Saturday, October 31, 2009

Coffee and Pajamas Halloween Show with DJs Elfay Pinkdot and Doubledown Tandino - Saturday, October 31st - 8am-10am (slt)


listen here: [link]

the site for the show: [link]

elfay pinkdot's facebook: [link]

doubledown tandino's facebook: [link]

Coffee & Pajamas Jazz Show Diary

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Extreme Reality Halloween Party - October 30th, 2009 - 6pm-10pm (slt)


Witches, Goblins and Ghosts! Oh My!
Halloween Party at Extreme Reality

October 30, 2009 - 6:00 - 10:00 PM SLT Island/161/88/21

Holy Sheet! It’s a Halloween party for the BOO-tiful people!
It's is going to be so much fun, its scary!!!!

Dress up (of course!) and drop in for Halloween treats, sweets and witches’ brew. We will have prizes, lindens and gift certificates for all the fang-tastic contests and spooktacular events.

Hydra Shaftoe will find out if you are scary smart with plenty of fun Halloween trivia : history, customs and traditions.

Come race pumpkin boats on the beach, try your luck at the lucky pumpkin patch, apple bob, visit the haunted grave yard, shoot zombies with your pumpkin thrower and dance the night away!


6 PM Slim Warrior
Eclectic and original mixture of songs composed and produced herself from Ambient to Dance. Slimmie has a unique presentation and style for each of her shows.

7 PM Doubledown Tandino
Doubledown Tandino performs a unique blend of live electronica rock fusion using a combo of beat machines, sequencers and technological sophistication.

8 PM Zak Claxton
Both unique and entertaining, Live music performer Zak Claxton performs his own original music with guitar (and the occasional harmonica).  Zak Claxton's Post

9 PM Eris
DJ, audio mixologist and Total Fusion CEO one of SL's leading promotional entertainment companies will present a total mind funk experience

BYOB - Bring Your Own BOOS and come eat, drink and be scary! Let's have a great time carving out this Halloween Party and have a horrifically fab time! Make sure you wear your Halloweener poofer present from ArminasX Electric Pixels!* Keep your pumpkin thrower close to you! Never know who will spook you!*
Any questions? Contact Bevan Whitfield in SL!

* presents in the SL object invitation that was sent out
if you didn't get one, please contact Bevan Whitfield or Mystical Demina

Chestnut's Choices: 10/29 - 11/4

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Making of a New Song (Part 1) by Zak Claxton

The Making of a New Song (Part 1)

by Zak Claxton 


I've had a lot of people over the years ask me about my songwriting process, and I never feel like I have a good answer for them. I'm also not at all sure that my process of writing a song is like anyone else's. Songwriting is kind of a private affair, and it seems to me that even in the great collaborative teams (Lennon/McCartney, Jagger/Richards, Rodgers/Hammerstein and so on), you have one guy who's the lyricist and another guy that does the music. In cases where both people do both jobs, they rarely do them together. I know it's neat to imagine multiple people assembling this audible work of art, but even in those Beatles tunes that John and Paul actually worked on together, almost all of them had Paul writing the verse and chorus, and John contributing the bridge, or vice-versa. It's not like they were sitting together saying, "Ooh, make the next chord a G minor!" and so on. Ultimately, creativity is a solo gig, at least in the initial stage... a one-person deal.

Anyway, since I'm in the process of writing songs for the next album (even though the first one hasn't hit the streets yet), I thought I'd share what my version of songwriting is all about. By the way, while I hate the fact that I have to write this, everything you hear here is copyrighted by me, Zak Claxton. This blog post is date/time stamped, obviously, so don't get any funny ideas about borrowing this little tune. I do like to share; I don't like to get ripped off. Enough said.

1. The Idea...


Zak Claxton : Demo Song Video

Thursday, October 22, 2009

uPlaya - Upload your Song and see if it is a Potential Hit


Hit Potential Technology

It’s your time, uPlaya independent artists, musicians and songwriters.

Hit Song Science™ featured in
CBS’s TV series Numb3rs

Hit Song Science™ and the Music Universe™ power the uPlaya Artist Revolution.

“Online services have helped address the ‘availability’ problem for music, but consumers and artists are still frustrated by a lack of ‘visibility’ to easily connect great artists with potential fans,” “Music Intelligence Solutions’ Music Universe™ and Hit Song Science™ can solve the visibility problem better than any other technology that I have seen.” Chuck D, co-founder of Public Enemy, legendary artist, author and Internet entrepreneur.

Do you dream of a world without boundaries — where you can place your work before a huge audience, with no limits and no interference?

Hit Song Science™ provides immediate feedback on your song´s potential for commercial success and instant legitimization in the market for high-scoring music.
Do you want help choosing the best channels and markets for your music and which of your songs have the best chance for success?

The Music Universe™ helps you understand the hit potential of your songs within different markets and niches, and includes targeted promotional features to help your music gain visibility with audiences who already like your sound.

Our rating system gives you immediate feedback on the quality of your music, its competitive edge in the music industry, and its reception among professionals and music lovers.

For example, if your song receives a Gold or Platinum Audionaut Award (Auddy™), then the underlying musical patterns are similar to songs that have been hits in the past.

The Music Universe™ includes many languages and all genres from around the world. Ultimately, The Music Universe™ will analyze and catalog all music ever created and digitized.

Hit Song Science™ compares the sonic characteristics of your tracks against all the songs in the Music Universe™.
In the Music Universe™, hit songs tend to “cluster” (in terms of similarity), and the likely commercial success of new music is judged by its proximity to these constellations.

Music Intelligence Solutions’ patented algorithms analyze the fundamental characteristics of all music, such as brightness and tempo, and measures how they change over time. Often, these characteristics are perceived unconsciously by the listener, and the correct mix of parameters is more important than any individual parameter by itself.

Detecting Hit Potential and Music Trends

Artists use the Hit Song Science™ technology to compare their unreleased songs against hits of the past and present, allowing them to see how well their music fits into the current market as well as to identify potential hits.
The technology also spots new trends and highlights how new songs fit in with these new trends. So a song containing mathematical patterns that are becoming more prevalent in new trends is detected as having high hit potential.

HSS™ analyzes an album or song and provides multiple components of feedback: song ratings to assess hit potential, song ratings to assess “staying power” and “new trends potential”, affinity values vis-à-vis other artists, and information regarding album coherence.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Radiant Bliss Music Project at Burning Life (High Rock)

I want to give a full blog post regarding the Radiant Bliss Music Project and Tasty Hax.  That will come soon.  currently Tasty is busy producing events, art, and DJing live at Burning Life 2009.
I will get a good blog entry about RBMP up when BL09 has concluded and Tasty Hax has some time to relax.

[portion below via Koinup blog]

raftwet, xavier at burning life party for dj tasty hax by RAFTWETJewell

This snap from RAFTWETJewell was taken at the Radiant Bliss Music Project installation located at Burning Life - High Rock. It's both psychedelic and a really fun place to party. They have events on Monday all day and Wednesday all day so try to stop on out and catch it.

POLL: Should Doubledown Tandino Consider the Opportunity? (Wanted: Second Life Community Experts for Hire )

UPDATED:  First: I wanted to mention this poll is entirely anonymous.  I cannot see who voted.  The only thing I can see is the percentage results.  I want, and value your honest opinion.

Second:  This poll is not about "Should I do this."  ...this poll is about "Would the SL community WANT me as someone to be a voice for them."   I think this is the best approach.  I am asking the SL community FIRST, do you want me as someone doing this for YOU, the community.  I don't want to just apply, and then suddenly I'm the leader, and then everyone says "we didn't want you!  who elected you as king of DJ town."
I am here asking FIRST, the SL community, do YOU feel I am a good candidate.  The only reason I would potentially do this is I get an overwhelming response of people that are saying "yes, Doubledown, we WANT you to be the one"

So, please, take a quick moment, and vote on the poll.  Pass this blog post link around the SL DJ, club, and nightlife world.  Pass this link around the social network scene.  I really need to know from the SL community if you all think I would be a suitable candidate to represent us.

Again, I remind you that your poll votes are anonymous.  If you would like to create a dialog about this, leave a message in comments and we can discuss.  You can remain anonymous if you wish.   And, I promise I will not get defensive, and try to attack what you say here.  If you feel you want to leave comments about why or why not, please, let it flow.  I won't be defensive and I won't attack you either.

Here is the question I pose to you:


insilico.pngWanted: Second Life community experts for hire
Posted by Courtney Linden

Second Life Destination Guide pilot project is now up and running on!

As announced in a previous blog, we're looking for a few good Residents to help the community--but how? By finding the best destinations in Second Life! New Residents (and many oldbies too) aren't sure where to go, what to do, and how to find other people once they're inworld.

In a recent survey of Residents, two of the biggest reasons that they leave Second Life is that they either "couldn't find anyone to talk to" or "didn't know how to find interesting places to see, things to do."



If you would like to participate and vote on past polls I have created, 
click HERE

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Prokofy Neva and the FIC 2.6 List (July 2009 - Oct 2009)

Prokofy Neva every so often creates a list known as the FICFeted Inner Core?  I forget.  Anyway, what once was a list (1.0) of people Prokofy believed were in cahoots with the Lindens, it slowly developed into a list of people that personally crossed her and people she hated. 2.5 was a good list of characters.  Now, it has now developed into a list of.... well... I don't even know how to describe it.  Prokofy Neva is better at describing this than I am.

It's strange.  The FIC is a combo of people doing amazing things in SL, mixed with people doing horrible things in SL.     2.6 appears to be a list of who Prokofy views as "the cool kids" of SL. 

Personally, I am very touched and honored to have made it on
Prokofy Neva's FIC 2.6

Doubledown Tandino


I wanted to give a sampling of Prokofy's wikipedia entry of what the FIC meant.  I believe the wikipedia denied the entry, but here's some of the text:

The Feted Inner Core (also known as the Fetid Inner Core) is a conspiracy theory that exists among certain players of the computer game Second Life. It argues that certain groups of players use their relationship with the staff of Linden Lab, the game providers, to obtain favours that advantage their in-game businesses at the disadvantage of others. Since businesses within Second Life can be run for real-world money - the game's currency, Linden dollars, has a maintained exchange rate with the US dollar - this is considered a significant danger.


Footnote:  Because I am a member of this so-called FIC, and Prokofy believes I hold the values of this FIC thingy, this blog entry was created for the sole purpose of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Stinky Footnote: Prokofy, keep doing what you're doing.  We need someone like you in the world, whether we realize it or not.

Toejam Footnote:  Prokofy, don't send me a takedown notice or anything like that.  The disclaimer is that everything and anything in this one FIC related blog post was designed, created, masterminded, fondled, and crafted by Prokofy Neva.  She owns the rights to her blog, and anything I copy and pasted from her blog.

Pinky Toe Note: Prokofy Neva is on the FIC list, although somehow, her name never appears on the list.... I think it's the inner workings of the inner core of the feted inner core?

Toenail polish note:  I was really trying to make this blog entry as long as Prokofy's blog entries,  but there's no chance in hell I'm even coming close.  I have no idea how she musters the strength to write so much out each blog post.   I'm winded already.


Dale Innis Explains:
Convo at Plurk:

Cybergrrl Oh Podcast with Doubledown Tandino - The Unofficial Metworld Version

This version of the podcast was recorded by Mal Burns of Metaworld. This is not the official Cybergrrl Oh Podcast version, but we were lucky enough to have Metaworld come and record the show. The official version in podcast form will be available within the week.

Thank you to Cybergrrl Oh, Mal Burns, Metaworlds, Slim Warrior, Bevan Whitfield, and everyone in attendance at the taping.

Don't forget to become a fan at the Cybergrrl Oh Page on Facebook and on Twitter @CybergrrlOh

Friday, October 16, 2009

DJ Hero with Sparkly Balls

A New game coming out "DJ Hero" .. I couldn't care less... It has nothing to do with DJing, and you won't learn anything from it by playing it.... but this video promo... FUNNY! Does the dancer remind you of anyone you know in Second Life?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

We've Got Reps for That (video)

Cybergrrl Oh Podcast! (Update)- Doubledown Tandino on October 15th, 2009 at 1pm (slt)

Coming up on the Cybergrrl Oh Podcast!

Upcoming guests on the podcast:

10/15/2009 Doubledown Tandino
10/22/2009 lynsey Fleury
10/29/2009 Coughran Mayo

See you there!

Breaking the Fourth Wall

Breaking the 4th Wall

The fourth wall refers to the imaginary "wall" at the front of the stage in a proscenium theatre, through which the audience sees the action in the world of the play. The term also applies to the boundary between any fictional setting and its audience. When this boundary is "broken" (for example by an actor speaking to the audience directly through the camera in a television sitcom), it is called "breaking the fourth wall."

Origin and meaning:

The term was made explicit by Denis Diderot[1] and spread in nineteenth century theatre with the advent of theatrical realism. Critic Vincent Canby described it in 1987 as "that invisible screen that forever separates the audience from the stage."[2] Another among early practitioners of this method (now referred to as the "Fourth Wall") is Thornton Wilder & his 1937 play "Our Town". The term "fourth wall" stems from the absence of a fourth wall on a three-walled set where the audience is viewing the production. The audience is supposed to assume there is a "fourth wall" present, even though it physically is not there. This is widely noticeable on various television programs, such as sitcoms, but the term originated in theatre, where conventional three-walled stage sets provide a more obvious "fourth wall". The term "fourth wall" has been adapted to refer to the boundary between the fiction and the audience. "Fourth wall" is part of the suspension of disbelief between a fictional work and an audience. The audience will accept the presence of the fourth wall without giving it any direct thought, allowing them to enjoy the fiction as if they were observing real events.The presence of a fourth wall is one of the best established conventions of fiction and as such has led some artists to draw direct attention to it for dramatic or comedic effect. This is known as "breaking the fourth wall". For instance, in Puckoon, Spike talks to the author multiple times. Spike also at one stage in the book, looks to see what page the reader is on. Besides theatre and cinema, the term has been adopted by other media, such as television, comics, and more recently, video games. Though some table-top roleplaying games do allow for breaking the fourth wall, these are usually beer and pretzel type games.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Halloween in Second Life is Coming (Machinima by Metaverse-TV)

A brief montage by Robertz Sparrow. Happy Halloween from Metaverse TV
Subscribe on Youtube: metaversetv 


A Reminder that you still can book me, DJ Doubledown Tandino for your Halloween event
If you're looking for your Halloween Dance Club Ballroom, & Lighting Package, remember to hop over and check out Doubledown's DJ Shop.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Blog Love - Pixels and Policy with Max Burns

Pixels and Policy has burst onto the virtual world news, info, and opinion net scene.  Run by Max Burns

Pixels and Policy

Uncovering the ways virtual worlds change our politics, policy, and culture.


I highly encourage to you to read & follow the blog covering so many important virtual world issues of the present day and the future to come.


(no relation to Mal Burns, who is also an excellent virtual world media expert and journalist)


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Business of Music in the Metaverse (via

Zak Claxton and the Business of Music in the Metaverse
via Pixels and Policy

                 Zak Claxton: Live in Second Life

Could major radio stations soon be playing the music of artists best known for their Second Life avatars?
If one well-known Metaverse rocker has his way, the tunes that have players lining up in the virtual world will soon find their way into a real-world album release.

Zak Claxton is a big deal in Second Life. His live music performances and audience-pleasing style have over the years grown into a true fan following. So when Claxton had to decide whether to release his first real-world album using his real name or the Claxton nomme de Metaverse, the choice was easy.
Pixels and Policy spoke with Claxton to find out why virtual music is bringing him real recognition.

Synthetic Solo Artist

Claxton is one of a growing number of avatars turning the expansive Metaverse into a stage for their passions and talents. From heavily publicized art showings to lectures on economics, real-world entrepreneurs are unleashing their creativity and expertise on the virtual frontier.

Claxton's muse is the guitar, and he has courted the possibility of turning his Second Life performances into a real-world album from an early stage. In the real world, Claxton helped produce the successful albums of other performers while engaging in his Second Life hobby.

"The mesh of reality and SL came when I made the decision to record and release the album as Zak Claxton," Claxton told Pixels and Policy. "I've built a nice-sized global audience that would never have been possible as an independent singer-songwriter." Claxton is proud to say that more listeners know him as Zak Claxton than as his real-life persona.
Three years after his entry into Second Life, the virtual guitarist has a mastered CD and a scheduled a December 11, 2009 release date for his first record, "Zak Claxton."

Taking Virtual Music Global

In 2008, Wagner James Au of New World Notes reported on blues performer Von Johin, an avatar that landed a record deal through boutique firm Reality Entertainment.
At the time, Johin was one of the biggest musical draws in Second Life. His music continues to draw huge crowds at Muse Isle, and Johin's three-week "hiatus" led to a well-attended three hour "farewell set."

Claxton follows Johin by recording solely using a Second Life name: "Everything I'm doing musically now, in both real life and in virtual worlds and all over the web, is under the Zak Claxton name," Claxton told us. "It's less confusing for my audience, and the songs I'm currently performing have all been created while I've been performing as Zak.
The release of Claxton's eponymous debut album will almost certainly have a heavy Second Life presence, and if the growing popularity of digital musicians continues apace with the growth of virtual worlds, major record labels may soon see commercial potential in artists like Claxton.

As artists like Zak Claxton and Von Johin break through the distribution barrier of real world music by building an audience in the metaverse, the observer is left to wonder how long is left until established real-world performers bring their music and production teams to Second Life for virtual performances on a large scale.

[Article Via Pixels and Policy]

Facebook - The Massively Multi-Player Online Role Playing Game

Brad Reason | Create Your Badge

Brad Reason | Promote Your Page Too

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Doubledown's Terminology : Social Networlds

There has been a lot of talk lately about what to call "Virtual Worlds" or a "metaverse"  (right off the bat, ironically, the wikipedia entry for "Virtual World" says "computer-based simulated environment"  meanwhile metaverse on wikipedia says "The Metaverse is a fictional virtual world, described by Neal Stephenson)"

It was brought up last week at Metanomics Community Forum - The terms that floated around were "Virtual Environments" , or "Immersive Media" ... which led to "Virtual Synthetic Immerse Environments..."

It was brought up last Sunday at Metaverse Week in Review where Mal Burns has decided to change calling  "Virtual Worlds" into calling them "V-Worlds"

Facebook even has a category under 'interests' called "Virtual Social Media"  (which I'm quite impressed with so kudos to Facebook).


When I think of labeling a technology, I tend to think about how music genres became labeled.  My example in it's simplest form "Rock-n-Roll".... what the hell does that even mean?  Literally, it means stones and the outer breaded layer of a sandwich.  As future moved onward, rock-n-roll dropped the buns, and became "rock"  soon after that sub-genres emerged (alternative, metal, punk, etc).    Lets say there's a band that categorizes themselves as "rap metal emocore electrofunk", the music stores will sell their CDs in the "rock/pop" section.  Why? because people get what that means without having to use wikipedia... even if the term doesn't even fit.

Electronic music genres are the same.  For example, there's a genre called "IDM" (Aphex Twin falls into this genre).  What is IDM you ask?   Well it stands for Intelligent Dance Music.  If you've ever listened to Intelligent Dance Music, the first thing you think is 'there's no way in hell anyone can dance to this'.  So Aphex Twin coined the term "Brain music".   Sounds more fitting in my opinion... however, Aphex Twin to this day is the only one that uses the term... to everyone else, it's still IDM.

Basically every term in history came to fruition through a chain of small conversations and events which led to the terminology just STICKING.  ... And that becomes the label... whether it fits or not.     There's never been a strong enough campaign to change a label society decides to stick with out of convenience.

Well here's what I've decided, take it or leave it:   I....  I am going with this one:    
"Social Networlds"  ... (Virtual Worlds + Social Networks is a nice simple play on words, and that is all we really need.)

Either way (and point being), the terms Virtual World and Metaverse are here to stay (with "immersive environment" as a runner up).  Those terms already stuck, and there's not going to be a way to change it.   But hey, call an inworld social universe whatever you wish... no one will understand what you're talking about until you describe what you mean anyway.  The description and definition that comes along with the label is what matters most.

-Doubledown Tandino

Full Disclosure   :  I wrote this blog post in my underwear and my underwear is made by Hanes.

My Animated World

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Social Media Guru

Doubledown Tandino - Available to DJ, Emcee, & Promote your Halloween Event

Hello ghouls, goblins, and ... avatars.  I (Doubledown Tandino) am available for Second Life Halloween bookings and events.  Halloween is my favorite time of year, and I cannot wait to perform at some of this year's inworld parties.

I am a professional real life and Second Life DJ, and do a live turntable mix of current modern spooky electronica (house and breakbeats), combined with live remixing of various classic Halloween jams.  I've done Halloween events for over a decade, yet always find ways to make the music fresh and unique each year.

Booking me means you'll get:
- Advanced promotion of the event; includes inworld marketing + internet & social media based.
- During event promotion; includes TPs, notices, group chat, twitter, facebook, status updates, etc.
- Live broadcast DJing & live mixing and remixing
- Live on-the-mic Emcee to promote goals of the event (products, freebies, giveaways, contests, venue info, people involved info, etc)
- The broadcast stream (if your venue does not have one)
- Any extra Halloween decorations if needed (I am able to provide a Halloween DJ booth & lighting)

October 28th, 29th, 30th, and 31st dates are available (pending time availability.)
Depending on your expectations, approximate rate is $5000L for one hour, $8000L for two hours.
(The time spent on advance promotion is included.  (If you would like a graphic flier designed for your event, the cost is $5000L.))
The cost is $3000L per hour if you JUST would like me to DJ, but not do any promotions or speak on the mic.

please contact me ASAP at DJDoubledown @ to discuss your expectations and lock in the time.

Yoko Ono and Second Life: IMAGINE PEACE TOWER Unveiling Ceremony - October 9th, 2009

‘I dedicate this light tower to John Lennon.
My love for you is forever.’
Yoko Ono
‘Imagine all the people living life in peace’
John Lennon
‘A dream you dream alone is only a dream.
A dream you dream together is reality.’
Yoko Ono


9 OCTOBER 2009
On Friday 9th October 2009, Yoko Ono will be in Iceland (in the real world) for the annual lighting of IMAGINE PEACE TOWER.

Later the same evening, at 10.30pm (Reykjavik time), Yoko will unveil a new IMAGINE PEACE TOWER in Second Life, an online virtual world. You are invited to join us on IMAGINE PEACE TOWER ISLAND in Second Life for this event.

Once you have entered Second Life, from 9th Oct 2009, you will find IMAGINE PEACE TOWER Island here.


[New World Notes Story HERE]

Yoko Ono's Art HERE

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Full Halloween Dance Club Package - All-in-One Danceclub, Staging, Lighting, Dancefloor, and Textures

Full Halloween Dance Club

* 3 Full Dance Party Areas
* Performance Staging with seating
* Dance Pole Staging with seating
* Lighting, Particle Poles, Textures, Couches, Chairs, Stools, and all the decorations to make your Halloween event spooky as hell!!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Is Intel trying to steal Second Life though an expensive advertising campaign?

I don't even know what to make of this; Intel has decided to release a full-on internet advertising campaign sponsoring many websites, which all leads to this video.   To me, and everyone else in Second Life, and everyone else using Open Grids (Open-source OpenSim , and everyone else in the world that hasn't been living under a rock for the past half-decade... um, Intel, we know you're trying to steal Second Life.   Calling it Intel's "3D Internet", and obviously ripping off Linden Lab's Second Life, how foolish.

UPDATE:  Since this post Intel has conveniently changed the title of the video, changed the description of the video, and has changed all of the information on their Youtube page.