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The New Reality - The Hardest Part is Getting Noticed - From: The LefsetzLetter: First in Music Analysis

The New Reality
The hardest part is getting noticed.

(From The LefsetzLetter: First in Music Analysis)
There are numerous media competing for the audience’s mindspace. And numerous musical enterprises/records as well. So, the plan must center first around getting attention, not getting paid.

In the old days, the major labels controlled a finite landscape. They had what was perceived to be the best music, and they owned both radio and retail, which were the major ways of learning about music. So, there were few companies with few products fighting over little mindspace. Furthermore, you had to buy the product to experience it.

Now we live in a land of abundance. There are tens of thousands of acts and albums emerging/coming to market every year, the majors don’t necessarily have the best, and just about all of them can be experienced at the listener’s leisure, on the Web. The question is how do you get people to listen?

If you’ve got a pop confection, the major labels are the place to go. They control the old outlets, which can reach the most people most quickly. The only problem is the old outlets, the mass media, are only interested in the mass market items, and a great percentage of the public isn’t even paying attention. So, even if you’re the beneficiary of a carpet bomb campaign, a great percentage of America will still be clueless as to who you are, and won’t care that they’re out of the loop, might even be proud of being out of the loop. So, the question becomes how to reach these people.

You can’t reach them by asking them to buy first. Quite the contrary, it’s like catching a fish. You’ve got to drop quality bait and wait.

Quality bait…

When there was limited product, quality was less of an issue. Kind of like Trabants were the automobile of choice in Eastern Germany, they were all that was available. But with the fall of the Wall, the higher quality of the Western world’s automobiles was embraced, and the Trabant ceased production.

In other words, how are you going to keep them down on the farm after they’ve seen Paree?

The Web is Paree.

But it’s worse. It’s infinite. And there’s no road map. And no guide, not yet, saying what is good.

You can rail against this new world, or try to figure it out.

You establish a beachhead. You try to get people to notice you. And the way you do this is not through endless cross-linking and widgets and all the tools of the helpless, hapless wannabes, but quality music. It’s the only way you can get recognized. Unless you take your clothes off. But that still does not sell records. Just ask Tila Tequila.

That’s scary. Because although they won’t admit it, most acts suck.

Don’t think of how you’re going to sell your music, but how you’re going to get better. Learn how to play your instrument, not how to style your hair. Image is far less important in the new world, where everybody is accessible. You want to be a member of the group, not above or below. You certainly don’t want to be below, in the dreaded world of TMZ, where those with a modicum of celebrity are ridiculed. Your identity must take a back seat to your music.

And this music must be freely available.

The tunes themselves are no longer enough to rally around. The tunes are the enticement to your lifestyle, your club. You don’t want people to buy your music, you want them to become members of your club.

Everybody wants to belong. And exclusivity is not the key, but quality. Style is trumped by substance. Case in point, the iPod. First and foremost, it is perceived to be the easiest used and highest quality MP3 player. The fact that it looks good is just the sauce. The fact that everybody has one degrades its integrity/likability barely a whit. Because if something is truly great, people don’t care that others are on the ride along with them (like the Beatles!) Most people only reject mass groups when quality is perceived to be lousy. Or when style is triumphant. Like the Razr. It looked cool, but it didn’t do anything new and different. And now Motorola is in trouble. Apple is not in trouble.

So, make someone a member of your club, and then they’ll give you all their money. I.e. the iPhone. Apple loyalists, indoctrinated by their purchase of an iPod or Mac, or both, needed the iPhone as evidence of their club membership. They needed to let everyone know where they were coming from, where they belonged. Just like your fans will buy your t-shirt if they believe you’re good. Wearing it makes them feel good, it lets everybody else know they’re a member of the group. Most people don’t want to be a member of an evanescent group, they want someone who stays. So focus on staying, unless you’re in the major label pop category above.

But, you say, Apple charges for their products.

That’s apples and oranges. Google doesn’t charge to search. And didn’t even have a business plan until it had reached a critical mass of users. You need the critical mass first if you’re selling software. And, Google and your music are just bits. Whereas iPods and iPhones are physical objects.

Oh, don’t get caught up in the mind-set of people paying for your music. They will, but you must entice and hook them first.

So, how do you spread the word?

You don’t. Your audience does.

Your audience has tuned out marketing messages. You’ve just got to get a few diehards to believe, and they’ll do the marketing work for you. And for this work, you pay them. Not in dollars, but kind. Free access to your shows. Rehearsal tapes. Their main goal is to feel a part of something. Let them in. And instruct them. Not to force your music on to everybody. That this isn’t a job, but a calling, a cause. That could take years to reach fruition.

And what is fruition?

A self-sustaining music career.

Right now, music is almost free. The new modes of acquisition need to be monetized, but until they are, don’t focus on selling the music, but everything else. The live show. The merch. If you get really big, destination gigs, cruises. Be inventive. Everybody wants to hang with the club. Furthermore, hard core fans will still buy the CD as a badge of honor.

The key is not to reach everybody instantly, but to keep satisfying your core. Their friends will follow along just to experience what they’re dedicating their lives to.

I know this is all very confusing and hard. Because it’s the opposite of what you’ve been told for fifteen years. The opposite of Tommy Mottola style, the opposite of Clive Davis style.

Tommy Mottola was about orchestrating a campaign. But now very few people are paying attention to any campaign. You can’t get all the eyeballs you used to.

And Clive Davis eviscerates the honesty of the acts. He calls in professional songwriters, he crafts an image and an identity. All that is left is the song, you’re just a cog in the wheel, you can be quickly forgotten. You don’t want to be forgotten, but remembered.

It’s less about crafting a catchy hit than capturing the ears and minds of your fans. Look at Dispatch. They might not make music memorable to Clive, but most of Clive’s charges can’t sell out arenas years after they’ve broken up. Kelly Clarkson can’t sell out arenas seeming moments since her last big hit, still in the public eye all the while.

You’re in control. It’s not about getting the attention of some mover and shaker. Your team is you, all the time. You’re convincing the end buyer, middlemen are no longer relevant. Forget radio, forget retail. It’s about having a presence on the Web and allowing people to find you. And playing live. But that’s actually less efficient than your Web campaign, you reach fewer people playing gigs. The tour is the victory lap. If you can go on the road and charge, if you can put together a whole tour, you’re on your way to success, you know you’ve got something going.

Sure, some people can make it based on the live vibe first and foremost. Then the Web is about the community first, not the music.

But if music is first, it’s got to be free and available and a cadre of fans must be motivated to spread the word.

This is not hard. That’s what people do, tell others about what they’re enjoying.

But their friends know when they’re sincere, when they’re getting paid, and when they’re doing it from the bottom of their heart. Sincerity, believability, credibility, they’re key to longevity. There’s no longevity in the shenanigans on TV and TMZ. If you want to play there, be my guest. But it’s not about music so much as fame. And you’re a musician, right?

By: bob 2007/07/19

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Doubledown Tandino Updated Bio/Services/Resume - August 2007

Hello Friends,
As some of you know, I decided to leave my RL job, & by July I will be in Second Life full time. And.....As you all know, I love creative events and I always jump at the chance to do something collaborative and cool. I am always interested in creating possibilities. So I wanted to put myself out there to you, before the SL masses. I wanted to send this notecard to you in case you knew some of what I do, but not everything. Please keep me in mind for any upcoming projects you may be working on.
Thank you


Real Life: Brad Reason
Second Life: Doubledown Tandino

DJDoubledown@gmail.com http://www.djdoubledown.blogspot.com/ www.myspace.com/DJDoubledown

Doubledown Tandino is a professional in Marketing and Promotion as well as a DJ, Music Producer, & Event Producer and has been for over 15 years. Doubledown has created or performed in over 5000 events in the United States & over 200 projects & events within Second Life. Just recently, he decided to leave his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland as a marketing & entertainment director at a restaurant corporation to pursue new professional projects and create possibilities in Florida & within Second Life.

Doubledown, as digital music composer, editor, and mixer, has the ability to create original electronic music on-the-fly as well as compose prearranged works. The possibilities are unlimited to his sound creation and manipulation, and often learning new skills and tactics as he performs.

*Customized Event Production, Management, Promotion, Consultation.
*Customized RL into SL and SL into RL integration events and Live Music Performance.
*Live DJ bookings & scheduling.
**Second Life Live Music Performer & Live DJ
(As a Live Music Performance, Interlude Emcee/Host, and/or After-Party):
corporate events - galas - grand openings - fashion shows - art exhibitions
meet-and-greets - clubs - raves - casinos - festivals - misc. music & art events
(please contact for specific DJ booking pricing. Rate has to do with the event and the expectations. Upcoming show dates are available upon request.)
*Music Styles Include (but are not limited to):
House (deep, funky, tech, minimal, classics)
Breakbeat (classics, nuskool) & Brokenbeat
Drum-n-bass (jazzstep, liquidfunk, techstep, jumpup)
Jazz & Chill-Out (nuJazz, acid jazz, trip-hop, downtempo)
Obscure Electronica & IDM
80s & 90s HipHop
70s & 80s Funk, Motown, & Disco
80s New Wave & Rock
Classic Rock
50s & Oldies
Swing & Big Band
*Live on-the-fly Original Track & Remix Creation.
*Custom creation of music venues, event builds, performance stages, DJ booths, audio equipment, intelligent lighting, & dance floors.

*Original Music Production, Digital Editing, Remixing, Mastering – including:
land or build theme music & ambiance sound effects creation
prearranged SL wedding
prearranged club music mix
sound creation for objects
*Broadcast Streaming Server Rentals - $3800L/month - 100 listeners & 128kbps stereo max.
Larger capacity streams available also.
*File Hosting
*Website Hosting
*Audio/Music/DJ/Streaming Consultation.

*Performer, Event, & Venue Related Promotion & Marketing Consultation.
*Graphic Design, Flier Design, Logo Design & Corporate Branding (For real life and/or SecondLife)
*Performer, Event, & Venue Marketing - Promotion & Distribution.
*Business Card, Flier, & Brochure Printing (Real Life)
*Signs – Promotion Related, Tips, Info Givers, URL Redirectors, Performer Displays, Neon & Blacklight, Picture Cyclers

*Classes & Instruction : DTDJ Seminar Series :: Becoming a working DJ or musician in Second Life
DTDJ1: "Setting up a broadcasting stream to play live"
DTDJ2: "Finding your music style / song selection (for DJs)"
DTDJ3: "The art of promotion in Second Life"
DTDJ4: "How to get gigs in Second Life"
DTDJ5: “Audio Guide to Electronic Music”

*SL Developer Directory - Music, dj, event, club, and promotion training and consultation.
AMD - Metaversatility - Playboy - Starfruit/Electric Sheep Company - House of Nyla - Metaverse Messenger - Menorca - The Guardian/Rivers Run Red/SecondFest - Wolfhaven Productions - Club Republik - Oyster Bay - Rockcliffe University - OMG Magazine - SL Business Magazine - SecondTunes - AzureIslands.com - Swedish Resource Center - Circe's Circle Radio

Second Life DJ STORE:

-Custom & Prefab DJ Booths and Stages
-Pro Audio Prim-Detail DJ Equipment
-Low Prim Mobile DJ Equipment
-3d Intelligent Lighting & Light Systems
-Turntables-Mixers-Speakers-DJ Animations-Dancefloors
-Audio Broadcast Stream Rentals
-Biospaces - DJ, Club, & Event, Promotion and Booking Services

Kemmi Kamachi at Club SH-3013 - 7-29-07

As I've said here before Club SH-3013 is a great place for top SL DJ talent, and especially minimal house DJ talent. 3013, as well as clubs such as Trash Palace, Club Vega, Sphere Lounge, and several others are keeping the minimal house scene thriving in Second Life.

Here's Kemmi Kamachi (Amsterdam) at SH-3013. Kemmi really finds all sub-sub genres of minimal house including funky, vocal, electro, tech, tribal. Always blending tracks very well while always keeping the bass at maximum, Kemmi is highly recommended.

(by the way, that's me goofing off on the hand-drum next to the dj booth.... the beats were ALL Kemmi :O)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Electronic Music Stage @ Relay for Life (RelayforLife18)

All Second Life Relay for Life Events and Info can be found here:

Doubledown Tandino @ Second Sweden's Club Turbin

Second Sweden's Club Turbin

Aug 3rd & 4th - Summer of Love - Presented by www.AudioCourses.com

It's been 40 years since the first summer of love

People wanted change then...

40 years on they want change again... join us.
Summer of Love Music Festival

What was the summer of love?
We now see another summer of love movement taking place with similar characteristics, join us to celebrate change.

Where: Audio Sim
When: August 3 & 4 (yes non-stop music and DJs, poets & Artists)


The AMD Summer Tech MIxer - 7/29/2007 (Slim Warrior & Doubledown Tandino Live)

Posted Jul 28th 2007 8:05AM by Akela Talamasca on Second Life Insider

Metaversatility and AMD bring us the AMD Summer Tech Mixer, an event on AMD's Dev Central island on Sunday the 29th from 1-4 PM.

From the press release:"The event will feature keynotes on AMD Careers, AMD's connectivity outreach initiative, 50×15, and a half hour panel discussion on open source coding and LibSL.

The three hour mixer will be Dj'd and Mc'd by Doubledown Tandino featuring Slim Warrior so come out to AMD Dev Central for an afternoon of fun, swag, discussion, and music!"

The panel discussion will feature Marc Millar of AMD, John Hurliman of LibSL, and Jonathan Freedman of Pleiades. I know many of the people involved; go check this out!

(Thanks, Adri! and Second Life Insider)

Friday, July 27, 2007

Ravelong SL & Doubledown's DJ Shop has been offline for over 24 hours!! :O( --UPDATE, Yeolmae back online 7/28

For over 24 hours (since 4pm july 26th), Yeolmae has been offline, which is home to Ravelong SL, Biospaces, & Doubledown's DJ Shop.

Who's responsible for this?!?!

I wanna speak to the manager.

Sent in bug report, as well as a ticket from the SL site.

UPDATE: Ravelong SL and Doubledown's DJ Shop are back online :O)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Something's Coming...

I'm not going to say what place this is until its officially open.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

DJ Doubledown - Upcoming July/August Shows

Friday July 27th - 11am-1pm
Second Sweden Event with Johan Howard & Linn Lisle

Saturday July 28th - 4pm-6pm
Relay For Life

Sunday July 29 - 1pm-4pm
AMD Event with Metaversatility

Monday July 30 - 6pm-8pm
MSGiro's Birthday Party at Playboy

Tuesday July 31st - 6pm-10pm
PLAYBOY: DeepSexyCool Presents: Culturebeats:
Art Show with the Oyster Bay Gallery

Thursday Aug 2nd -
Starfruit Event with Electric Sheep Company

Friday Aug 3rd - 5pm-9pm
TheDiva Rockin bday
7pm-9pm - Doubledown Tandino

Aug 4th - Summer of Love event
11am-12pm - Doubledown Tandino

Aug 7th - 6pm-10pm
Doubledown Tandino 6p-7pm
Moshang Zhao - 7p-8pm
Dexter Ihnen - 8pm-10pm

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

July 24th - DeepSexyCool @ Playboy - Tuesdays - 6pm-10pm (slt)

July 24th - DeepSexyCool @ Playboy - Tuesdays - 6pm-10pm (slt)

Tonight (Tuesday July 24th) :: Funk Soul Brothers: DJs Pedrada Pessoa (60s & 70s funk, brazillian, and rare grooves)
Doubledown Tandino (70s and 80s funk, & oldschool)

@ DeepSexyCool- Playboy

and here's a teaser as to what's to come on July 31st:

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Watch Me Pull a Bunny Out of My Hat by RemingtonSteele Dagger

Grid World News: Posted: July 18, 2007 at 8:45 am
Jeffrey Berman, aka RemingtonSteele Dagger

Watch Me Pull a Bunny Out of My Hat
One reporter braves the perils of Playboy Island

Playboy has arrived in Linden and Tuesday nights are hopping at Hef’s place. Host to a bevy of Bunnies, Hugh Hefner brings his trademark sexually-charged lifestyle to Linden with the hippest, swankiest party in town.

Open since June 12th, The Playboy Club has quickly proven to be another extension of Hugh Hefner’s world as depicted in the pages of his magazine. Carved in the shape of the Playboy Insignia, the island is fairly small and built around the club. But as we’ve come to expect from Hef, it’s not the size that counts, it’s the sex appeal that matters. This island’s got it and more.

To celebrate the ongoing sexual revolution every Tuesday Night from 6pm to 10 pm (SLT) the Playboy Club is host to DJ Doubledown Tandino who rocks the crowd into frenzy with a unique stream of dance music as well as a different live band every week.

So what I wanted to know when I showed up at the doors this past Tuesday night was–where was the big Kahuna himself? Would he be putting in an appearance? I asked assistant manager Kellyfaith, who also creates all of the clothing sold at the Playboy Island, and was told, “I’m not at liberty to answer.” It’s not allowed. Apparently the big man likes to keep his presence incognito when roaming amongst his legion.

About the time a crowd swilling Martinis and tripping the light fantastic filled out the dance floor I took the opportunity to slip out of the club to my new favorite spot in all of Linden: the Grotto, located in a little cove off the beach underneath the Playboy Club.

Whatever rumors you may have heard about The Grotto, they don’t hold a candle to the actual love den. So while the party was raging just above my little hideaway I was sequestered below with my own private Bunny relaxing in the warm waters of Hef’s legacy. By now I had lost any interest in finding Hef. As far as I was concerned, for the rest of the evening, I was Hef. That’s the lure of Playboy. Whether it’s inside the pages of the magazine or lounging in the Grotto, anyone of us can be Hef, if even for a short time.

Now if I can only keep the place a secret for just a little while longer. That would be a great trick.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Tuesday July 17 - DeepSexyCool @ Playboy

Biospaces - Event, Club, & DJ Advertising Now Available at Doubledown's DJ Shop

@ =========
Ravelong™ SL & Doubledown's DJ Shop
Yeolmae 10,20,80

Thank you for your interest in the Featured DJ, Event, Club & Job Hall. Ravelong™ SL Headquarters & Doubledown's DJ Shop is the prime location to feature your promotional info as a DJ, Club & Club Jobs, or Event Promotions.

The location attracts on average 75 people a day. The visitors fluidly come in:
People looking to book DJs, buy club equipment, DJs looking for jobs, and generally all SL residents into music, dj, clubs, and partying visit the shop.
Once you're on biospace:
-DJs, you will be getting job offers, gig opportunities, and visits to your website.
-Clubs, you will receive more traffic and patronage, plus more DJs will respond to your job openings.
-Events, you will directly receive more traffic plus a stronger following for future events.
-Ravelong™ does ongoing promotions and classified ads creating even more exposure for you.
-Doubledown Tandino will help you get set up and even make the required 'name on photo' if you are unable to.

IM Doubledown Tandino in SL or email DJDoubledown@gmail.com

RED - EVENT - Biospace
1) minimum 1 full permission texture picture with your Event info in text. Event Flyer must show the date and time(slt). Performer lineups are prefered.
2) notecard containing:
a) Event Name, Date Time, Location
b) LM
c) Performer Lineup
d) Styles/Genres of Music

Additional pictures (place inside required notecard)
URL Loaders to website, downloads, blog, etc
Promo Mersh (t-shirts, etc)

---(Upcoming one-off music related event)---
Large 4 x 5 - up to 2 weeks = $100L
Small 2.5 x 3.5 - up to 1 week = FREE!!
.... up to 2 weeks = $75L
---(Reoccuring music related event)---
1 month = $300L..... 2 month = $550L
3 month = $825L..... 4 month = $1100L

GREEN - DJ - Biospace
1) must be a reliable, dependable DJ in Second Life
2) minimum 1 full permission texture picture with your DJ or SL name in text.**
3) notecard containing:
a) SL full name
b) RL DJ name (if any)
c) RL City
d) Styles/Genres of Music
4) Equipment &/or programs used to DJ

Bio/Services/Info Notecard (place inside required notecard)
Additional pictures (place inside required notecard)
URL Loaders to website, downloads, blog, etc
Promo Mersh (t-shirts, etc)

Large 2.5 x 3.5
1 month = $300L... 2 month = $550L
3 month = $825L... 4 month = $1100L

Small 1.5 x 2.5
1 month = $200L... 2 month = $350L
3 month = $525L... 4 month = $700L

BLUE - Club/Venue/MusicSim - Biospace
1) must be a music venue featuring live music and/or DJs
2) venue may not have camping chairs or anything bot related
3) If venue is commercial, casino, or a mall, there must be at least 2 music events a week there.
4) minimum 1 full permission texture picture with the name of the venue in text**
5) notecard containing:
a) Club Name
b) Owner or Manager Name
c) Landmark to the location
d) Styles/Genres of Music

Club/Venue Info Notecard (place inside required notecard)
SLURL in notecard
Additional pictures (place inside required notecard)
URL Loaders to website, downloads, blog, etc
Promo Mersh (t-shirts, etc)
Club's Stream Link

---(non-profit club operating on donations)---
Large 2.5 x 3.5
1 month = $100L... 2 month = $190L
3 month = $270L... 4 month = $350L
Small 1.5 x 2.5
1 month = $50L... 2 month = $90L
3 month = $135L... 4 month = $175L

---(club attached to Casino, Mall, or Shopping)---
Large 2.5 x 3.5
1 month = $500L... 2 month = $900L
3 month = $1400L... 4 month = $1800L
Small 1.5 x 2.5 (club attached to Casino, Mall, or Shopping)
1 month = $200L... 2 month = $350L
3 month = $525L... 4 month = $700L

To get started, pay and IM Doubledown Tandino


Friday, July 13, 2007

July 13th - The Avastar Doubledown Issue

Lmao! Thank you Avastar for hooking me up, all over the July 13th issue! 5 PAGES of Doubledown! ...I think I'm gonna lay low for awhile. As a musician would say... "I'm'a get back ta workin' in da studio"

July 13th & 14th - iDanze opening party - 28 hours of DJs!!


iDanze opening party

friday 13th July (PDT)
6pm - 8pm - STEED Schlesinger
8pm-10pm - Tiari Eun
10pm - 12pm - mOx Hax

Saturday 14th July
midnight-3am - Infiner Morigi
3am - 6am - Konstrikt Boa
6am - 8am - Beat Thieves aka Norgan Torok and Adjistit
8am - 10am - Doubledown Tandino
10am - midday - Dave Attenborough
midday - 3pm - Frax Dae
3pm - 5pm - Compute Oh
5pm - 6pm - Yuzienborn Janus
6-8pm - Altern8 McMillan
8pm - 10pm - Iionic

HariboKiller Martynov @ Club SH-3013 - 7/13/07

Club SH-3013
Excellent set by DJ HariboKiller Martynov. Minimal- Tech - adding elements of UK garage. I was impressed with his unique style, and his ability to prolong builds to unsuspecting locations in the mix. He has a talent for moving beats around to have the explosion and build whenever he wants them. The beatplay and unsuspecting turns make HariboKiller's set exciting and fresh.
He has a way (which is hard to explain in writing which is why you should check out these DJs I write about so you can hear them) in which he sorta just throws beats out there, like he's throwing some eggs and potatoes into a pan. And he pokes at the beats with a spatula, and serves up a delicious breakfast of electronic sounds.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Online Radio Is Saved; SoundExchange Will Not Enforce New Royalty Rates on Sunday

From Wired Magazine:
Online Radio Is Saved; SoundExchange Will Not Enforce New Royalty Rates on Sunday
By Eliot Van Buskirk July 12, 2007 7:35:30 PMCategories: Save Net Radio

At today's Congressional hearing about the new rates for online radio that would essentially destroy it (as readers of this blog already know), SoundExchange, which was scheduled to receive the new royalty payments on Monday morning (since the enforcement date falls on a Sunday), made a startling statement.

The SoundExchange executive [Jon Simson, executive director] promised -- in front of Congress -- that SoundExchange will not enforce the new royalty rates. Webcasters will stay online, as new rates are hammered out.

I just spoke with Pandora founder Tim Westergren, who expressed relief that Pandora wouldn't have to shut down on Sunday in response to the new rates. He said, "It was getting pretty close. I always had underlying optimism that sanity was going to prevail, but I was beginning to wonder."

He said everyone who called their Congress person about this should feel that they had an effect on the process: "This is a direct result of lobbying pressure, so if anyone thinks their call didn't matter, it did. That's why this is happening." The flyer DiMA distributed to Congress today probably helped a bit too, but overall, it appears Congress intervened due to pressure from web radio listeners.

Funnily enough, Westergren told me this mere hours after a representative of SoundExchange said
that the new rates are "etched in stone." Evidently not.


Update: Another source -- close to the situation although not inside today's closed-door hearing -- confirmed the following: Pandora was there; "progress was made"; the minimum fees are indeed off the table; and SoundExchange and the webcasters that were part of the Copyright Royalty Board hearings are going to have another chat about the rates.

However, the source said the big question right now is whether webcasters not part of the CRB hearing might still have to pay the rates set by the board, minus the minimum fees.

Basically, this news qualifies as a reprieve, but internet radio won't be truly saved until negotiations result in a workable royalty rate.

Another Update: This story has been confirmed by Kurt Hanson of RAIN.


Westergren had more to say, lending insight into a process that was largely opaque to non-participants. Apparently, the per-channel minimum fees mandated by the Copyright Royalty Board were never taken very seriously by those involved. They've now been taken off the table completely, saving Pandora, Live365, and other multicasters from their most imminent threat. Instead, per-station minimums will be capped at $50,000 per year.

"No one thought those per station fees were remotely rational. It only makes sense that they're being taken off the table."

As for the Copyright Royalty Board? They're entirely cut out of the process, having set the rates and then refused a rehearing. Going forward without the royalties being collected, SoundExchange and webcasters will negotiate a new royalty rate with Congress looking over their shoulder -- "and last but not least, the public looking over Congress's shoulder." Alternatively, Congress now has time to consider the Internet Radio Equality Act, which would set webcaster royalties at 7.5 percent of revenue and allow them to continue operating pretty much as they have been.

Either way, this is a big win for webcasters and their listeners. Again, this is a reprieve, and internet radio can't be considered saved until new rates are set that everyone can live with.

Grid World News gives Props to Doubledown - "So You Think You Can DJ? Try a Doubledown"

Posted: July 1, 2007 at 9:04 pm
Jeff Saporito, aka Gore Nesterov of Grid World News

So You Think You Can DJ? Try a Doubledown
Local superstar DJ Doubledown reveals the secrets to his mixing success

How does one describe Linden’s vast and varied music scene? To put it simply, music is everywhere.

From dance clubs to music festivals, the world has always served as a venue for the arts in all its forms, and music is at the forefront. One man who recognized this fact the moment he first crawled from the Linden womb is Doubledown Tandino.

Doubledown is a music composer, mixer, producer, promoter, and performer. His goal, in his own words is to be, “…totally engrossed with the music scene in all forms of collaborative aspects.” It’s been his mission for over a year.

Doubledown has become one of the premier DJs in the Grid, and can be found playing tunes all over the world. His sounds range in genre from hardcore liquid-funk at rave clubs to comfy soft jazz at corporate events. Doubledown says that understanding, embracing, and appreciating all forms of music and its application in people’s lives are essential qualities in becoming a respected DJ. “My focus really isn’t a specific focus at all,” states the superstar DJ. “I try to touch on all aspects of music and events.” That mentality is what has driven him to the top–along with his dedication, creativity, and passion for the music.

Doubledown’s power isn’t just about taking DJing to a higher level. In addition to traditional mixing, Doubledown is a skilled marketer and event planner, and can organize and maintain all aspects of any event type.

“I think people dig my sounds because I have a huge passion for the music I think is good. And when I DJ live, people hear it. I play a lot, people see me, and they hear my style. I make myself found at all kinds of events, but especially ones that focus on the music more than just have music.”

DJing live and being open with the audience is what Doubledown says is the key to his success. He plays shows at all types of venues. He showcases his original music at festivals and exhibitions. He lets people know where they can find his music, his biography, and any information they may want about him. Essentially, it’s the “out there” factor that he projects that makes him approachable and sets him apart.

Come hear Doubledown spin some tunes at a special live event on July 5th from 11:30am-1pm at The Clock Tower in Saria.

Monday, July 9, 2007

July 6th - Electric Sheep Company's Starfruit Launch with DJ Doubledown (Updated)

Celebrate the launch of Starfruit on July 6th!

I can’t wait! I’m going to do 4 very different styles of music for each event:
11:00 AM SLT - Deep Electro & Smooth Tech House
04:00 PM SLT - Brazilian Nujazz & Latin House
05:00 PM SLT - East Coast Flavor Funky Beats
08:00 PM SLT - West Coast Flavor Deep House

Thank you TheDiva Rockin for getting me the show!

From The Counting Sheep Blog
Come party around the clock and across the globe for the launch of Starfruit in Second Life! We’ll be celebrating on the third floor of the tower where DJ Doubledown Tandino will be spinning a live mix of house and eclectic music. There will be a raffle for great prizes (including L$1,000!) as well as free goodies for everyone! The tower at Starfruit isn’t just an amazing building, it’s a place where you can make a statement, literally. The tower scrolls text messages and animations that residents send in through SL or from their cell phones. That’s right, you can see what people all over the grid are thinking and talking about! So grab your dancing shoes, your cell phone, and head to Starfruit for a can’t-miss celebration.

Check out any one or all four of the parties on July 6th!

Berlin - 11:00 AM SLT (8:00 PM Berlin)
Brazil - 4:00 PM SLT (8:00 PM Brasilia)
New York - 5:00 PM SLT (8:00 PM New York)
Los Angeles - 8:00 PM SLT (8:00 PM Los Angeles)

"DJ Doubledown Tandino, one of the more popular Mixed Reality wizzards." -Veejay Burns

More at Second Life Spain

Second Arts & Oyster Bay

Excellent job on the remodel over at Oyster Bay Sculpture Garden and Aquarium. Morris Vig was hard at work created the updated environment. Be sure to catch an Oyster Bay Art Show takeover at Playboy island at the end of July


VOTE on SL Issue MISC-378 - The Ability to Keep our Stream Links PRIVATE! (Updated)

PLEASE vote on this issue so we may keep our streams private. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/MISC-378

The "View Administration Options" (in 'client' dropdown menu) allows anyone access to view the audio stream link and the video stream link selected to stream into the land. Only the individual or group that has access to that parcel should have access to view the audio stream link and video stream link.

There are multiple reasons as to why we need this to happen immediately. Due to the nasty climate of the conditions arising with internet radio and broadcasting over the net, it is in the best interest of any streamer or stream provider to have the ability to keep their stream links private and unpublished.
Please take a few seconds and vote: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/MISC-378
Update: Obviously this is not a solution to hide a stream link. What I am hoping LL will do is any and all steps to limit the link access since SL could provide that. No it is not a bug, it is just the first easy feature to remove in a series of steps to limit access.
The poster there thinks my attitude towards this issue is in dire need of support and the #1 cause currently in our world.... All I want is for people to become aware that it's not a good thing that a stream broadcast link in SL can be viewed publically. SL could make our stream links more private.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Doubledown in The Avastar - 7-6-07

There's my mug in the paper, standing in front of the Pet Shop Boys

Doubledown's Decision regarding SLCC & Phreak Radio - updated

Here's what I've decided to do:
I, Doubledown Tandino, ain't gonna go livin' by no contracts no mo'.

I had agreed to play the SLCC, and now, apparently I have not agreed to play yet because I have not signed the contract. Do I even need to tell anyone I'm dropping out of performing at the SLCC, because I'm not even 'in' yet to drop out. But... yeah.... here's what I'm gonna tell them.

I may, or may not show up at the SLCC. Don't plan for me to be there. I may come to Chicago, I may come to SLCC, and I may just perform somewhere else in the great city. So, please take me off the lineup of performers and the lineup of the social/music panel, but if I am there, I'd be happy to DJ some music for Stroker's party, & I'd be happy to get up on stage and talk about music and the dj scene in SL.... but I'm not going to sign any contract to do that... and I'm not going to sue Phreak Media, no matter what they do.

In all honestly, I am still in support of SLCC, I am in full support of Nethermind, Flipper, Nexius; I think of them as good people and I'm glad someone is taking it on to try to create a SLCC. It's haaard work putting together a convention, and you learn from mistakes. My own professional real life event production experience includes creating over 3000 events. I took at an attempt at creating one convention once ....and failed. But we live and learn. The SLCC creators surely realize a convention like this takes professionals that do convention production as their profession. That is needed along side with the people who have the ideals of the event (nether, flip, etc). Conventions are hard to pull off right. And I applaud the effort. But.. at this point, I just am not at a place in my life where I want to tie myself to the SLCC. Maybe I will come, maybe I will DJ if you want me to, maybe I'll throw a party in my hotel room, who knows, I have to trust my gut... I just don't wanna feel stressed. And I don't want to be committed to anything but my girlfriend and moving to Florida. Its the SUMMER OF DOUBLEDOWN!!! WOOOO

Doubledown Tandino

Below is Taken from The SL Live Music Blog

This is in regards to a contract recently sent out to the musicians scheduled to perform at the Second Life Community Convention (SLCC 2007).

I commend Slim Warrior for bringing this issue up immediately in her blog. All of the musicians have been commenting there, so feel free to leave a "yeah that sucks" comment here, but leave your important comments for her blog.

Slim Warrior:
"It seems I am not one of lifes natural bloggers.. or maybe it is just because one blogs when one is inspired enough to do so, (or has time)
These times happen when perhaps happy, downright outraged or mostly general chit chat.. This particular post falls somewhere between sheer horror and outrage and also perhaps under the ‘hysterically funny must be joke of the day’ time.

I am of course referring to the SLCC. Many musicians who perform in Second life have been asked to perform at the convention, myself being one of them.. of which I am truly delighted to be part of.
SLCC = Chicago.. I live in London.. rather far away, so not wishing to wait until 3 days before to book a flight, last week I duly filled in various online forms (having racked around I dont know how many sites to find the best deal)
and Voila! I hand over my hard earned money (saved up and saved up) and grin to myself as I now have flights and hotel booked for the duration of this Wonderful event. Mucho excitement

Imagine my horror when inworld ( and via email) I receive the following erm… document.. I’ll call it document for now.
it was named actually as ‘SLCC Audio Release Form’."

The Contract:
I hereby grant to Phreak Media, LLC and its legal representatives and assigns, the irrevocable, perpetual, unrestricted, global and exclusive license to broadcast, record, distribute, and/or publish any audio in which I am included, on

August 24-26, 2007 at Second Life Community Convention and related events, Chicago, IL for any purpose, without compensation. I hereby release Phreak Media, LLC and its legal representatives and assigns from all claims and liability relating to said audio. I further waive any right to inspect or approve the live audio and/or audio recordings or any printed or electronic matter that may be used in conjunction with them. I acknowledge that I am at least 18 years of age and competent to sign this release. I have read this release before signing, I understand its contents, meaning and impact, and I freely accept the terms.

This agreement shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of the State of California.

Name (Print_____________________________Signature___________________________________
Email Address _________________________________________
Second Life Avatar Name (Print) ___________________________
Date ______________

Slim Warrior continues:
"Having read through several times, just to make sure I havent MISREAD anything, I immediately IM the sender with” You have to be KIDDING me!, upon which I get the reply to follow the discussion on a google group… so I rush of to peruse the postings only to have yet another shock upon then reading the following statement…..

“If you feel that it is either unfair or something that you cannot abide by in exchange for performing at SLCC, I understand and will accept your resignation from SLCC’s music lineup. I really hope you don’t feel that resigning is necessary, since all of this has been created in good faith with everyone’s best interest in mind. Phreak is, however, a business, and they are hoping to recover a small portion of their costs.”"

READ MORE HERE - and make sure to follow through the comments.


More on the story at Second Life Insider here

More on the story at Cylindrian's Blog

More on the story at Eric Rice's Blog

More on Tao's Blog

More on Second Thoughts

More on Matthew Ebel's Blog

Thursday, July 5, 2007

You May Lose Parcel Music In 10 Days - by Nobody Fugazi of Your2ndPlace.com


You May Lose Parcel Music In 10 Days
Posted July 4th, 2007 by Nobody Fugazi

As I wrote in SaveNetRadio - Especially The SecondLife Music Leeches (like me) (before Y2P started), net radio is in trouble. This could mean many of the internet radio stations on the internet closing down, which I think would suck.

That's why SaveNetRadio.org exists. At the time of this writing, there are 10 and a half days left to do something - so if you like that land parcel music you found through Shoutcast, you might want to go visit SaveNetRadio.org and see how you can help.
Or lose it.

Props to Castles in the Sky & The Bowling Alley

I want to give props to Beady Voom and company over at the
Castles in the Sky Virtual Bowling Alley.

Info and events can be found here

I've DJed there, as well as SL DJs Cher Herrington, and TheDiva Rockin. It's a very fun place and people get hooked. Christy Cosmos is going pro. :O)

Kemmi Kamachi - Minimal House @ Underground - 7/5/07

Underground & Tunnel Party

Kemmi Kamachi hitting the mark with a primo Minimal House set. Sorry no pics :O(
But check out the venue and Kemmi when you can.

The 5th of JuFunky Party @ Playboy - 7/5/07

Dropped some 70s Funk on the Beach at Playboy. Good times.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Event Review from Sonicviz of The Metaverse Music Blog - Second Fest

From The Metaverse Music Blog

Posted by: sonicviz
Suckerfest and Marketing unTruths
Disclosure: I am a regular SL Live musician, and this critical analysis has nothing to do with the fact I was not "invited" to play Suckerfest. Apart from a fully booked weekend in rl and sl gigs, this analysis is related to my overall coverage of the metaverse as a new type of performance medium for new types of artists, from both business and artistic perspectives.

"Secondfest is a virtual three-day music festival inside Second Life realised by The Guardian and Intel, featuring live music from offline and online performers, theatre, ballet, cinema, animation and general chaos."

I think Itnel and the Grauniad's marketing departments need to read the 7 Biggest Marketing lies site , specifically Marketing Lie #4 which states that "Getting attention is the SAME THING as effective marketing."
[Given the cheap studio the poor bands were in, basic filming/edits, and retro dot matrix printed posters on the wall I'm guessing this was a "No-Cost/Low-Cost marketing strategies" campaign and the above site reference may have some other tips for them;-)]

Last I heard, LIVE music is produced by a human being [or beings] in real time. Anything outside that is defined as PRE-RECORDED. Therefore calling PRE-RECORDED music LIVE music is, ta-da, a marketing unTruth!.

How much of the festival was actually LIVE I don't know. I guess they will cover their arse by focusing on the word "FEATURING", while failing to highlight that chunks of it were pre-recorded. Specially pre-recorded for the festival does not make it live I'm afraid;-)
Typical marketing bait and switch tactics...that leave a bad aftertaste, at least in my mouth.

My own "festival" experience, apart from the SL Live performers on Chill Island, was a decidedly non-interactive experience and imo could just as well been done via youtube or facebook music with a chat system...and better performance all round.
R3 build was nice enough, if not a little mundane being just a virtual clone of a real life festival site sans mud and flies.

To her credit, Aleks Krotoski, the Grauniad's SL Blogger does mention this in her report on day 2 "although the sets, exclusive recordings for Secondfest, did undermine some of the live interaction many of the attendees had hoped for."(sic)

An additional marketing untruth is her assertion of "Secondfest, the world's first virtual festival" is also incorrect, with a number of festivals of different sizes having been held in SL over the last two years.

It appears once again that marketing droids come up with a concept and drive it into production without bothering to understand either the medium or the communities already embedded in it. The token nod to the SL live artists in a sense backfired as it turned out to be the only place with any real vibe and INTERACTION happening.

From a business perspective I can understand the need to balance a cost effective marketing campaign with the technical risks of the platform etc etc, but it was a flawed implementation of a good idea that could have been pulled off much much better. I suspect the whole point was to show how hip and kewl both Itnel and TeH Grauniad are technology wise. Or maybe it was designed to sell Itnel Core Duo2 systems by enticing people to upgrade their current computers so they can experience the next worlds "first" virtual festival? I have news for Itenl...I have a CoreDuo2 E6400 overclocked 25% with an overclocked High end graphics card that runs smooth as...and guess what? SecondLife can bring it to its knees easily. Well, actually the whole thing was more than likely just designed to attract mainstream media coverage and act as boredom relief for Itnels marketing dept.

All that aside, I love SecondLife - I've drunk the Koolaid at the Metaverse fountain by the gallon, especially in relation to its potential as a performance medium for new technologically savvy artists willing to learn and experiment instead of being spoonfed by the usual suspects.
But it does not stop me being critical of the platform and associated development issues, or projects that ignore the obvious risk factors due to an unstable technology and fail to design for or around them, or excessive marketing hype that ignores reality - virtual or otherwise.

I guess they will be trawling over the survey results, but who knows how many people actually gave truthful answers?
If they filled it in at all.

This recent story on the BlueBird Cafe in SL, Bluebird of Unhappiness, also highlights a number of similar issues albeit on a smaller scale.

Onwards and upwards.

Cu in the bitstream!

Event Review from The Guardian blog - Second Fest

SecondfestBy Aleks Krotoski / Events/ Virtual worlds 10:25am

I've avoided writing about Secondfest, last weekend's 3-day music festival in virtual world Second Life, here on the gamesblog because I knew the reaction of this community would be negative. However, that's where I've been for the past week. So if you are interested in this ground-breaking event, where over 30 bands performed to over 15,000 people, you can read what I wrote about it on the Music Blog. You can also see photos on MySpace and check out the iterant life-blogging on Twitter.

Hearty congratulations to everyone who took part, including The Guardian, Intel, Rivers Run Red and in-world music promoter Slim Warrior. The virtual site was jam-packed for the three days (I missed Pet Shop Boys because the servers were too full), and apart from the anticipated difficulties with the technological limitations of the application, the whole thing was a great success.

Best non-Second Life bands of the weekend for my money were Hot Chip, The Aliens, Florence and the Machine, Rob da Bank, The Cinematic Orchestra and Gilles Petersen. Best Second Life bands were Strangefates, DJ Doubledown Tandino and Slim Warrior - all very different sounds, each using the space in a unique way.

I grabbed Slim to ask about her role as in-world music promoter. Keep reading if you'd like the knowledge.

Why did you decide to use Second Life as a music platform?
I joined Second Life in November 2005. I joined so I could promote not only my own music but other musicians too. I was the first British musician to perform live there and the second female artist. I also did the first singing duet 'live' on one stream with another musician who is based in Texas and that led on to me realising that this was also another way of pushing technology and I decided to organise Metajams Second Life's first online multi streaming concert featuring seven musicians from around the world with duets and more. That was a huge success and I hope to do more. There is nothing as cool as jamming live with another musician who is thousands of miles away and having an audience. Incredible!

Where do you do it?
I bought a virtual island called Menorca which is dedicated to Live music events and there I perform not only my own music but also I host and promote other musicians who use Second Life. To date it has hosted over 200 live concerts in the year it has been open. Having also just finished my first album I will be trying to promote it in world and also everywhere else that I can.

In SL I am responsible for the entire management of an online show from initial hosting through to performances. From Large scale events to solo performances. I work extensively outside of the platform to encourage new musicians to sign up or by artists/bands and management and labels contacting me directly and I have been doing this for 18 months now.

How many people perform in Second Life?
There are approx around 120 live musicians in Second Life. It obviously varies each week as to how many perform but the numbers are growing each week, along with the number of listeners.

Do performers lose anything by using Second Life as a performance/distribution medium?
I don't think one can look at using Second Life as a 'loss' to any musician. SL is a platform for promoting and gaining worldwide exposure for one's music. When used in conjunction with normal methods of promoting your music, i.e. local gigs, internet websites like MySpace or the hundreds of other music sites, then as a distribution medium, SL is part of that. It is however a very unique platform in the fact that one gets immediate feedback and you are able to interact with your audience in real time even though they may be across the world on a completely different time-zone.

What does the audience get out of it?
I think the audiences get a huge amount from using Second Life to hear music on the internet live. They are able to interact with the artists directly. Because you have a visual aspect as well, then you get a far more interesting immersive experience. So, rather than going to listen to music uploaded on a site, you are immersed in that show, without of course the hassle of having to get to a concert, it is right there in your own home. You also get to discover some very talented musicians that otherwise you may not ever hear.

How does it compare with the traditional distribution paths?
Second life offers a unique platform as far as exposure is concerned to an artist. The costs of setting up local gigs, transport for many bands/artists is hard. Using SL as a medium offers instant worldwide distribution for ones music and you can do it from the studio or your home studio and as many musicians do, stream in their live shows into SL and back out again and that is proving to be very successful

One must remember that SL alone is not necessarily going to get you noticed by the industry. One must use it along with other ways of promoting music. You do need a good computer of course. There are limitations of course with any technology, but if you take these all into consideration I'd say that the pros far outweigh the cons.

Is it set to surpass MySpace as THE online music medium?
If you are a musician and you want to get your music heard and gain a fan base you will look at every possible way to do that. MySpace is one example of somewhere musicians can post their music in the hope of getting heard and increasing album sales. There are many sites on the internet that do that and if you are serious about your music you will use these all in conjunction. I don't feel personally it will take over from MySpace, but I do think that it has tremendous potential for ANY musician signed or unsigned. You have not only the listening experience but also the real time interaction which you don't get unless you gig to a real audience. I would certainly encourage musicians to use Second Life as your audience is certainly far more attentive and the experience far better than just using a website. More than anything it is also a lot of fun to do.

Why did you choose the bands you programmed to perform at SecondFest?
These are musicians who perform in Real life as any other band does; they have just used the available technology and therefore are actually a few steps ahead in utilising this 3d virtual platform - not only for album sales but in experience and worldwide listenership. For instance the Wiredaisies, a hugely successful band signed to EMI (Transistor label) have a huge following of people who use Second Life as well as a huge fan base in real life. The same for many bands/artists, in fact I think for all of us! The difference being is that we get to be heard worldwide rather than just locally. And that is very important.

There are so many talented musicians who use Second Life, if I could have, I would have asked many more. You have to remember, these are not just people who only use second life as a platform; they are exceptionally good musicians who use real life too.

What do you think will make the mainstream music industry sit up and take notice of Second Life?
I think that slowly the mainstream industry is noticing Second Life. Already we have had well-known artists come into SL, and I welcome that, but it is in a sense like any other online community. What you put in you get back. If you bring in an artist you cannot expect them to gain new fans by just having them appear once and then not coming back. It defeats the objective of using Second Life. For unsigned artists it gives them more exposure and the chance that mainstream A&R may possibly pick up on them. I would love to see that. It would be wonderful to see an independent/unsigned artist who uses the virtual world actually be signed to a RL label. That would be awesome, and of course I would love to be one!

You can check out Slim's tunes on MySpace, and head here to see the other Second Life bands who performed this weekend

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Second Fest - Day 3 - July 1st, 2007

More info and pictures to come

Doubledown Tandino (Photos of Doubledown courtesy of Didier Soyuz):

Moshang Zhao and Doubledown hang out and wait for Christy to turn around for the picture :O)

Ahh there she is

Doubledown got distracted from the photo ops cause of the two hotties up by the stage

I want to send a special thanks to Boliver Oddfellow, who twittered some touching words. Boliver, coming from you this means a lot to me! I think Boliver was one of the first important DJ gigs I did in SL.

"listening to DoubleDown Tandino at the chill stage/secondfest - watch this dude he's going places, great live DJ/turntablist " - Boliver Oddfellow

SecondFest on the Recycle It Blog

SecondFest on the Wonderland Blog