understand an ejection from the land.

Anyway, just wanted to say, that if you see me doing this, showing up, not saying a word, and sitting at one spot with a small floating box near me, it is 110% to HELP the venue, the land,and the performer. There is nothing suspicious going on. There is nothing spammy related, nothing occurring to make your venue look bad, theres nothing that causes lag, and im not doing any tactics that aren't on the level. The ONLY thing i am doing is using my AFK time and server to HELP the venue, .. rather than just logging off....

Please do what you will as venue owners, managers, and performers. IF i am there and afk with a box on my head, i am working FOR you.... if anyone ejects me I totally wont take any offense to it at all, and I understand, because I do realize I am doing this without asking and without explanation. I am hoping my trustworthy reputation and community support activist reputation will allow people simply to be okay with me and think
"whatever the heck he's doin over there he's helping, not hurting, so just leave him there, and dont eject/ban him because he wont explain what he's doing. Doubledown is there helping us."

GREEN your Routine in Second Life - (NBC's) Green Week

From the TV network NBC comes "Green Week" Although there's an affiliation with NBC being the sponsor, the cause and idea is wonderful.

In November of 2007, NBC Universal launched its first official Green Week. Throughout the week, NBC Universal presented over 150 hours of environmentally themed content across multiple platforms. Then, in April of 2008, NBC Universal celebrated Earth Day with over 100 hours of green-themed content over multiple platforms during what was coined Earth Week 2008.

Now, NBC Universal is proud to present Green Week 2008. With a new theme and message of "Green Your Routine," NBC Universal has set out to provide actionable content and entertainment for its viewers and users across multiple platforms.

Here at NBC and we celebrate our talent in the "The More You Know" PSA campaign, presenting green-themed storylines in several of our daytime and primetime shows, among several other features here on the "Green Your Routine" site.
Every small step and effort makes a difference! Be sure to GREEN YOUR ROUTINE!

What are YOU going to do for Green Week?
Ok, no, I do NOT mean that I want you to tell me that you're going to recycle more.

I mean, in Second Life, what are YOU doing to "Green your Routine"?

Is there anyone planning events or occasions to promote Green Week within Second Life?

Unfortunately, I will not be in SL much this week to find these related events.
I am hoping that anyone who knows of Green Week events in SL, please post the info in the comments. I would also love comments of people that plan to "green their routine" within Second Life.
I will come back later and revise this post with the listing of Second Life Green Week events.

Thank you
The World

Monday, November 17, 2008

Lime Wire Advances its File-Sharing Software

Lime Wire advances its file-sharing software
By Jon Healey Los Angeles Times
November 11, 2008

Lime Wire LLC announced a new version of the popular LimeWire file-sharing software last week, advancing the company's vision of its software as a platform for services. Clearly, the major record companies' lawsuit hasn't stopped the company from trying to develop its business - or pushing p2p to higher levels of functionality.

One of the main upgrades in the new version - due later this year - is the addition of social-networking features. Users will be able to create their own private file-sharing networks with friends and/or family members, with greater control over what gets shared with whom.

According to p2p monitoring companies, most of what's being shared today on LimeWire is pirated songs, movies, TV shows and software. Enabling people to create private sharing groups might encourage more of them to use the software for legitimate sharing of the media they create, but it might also be seen as a way to promote anxiety-free bootlegging by those concerned about Recording Industry Association of America lawsuits and malware.

Copyright law and the Supreme Court's Grokster ruling provide limited room for file-sharing companies to maneuver - if they knowingly promote or abet piracy by their users, or profit from infringement they could have stopped, they can be held liable for it.

On the other hand, LimeWire's enormous audience is enough to prod some content owners to look past the infringements and focus on the opportunities. The company claims the software is downloaded 350,000 times daily, with more than 70 million users per month and 5 million at any given moment.

Still, Lime may be racing the clock here. Online traffic counters say downloading is giving way to streaming as the consumption model of choice. Hulu is just one of a growing roster of sophisticated, free outlets for video on demand that are building large audiences among college students and other young users who used to rely on p2p for their TV shows.

Doubledown's TV Picks - Flight of the Conchords - The Bowie Song (live)

As Second Life continues to be all "Second Lifey"....
sidenote: can i trademark "Second-Lifey" or does Linden Research Inc. get that?

either way... SL is happening, but so is real life. Obama won, the universe's economy is collapsing, and there's some really friggin' awesome TV on the boob tube these days.

So, my recommendation is to turn off Second Life for a while once in awhile, and go watch some TV instead.

I'm creating "Doubledown's TV Picks" on the blog. It will feature real life TV favorites as well as Second Life TV favorites. I do believe as the future moves onward the line will become more and more blended. Please, I would LOVE comment responses from Second Lifers that are fans of the shows I mention.

Today: Flight of the Conchords
Season 1 is completed and on HBO
Season 2 is coming Jan/Feb 2009

Here is a video from their live show (not their TV show) and an awesome tune. Enjoy

Season 2 trailer:

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Matrix Runs on Windows

Robbie Dingo - Starry Night

This is a classic piece by artist and filmmaker Robbie Dingo (oh and Van Gogh helped some too). I wanted to post it as a reminder of how awesome Second Life is. "Oil and Canvas" or "Prims and Synthetic Universe" .... both have their advantages.

Friday, November 14, 2008

"Second Life - The Movie" - What Avatars would be Lead Roles in the Movie? What Real Life Actors would play those Roles?

"Second Life - The Movie" ..... Lets say Hollywood green-lit the new action-adventure-drama-comedy movie project..... The movie is "Second Life - The Movie"

Which In-world avatars would have lead roles in the movie? What Avatars would be the main characters in the film? IF SL-The Movie was made, what avatar people would you want to see in that movie.

Next question.... since it's going to be a real life Hollywood release movie, we need real life actors.
Which real life actors would be best to play the roles of the SL avatars?
Let me give an easy example....
Obviously Philip Linden would be a role in the film.... perhaps Matt Damon would be a good actor choice? Leonardo DeCapprio?
Next, Torley Linden of course would be a feature role... I'm thinking Johnny Depp (holding a watermelon).
So, other than the various Lindens.... who else? The long time SL creators and developers deserve roles in the movie. The SLebrities.... The musicians and artists.... the wackos, weirdos, goreans, sex pervs, griefers?

Please use the comments to offer up your suggestions:

1) Who are the avatars in SL that would be great characters in a movie?
2) What real life actor would be best to play these characters?
3) If YOUR AVATAR was in the movie, what real life actor would you want playing the role of you?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Photographers: Share your Bay City Visions!

Photographers: Share your Bay City Visions!
Posted on November 6, 2008 by Morris Vig

Bay City is an area of the Second Life grid featuring planned terraforming, urban design and themed building.

To celebrate this unique area, Morris Vig of Second Arts invites you to submit two images to the photography contest “Bay City Visions.”

The challenge:

Capture the essence of any or all of the 12 Bay City sims in your own unique style, whether in an unretouched SL snapshot image or one retouched in a graphics program.

All participants will receive an in-world catalogue of the exhibit; the winner of Bay City Visions will receive free exhibit space at Second Arts for a month following the conclusion of the exhibit and a RL copy of a book produced using the images from the exhibit.

Rules for the contest are as follows:

* Each participant will submit two images taken within any of the 12 Bay City sims and provide the location (SLURL) where the images were taken.
* Images will be of a PG nature.
* Images will be submitted to Morris Vig by e-mail to by November 28, 2008
*Images are to be submitted in these dimensions: 1547 pixels high X 2067 pixels wide(This is the optimum size for the production of the RL book. If you are unable to provide in this format and size, please contact Morris Vig to discuss alternate possibilities.)
*Images to be submitted as .bmp or .jpg.
*Entering images indicates permission for and acceptance of the following:

Display at Second Arts from December 1, 2008 through December 31, 2009 ( all participants may set images for sale during this time–no gallery commission will be charged)

Reproduction of the image as part of a, flash-based (non-copyable) presentation on the Second Arts blog ( ) to promote the exhibit.

Use of the images for production of an in-world catalogue; a copy will go to each participant and each judge. No copies will be sold.

Use of the images for production of a RL book, available through the Second Arts blog.
One copy of this book will be given to the contest winner; other copies of the book will be available for purchase and will be sold at cost with no profit to Morris Vig.
The artists will be credited by avatar name in the book for their images.

The decision of the judges will be final; one contest winner will be announced and judges may award Honourable Mentions to other images as they see fit.

No other use of images submitted to this contest will occur. The original photographer retains all rights to the image other than the uses described above.

Judges for this contest will be Morris Vig, past owner of Oyster Bay and owner of Second Arts; Harper Beresford, photographer and curator; Callipygian Christensen, SL photographer and Torley Olmstead and Ravenelle Zugzwang, longtime grid figures and advocates/practioners of the inworld photographic arts.

Any questions can be directed via inworld IM to Morris Vig. We hope you will consider participating in this celebration of Bay City and SL photography!

[Thanks to Hamlet Au for the mention in New World Notes!]

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Packing a SIM in 2 minutes

Ever need to PACK a SIM.... and FAST?!
IM me inworld, because I can make it happen :O)

Doubledown Tandino - SIMpacker in 2 minutes or less!!

Here's a photo of DJSven Newman rocking out at 6am slt at Bassline Junkiez.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tribute to Kid Koala - Musician and DJ


Kirstenlee Cinquetti - Clients and Viewers that let you SEE, not just view

The best way to offer up Kirstenlee Cinquetti's Sl clients, OpenSim clients, and other open-source inventions, it's best to simply direct you straight to the blog with all the info:

If you are a SL or pixel-photog, even a mechinimist, you'll definitely want to check out her viewers. It's about time we have shadows cast from light within the grid.

Here are the direct FTP downloads for the viewers:
however I recommend reading the blog so you know what you're doing before you blow up your computer.


As a recap, I've mentioned before the Nicholaz clients/viewers as well, which can be found at:


The reason I am so strongly for creatives taking the open source and creating their own viewers, is because us users are the ones that know what is most important to us in SL. As a photographer, you don't need voice lagging your shots. As a musician, you don't need everyone's party bling crashing your stream. So, in conclusion, I recommend trying out other viewers that have been created before you just run around complaining nothing works.
If windlight doesn't work for you... why not use a SL viewer that has the sky disabled?
If animations, rotating scripts, big laggy BS, why not use a viewer that has all that already disabled before you log in?

Just some suggestions..... there's ways to fix your complaints in SL.... and the only effective cure for your problems is to solve the problems yourself.... because the solutions exist.

The SL Shakespeare Company Returns to Shakespeare with "Twelfth Night"

The SL Shakespeare Company Returns
with Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night"

The SL Shakespeare Company (SLSC) will perform a full ensemble performance of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night: Act 1 in a special short-run advance mini season as part of their Fall Season 2008 repertoire.

Opening on SLSC Thursday, November 13th (following a "sneak peek" on November 12th), the full-length Act 1 is the first part of the culmination of a summer's worth of rehearsal-performances in SLSC's tag-team staged reading series of Twelfth Night.

Maintaining their tradition of visual and theatrical extravagance, the mini production also introduces the usage of multiple rotating sets, incognito animation preloading, global lighting and weather control to SLSC stagecraft technologies. Live dynamic camera control by a director fine tunes the performance with a cinematic appeal, while international subtitles, the SLSC's "Pay as you Will" philosophy, and the play's location in the confluence of four island simulators of the SL Globe Theatre make the performance accessible to as many as possible.

Directed by Ina Centaur and Voice Directed by Enniv Zarf, the production stars MadameThespian Underhill, Joff Fassnacht, Prospero Frobozz, Ludo Merit, Maedin Tureaud, and Lorne Harlequin, and also a motley cast of "silent actors" who create a different variation of a background crowd each time.

Mini Season schedule (All times SLT or GMT-8):
Wednesday, Nov 12 - 11 am "sneak peek"
Thursday, Nov 13 - high noon
Friday, Nov 14 - 1 PM
Saturday, Nov 15 - 2 pm - (ticketed)*
Sunday - no show
Monday, Nov 17 - high noon
Most of our shows at the SL Globe Theatre are free, but VIP/ticketed shows
charge a nominal admissions fee of L$500. The smaller audience may entice.

Linden Lab Innovation Contest - Announcing the $10,000usd Linden Prize

Announcing the $10,000 Linden Prize
Monday, November 10th, 2008 at 10:55 AM by: Robin Linden
(photoslop credit goes to Rik Riel)

I am very excited to announce the inaugural Linden Prize.

The Linden Prize will award one Second Life Resident or team with $10,000 USD, paid in Linden dollars, for an innovative inworld project that improves the way people work, learn and communicate in their daily lives outside of the virtual world. The award is intended to align with Linden Lab’s company mission–to connect all people to an online world that advances the human condition.

Since the very beginning, Residents have recognized the potential for their work in the virtual world to have significant value that extends into the real world. Second Life Residents have developed virtual philanthropy and medical research, innovated and explored new business opportunities, and educated others using the virtual world to create experiences that teach complex topics with revolutionary simulations.

We know so many projects inside of Second Life have already enhanced and changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world, and we want to recognize those accomplishments.

We invite all Residents to consider applying for the award. A panel of judges will choose finalists, and ultimately a winner, based on the following criteria:

*Work in Second Life that also achieves tangible, compelling results outside of Second Life.
*Distinctive, original work using Second Life that clearly demonstrates high quality, execution, function, aesthetics and technical sophistication.

*Work that has the capacity for inspiring and influencing future development, knowledge, creativity, and collaboration both inside and outside of Second Life.

Key Dates

*Applications open today.
*Applications close January 15, 2009
*Finalists and the Winner announced no later than April 30, 2009

The Linden Prize site contains details on eligibility, requirements, the application form, and an FAQ, so please use that site as a reference. Everett Linden will be available to answer questions in the forum. We’re extremely excited about this award and the opportunity to support your tremendous accomplishments.

Below are some comments and links from info blogs:

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Virtual World Keeps Tabs on Presidential Election - Yahoo News/Associated Press

Virtual world keeps tabs on presidential election
By DERRIK J. LANG, AP Entertainment Writer

LOS ANGELES – A group has gathered beside a gazebo in an outdoor park to discuss the presidential election. But the park isn't real, it's in the online virtual world of Second Life, where pixelated avatars fly around and interact with each other.

The folks are hanging out at the Straight Talk Cafe, an online enclave that supports John McCain. "I think we need to know a little bit more about Obama," a character named Sophia Yates tells the group.

She's interrupted by another character, Auryn Karu, demanding to hear the group's thoughts about Sarah Palin.

"Auryn, just go to Obama's world," says another avatar, MarsS Juran.

Volunteers for the presidential candidates unofficially created campaign headquarters, held grass roots rallies, handed out virtual buttons and T-shirts, and signed up actual voters in the vast virtual world developed by San Francisco-based Linden Lab.

Many people decided to spend Election Day online — and they had plenty of company this time around.

Across the Internet, election watchers were discussing, celebrating and bemoaning the political process inside virtual worlds, on social networking sites and within blogs. They were also using techno-savvy Web sites such as Twitter, Google Maps and Flickr to share individual voting experiences, as well as monitor polling places across the country on Tuesday.

At the nonpartisan, specially tagged micro-blogs about voting were being aggregated and pinpointed on an ever-changing online map. The 140-characters-or-less posts, called tweets, are also being used to estimate voting wait times. Some users were reporting short lines Tuesday morning, while others were complaining of much longer wait times.

"Longest lines ever at 7:30 a.m.," posted James Glanville from his iPhone in Newton, Mass. "Half-hour wait helped by 5th grade class Election Day bake sale. By the time I left at 8 a.m., 222 people had cast their ballots."

Not all the online pursuits were as serious.

In Electronic Arts' species-creation simulator "Spore," the game's developer created downloadable spaceships in the candidates' likeness. The John McCain and Sarah Palin ships were classified as an "endangered species," while the Barack Obama and Joe Biden vessels were deemed a "flourishing species" based on player votes Tuesday on the Sporepedia, the game's database of user creations.

Meanwhile, in the PlayStation 3 platformer game "LittleBigPlanet," several gamers had uploaded election-themed user-generated levels, including one titled "CNN Election Center" that featured dangerous obstacles amid photos of CNN news anchors. At the end of the level, players could cast a faux vote for either Obama or McCain, which both culminated in a splash of confetti and points.

Over at, the auction on four one-of-kind Cabbage Patch Dolls crafted to look like the presidential and vice presidential candidates ended Tuesday. The Palin doll nabbed the most cash with a $19,000 bid while the Biden doll only brought in $3,500. The lil' Obama and McCain impersonators earned offers of $8,400 and $6,000, respectively.

Message from Qarl Linden - GET OUT AND VOTE

I’m taking off work tomorrow to do “get out the vote” calling.

I mean, this election is REALLY important, right?
even if you have only 15 minutes to spare: it’s super easy - just click and dial your phone. I hope you’ll join me.


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Back to Real at Bartube in Real Life & Club Vital in Second Life - November 7th, 2008

November 7th, 2008 @ Vital Staff in Second Life

Hello peoples , here is from internet virtual world . Virtual world is a space that is new by development of the Internet was born. An internet world. is the one more place on the earth.

The space was not merely only the virtual simulation world, a gloval music community in the world was already born. and a new culture, a movement occurred, and the event to cut it by world common use more was enabled.

As for such cyber technology challenge and the experiment of a new culture movement, ViTaL always advances in the next to you every day.

"Back to Real" is a event , let virtual to encounter of the real.

We will broadcast in the all the pictures virtual space of BarTube of Tokyo live, and, in an area different in the world, it is it in form of the participation participation to a common event on that day at lot world local people same time on that day.

In an area different in the world on the day to this event will going to participate. We will broadcast it live in all the movie to virtual Club ViTaL. of BarTube of Tokyo on that day. In real world a lot of local people same time will participation. The communication occurs at the same time, too.

and then, Spanish Dj myckiwillis ( France ) Dj GW (Italy ) will turn on virtual , her mix live perform will broadcast to loveTKO. Is a experiment on a live broadcasting play more than the distance.

We will cross this virtual and real world use 3computers , Please experience it !! With us "Kiss the Future"

新しいスタイルのクラブイベントへの挑戦、「Back to Real」。


そのようなサイバー技術への挑戦、及び新たなカルチャームーブメントの実験は、ViTaL、いつも、あなたの隣で日々進んでいます。「Back to Real」は、そのバーチャルとリアルの出会いのイベントです。

世界違う地域で、その日、共通のイベントへの参加、当日、東京のBarTubeの映像全てバーチャル空間にあるClub ViTaL生中継し、世界のたくさんの地域の人々同時参加の形になります。同時にコミュニケーションも発生します。
それに、フランスのDJ、myckiwillis、イタリアDJ GWはバーチャルを通じ、BarTubeへ生mixライブを行い。距離を越えるライブプレイを実験します。

3台のコンピューターで組んだこのバーチャル、リアル世界のイベントは、ぜひ皆さんも体験してください!私たちと共に「Kiss the Future」

- Radi Roffo
Vital Staff