Friday, August 26, 2011

The Life and Career of Steve Jobs

This movie kind of reminds me of Citizen Kane.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sunday, August 7th, 2011 -'DJs live on Air' in Club Cooee featuring Brad Reason

'DJs live on Air' at the beach featuring 'Brad Reason'


Event info & how to log into Club Cooee:
*Pearl of the Sea*
08/07/11 12:00pm (EST)
08/07/11 2:00pm (EST)

Join the new official DJ event “DJs live on air” at our opening beach party on Sunday. At the turntables will be DJ Brad Reason (NYC USA) live in the mix spinning Funky Electro House.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Internet Evolution's IT Video Project

When I received this email, I immediately thought of Second Life and it's users.

From my email inbox:

Internet Evolution is about to embark on a truly groundbreaking new video project, and I wanted to see if you would like to get involved.

We're looking to create a video case study about a company embarking on an important new IT project in the second half of this year.

However, unlike most case studies (which take place after the fact) our case study will follow the project from planning, through implementation, to trouble shooting and completion.

Projects that we are highly interested in covering include: cloud computing; analytics; social media in a business environment; security; or an upgrade to a company's computing and middleware systems.

The core of the case study will be three short (five minute) documentaries covering the before, during, and after of your project. These documentaries will be filmed by our professional film crew on location at your company premises at a time that is convenient to you. Each one takes about a morning to film.

We'll also outfit you with a video camera and the training required to upload occasional project updates.

The purpose of the case study is to highlight the great work that IT professionals such as yourself do every day. Our goal is to highlight your success for others to learn from. And, of course, as well as making you a star (and a corporate hero!) we'll also compensate you for your time.

Interested? Please drop me a line at if you would like to know more about this exciting new Internet Evolution project!

Nicole Ferraro
Executive Editor, Internet Evolution

Friday, June 3, 2011

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Be a Fat Cat in the Social Media World - Buy, Sell, and Invest in Online Influence with Empire Avenue


The Social Media Exchange

Empire Avenue is the Social Media Exchange, where you can invest in any social media profile by buying their shares, meet new people, unlock Achievement badges, and earn boatloads of virtual cash by being active and social online! Buy shares in your friends, your followers, people with similar interests, brands you love, celebrities – anyone! All using a virtual currency and all for free!

Be Social, Reap the Rewards

When you join Empire Avenue, you can connect your Social Networking accounts, and we’ll score activity and engagement in each account and give you a virtual share price. The connections you make on Empire Avenue create "value-based" relationships, a deeper relationship than simply "following" someone, in a completely less intrusive context than becoming "friends."

Every day, you're on Twitter, talking to friends on Facebook, uploading videos or photos, and writing blog posts. Just for doing that stuff, you'll earn Eaves – our virtual currency – and we'll dish out some more virtual cash to your shareholders. Along the way you'll have a bit of fun, make new connections, learn about different people, and learn about social networking and the value of your network! Use your Eaves wisely and you might just become a virtual millionaire... or billionaire (insert evil, world-dominating laugh)?

Check out Empire Avenue