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POLL: Did you read the new Linden Lab/Second Life Terms of Service (March 31st, 2010)?

March 31st, 2010 Update: Terms of Service

March 31st, 2010 Update: Privacy Policy

Snickers Snook's Thoughts & Highlights on the Changes:
Major Second Life changes - ARRRGGGGGHHHH!


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

UPDATE: Smooth Criminal Animation Dance Tribute to Michael Jackson

Smooth Criminal -~ Mixed Reality Dance Tribute * *Avatars in Second Life™ dancing in realtime with Michael's tour video** Music by Michael Jackson

Filmed & edited at Muse Isle Productions dance studio ~ in Second Life™ by JenzZa Misfit / vRhythm Express ~

SLURLs to the Muse Isle Connection island hot spots:
Muse Isle, established in April 2006, is one of the original live music & art venues in Second Life. They are also the home island for RDV Animations – creators of Rendezvous “Walk, Fly & Swim together “ animators. Muse Isle is proud to be an event partner for Metanomics and invites you to join them for engaging chat , laughter & friendship.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Become Your Avatar...

Second Life: Become Your Avatar...

Lets see if you make it out alive!

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Thank you to the 1000+ Followers on Facebook through NetworkedBlogs!

Awesome!  My blog (which is currently slightly under construction... I hope you nice the new look.) has reached over 1000 followers on Facebook through the NetworkedBlogs app. You are welcome to become a follower through Google as well (the widget off to the right hand side)

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Under Construction

Pardon me as I upgrade the blog design.

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Brad Reason (Doubledown Tandino) - Second Life/Virtual Worlds DJ, Music, Events, & Marketing Bio, Press, & Awards - 3.2010 Update

Brad Reason, also known as Doubledown Tandino in Second Life and other virtual worlds, is a multi-talented solution provider and niche specialist in the development of live music, entertainment, and events for immersive environments and emerging social media internet outlets.

In the real world, Brad has over a decade of experience creating, producing, and performing at corporate, promotional, and music events.  He has been bringing these facets of skills onto the web and into virtual worlds for real life and second life companies such as IBM, AMD, Intel, CBS, Orange, Electrolux, Playboy, Remedy Communications, Princeton University, Electric Sheep Company, Muse Isle Connection, Menorca and many more.

Brad has several aspects he brings to the project which make him a expert in his field.  The first feature to Brad's full package includes marketing and advertising, utilizing the inworld environments, new media, social media, web 2.0, new technologies, and graphic design.  The second feature is the follow through and bringing the project to realization through real-time events, music performance, live DJ, promotional emceeing, and branding.  Many corporations, companies, and clients have ideas, and Brad knows how to turn those ideas into realities, surpass goals, and exceed expectation.  He has a catalog of references and recommendations which can be viewed at:

Brad has a unique skill-set, a variety of talents, and experience which most others do not have.  He is a creative go-getter, and is constantly bringing new imaginative ideas to the table.


Press and Awards:

CNN interviews Brad Reason: "Best Jobs: Second Life DJ" (2010):

BlazingMinds: "Who the Band: Brad Reason" (2010):

FreePlayVL: "Music in 3D - Virtually Live Music is Social Media" (2010) -

Cybergrrl Oh interviews Doubledown Tandino on Rezzed.TV (2009)

Doubledown Tandino wins Live Music Entertainment Award for "Best Live DJ" (2009):

Japan Inc Magazine: "The Music Industry: Real Music for a Virtual World" (2009):

Reason.TV: Drew Carey interviews Doubledown Tandino (2008):

Reuters features Doubledown Tandino's music event "Delicious Dish" (2008):

"Tonight Live With Paisley Beebe" (2008):

The Avastar - "Raving for Charity" (2008):

Doubledown Tandino wins Electrolux Grant Program (2007):

Electrolux & Millions of Us Honor Doubledown Tandino as DJ Innovator (2007):

The Avastar: Intel's "Second Fest" - Doubledown Tandino featured with Pet Shop Boys (2007):

The Avastar: DJ Festival produced by Doubledown Tandino (2007):

Metaverse Messenger: "Doubledown Tandino: Resident of the Week" (2007):

Feature in URB Magazine (2007):

Baltimore Sun - "Making A Living in the Virtual World" (2007):

Baltimore Sun - "Finding your New Self" (2007):

"Groundbreaking SL into RL Mixed Reality Jazz Show" (2007):



Original Music:
Graphic Design and Virtual World Photography:
Second Life Office/Company: Ravelong Productions: SLURL:

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

James Cameron Discusses Na’vi Boobs

James Cameron Discusses Na’vi Boobs
by Dan Zinski of Lightly Buzzed
It never occurred to me that this was an issue, but apparently, some people are annoyed that the Na’vi have boobs, because technically the Na’vi aren’t mammals and therefore shouldn’t possess mammaries.  This whole quasi-controversy falls roughly under the heading of Stuff Know-it-All Geeks Whine About on IMDb Because What Else Are They Going to Fill Their Empty Hours With?, but nevertheless, James Cameron felt compelled to address it.  Speaking to James Lipton and his audience of film school students on a soon-to-be-aired Inside the Actors Studio, Cameron said the following about Na’vi boobage and why it exists:
Because this is a movie for human people.
That’s a much better answer than the one I might’ve expected.  You know, something along the lines of, “Well, you see, the Na’vi are actually descended from blahblahblah so the breasts are really vestigial blahblahblah and they still serve a decorative blahblahblah function…”  Thank you James Cameron for not insulting us by making up some crap just to placate the five nitwits who think this matters.  “People like boobs so we gave the Na’vi boobs” is more than sufficient.

'Warcraft' Sequel Lets Gamers Play A Character Playing 'Warcraft'

'Warcraft' Sequel Lets Gamers Play A Character Playing 'Warcraft'

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tron: Legacy!! Official Trailer Released

Tron Legacy is a 3D high-tech adventure set in a digital world that's unlike anything ever captured on the big screen. Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund), the tech-savvy 27-year-old son of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), looks into his father's disappearance and finds himself pulled into the same world of fierce programs and gladiatorial games where his father has been living for 25 years. Along with Kevin's loyal confidant (Olivia Wilde), father and son embark on a life-and-death journey across a visually-stunning cyber universe that has become far more advanced and exceedingly dangerous.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The New Dork - Entrepreneur State of Mind

THE NEW DORK - Entrepreneur State of Mind
(better than the original)


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Granny DJ Rocks Paris Clubs - DJ Ruth Flowers

DJ Ruth Flowers just wants the kids to have fun. Flowers is a 69-year-old DJ who spins at the most prestigious nightclubs in Paris.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'll be away for awhile - A Doubledown Tandino Hiatus

As life progresses (first life, that is), and as Second Life progresses (with the 2.0 viewer), I unfortunately have to take a leave of absence from the virtual world.

As some of you know, I have been working my way towards moving, living, and working in New York City.   Phase 1 is complete; I'm packed, and I've left for the big apple.... 

You would think phase 2 would be unpacking at my new place in Manhattan and getting right back into Second Life.... but, there is no phase 2 yet.  Apparently I find myself in nomad/gypsy mode.... ok, let's just call it what it is... I'm homeless.

That's the simple truth....  I've left where I was living in South Jersey, packed up one bag of clothes, and traveled to NYC with no set home.   Some people are congratulating me on this... some people say I have a lot of guts.... some people say I'm following my dreams...  

I have to admit, I'm nervous and overwhelmed as hell.   As I said on my facebook wall: "Either I'm going to eat the big apple, or the big apple is going to eat me"

With all that being said, I will be sparse in Second Life.   I won't be available to DJ live inworld for some time until my real life has stabilized.  I will pop inworld where wifi allows to check on things, try to attend events, and make sure my company Ravelong is running smoothly.  And, I will be back, you can count on that.

And I'll leave you with this:  Two 10 minute Electro House mixes.  These were filmed simply to do it.  I knew I wouldn't be DJing for awhile, and I was going to pack up my music and gear... so here's two mini-mixers for ya.  Enjoy:

I may or may not take a break from this blog for awhile too... I haven't decided yet. I know I won't be in touch with what is going on in Second Life... but who knows.... maybe I'll still find interesting things to post about.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How to Stream Your Music Into Second Life - Six Software Source Clients Compared by Joe Bear

How to Stream Your Music Into Second Life
Six Software Source Clients Compared
By Joe Bear

Were you aware that your music can be streamed into Second Life using the same technology as internet radio? Bringing your music to this new audience requires a Shoutcast source client, which sends your music to a streaming server, which subsequently rebroadcasts your music to all the listeners in Second Life.

This article lists the leading choices in Shoutcast/Icecast source clients. This source client is the piece of software that runs on your computer, connecting the music you play with the streaming server.

What it does
The Shoutcast/Icecast streaming source client takes audio input from a program or hardware device, encodes it into a media stream, and sends the media stream on to a streaming server. Each step of this process requires configuration, and each program differs in the specifics of where you may find these settings. However, the settings themselves are fairly universal.

Music source
The input to the source client may come from a media player such as iTunes, Winamp, or Windows Media Player, or it may also come from a hardware device connected to your computer -- such as a mixer connected to a sound card or even an integrated laptop microphone. Your chosen source client will present a list of possible inputs from which you can choose to broadcast.

Some source clients may be able to encode into multiple media formats. However, for compatibility with Second Life, you will need to use mp3. The Second Life viewer on your listeners' end does not support WMA, AAC, Ogg, or other formats. Further, you will find that if you try to use the most pristine mp3 encoding settings, your listeners will experience skips in the stream. It is best not to use anything higher than 44.1 kHz, 64 kbps, stereo. You should be able to find these settings grouped together.

Specifying the stream server
Lastly, you will need to specify the Shoutcast/Icecast streaming server to which the source client will connect. This will be in the form of a URL or an IP Address, a Port number, and a Password. Some streaming clients allow you to build a 'library' of servers, each with their own URL, port, and password. This is handy if you regularly perform at a number of venues. Each venue will have its own server. This allows you to, once configured, merely select a given venue's server from a list, and have all the values set at once. If your source client does not have this feature, you will need to manually enter this data every time for each venue.

For each listed software streaming client, I list the price, where you can obtain it, what platform it runs upon, and other attributes. After reading this article, you should be ready to choose a streaming source client that meets your needs.
Before I list the choices, I will first define what the various attributes mean.

Operating System (OS) - This tells you what operating system the streaming source client is compatible with. There are choices for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and other UNIX-like OSs.

Plugin vs. Standalone - Some Shoutcast/Icecast source clients are 'plugins', which operate inside of other programs. An example is the Shoutcast DSP Plugin, which installs 'into' Winamp as a host. Other source clients run in their own window, providing all needed functionality themselves.

Record functionality - Some source clients will also record (or 'archive') your stream. The stream is not only sent on to the streaming server, but it also is written to your computer's disk as an mp3 file. This allows you to play back your stream at a later date.

Presenting the candidates:

butt (broadcast using this tool)
  • Free
  • Linux, MacOS and Windows.
  • Open source project hosted on Sourceforge
  • Standalone
  • Streaming and recording simultaneously with different bitrates
This relative newcomer provides all the functionality that you would need or want. The fact that it is free, and runs on almost any computer, makes it a great choice.

Winamp with Shoutcast DSP Plugin
  • Free
  • Windows, Mac OS, Linux, other UNIX
  • Winamp makes Winamp Standard
  • Shoutcast makes the Shoutcast DSP Plugin
  • Host media player and Plugin
  • No built in recording functionality
This solution has been the mainstay in the Windows arena, mostly due to its price.

  • $40 (free demo)
  • Mac OS
  • Rogueamoeba is the company behind Nicecast
  • Standalone
  • Archive function
For years, this has been the standard in the Mac arena. Full featured.

  • $139
  • Windows
  • Spacialaudio produces simplecast
  • Standalone
  • No built in recording functionality
This selection comes from a company with a full line of professional internet radio tools.

Reaper with Shoutcast plugin
  • $60 (free demo)
  • Windows
  • Cockos makes Reaper
  • Landoleet is where you can get the reaper_shoutcast.dll plugin (this is NOT the same as the Shoutcast DSP Plugin for Winamp)
  • Host DAW and Plugin
  • Full multitrack recording capability
Reaper is a full-functioned DAW, from a company founded by the guy who first invented Shoutcast technology. Extremely powerful, with complexity to match.

  • Free
  • Windows
  • Oddsock makes edcast
  • Available either standalone, or as a plugin for Winamp or Foobar2000.
  • Recorder not built in.
Both EdCast and its precursor Oddcast are from the same developer, along with a number of other useful music tools (including a stream recorder).

The envelope, please
If you are just getting started in streaming your music into Second Life, I recommend that you start with butt. Silly name, I know. However, it is free, does everything you want it to do, and runs the same way on any computer you're likely to have. Plus, it is an open source program, meaning that its future is pretty much assured.

Any of the other choices would be fine as well. They all work pretty much hiccup-free. If your needs are unique, there may be some reason to prefer another over butt.

Myself, I use Reaper with the Shoutcast plugin. Reaper is a full-featured music production DAW like Pro Tools, Logic, Sonar, etc. In fact, it was my DAW before I started streaming into Second Life. The fact that Reaper is from the guy the guy that invented internet radio (as well as Winamp, Gnutella, and other modern necessities) holds strong sway with me.

Get going!
You really can't go wrong with any of the above. Just grab one, grab the free Second Life viewer, create a free Second Life account, log on, and start performing for the eager Second Life audiences!
I hope you join us in this journey to a strange and wonderful new world. In the meantime, you may wish to do some early exploring on your own - it is free to get started! Just click the link below:
Joe Bear is an Ezine Articles Expert Author! Join Joe in Second Life -- you can find the tools you need to get started with a free Second Life account at his website Metaverse Musician -- just click here to get started!

Joe Bear has been making music for several decades on a commercially-successful basis. Bands and solo acts; live and in the studio; rock, blues, jazz, country, bluegrass, pop, and others; guitar, voice, keys, bass, drums, mandolin, and other instruments; singer, songwriter, producer, instrumentalist, teacher, engineer. With the demise of the traditional recording industry, and the plethora of new outlets for enterprising musicians opened by new technologies, he has been focusing upon these new markets.
Always a believer in extending a hand down to help the next person up, he is now sharing the knowledge he has gained in this uncharted territory. He is sharing this info on his blog at Please register at the Metaverse Musician blog for regular updates on these and other topics. This will entitle you to exclusive information -- including detailed step-by-step instructions on setting up to be a Second Life musician at no cost. Hurry -- time is limited on this offer!

(c) Copyright - Joe Bear, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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DJ Doubledown Tandino - Retro Reinvented - The Final Show - Monday March 1st, 2010

March 1st, 2010 - Starting at 12pm SLT(extended party)

DJ Doubledown Tandino presents the final RETRO REINVENTED music event at Muse Isle Connection.

Today: The 80s! REMIXED!

SLURL in Second Life to Muse Isle Connection:

RETRO REINVENTED is a live DJ mix show where DJ Doubledown Tandino incorporates retro hits with modern beats, remixing, and rejuvenation. 

Brought to you by RENDEZVOUS
Rendezvous Couples Animator -   NEW !   version 3.0
Avatar Animation & Motion Vehicle  -  AAMV
ONLY with Rendezvous can you walk, fly & swim TOGETHER and so much more !
Rendezvous Animators: changing the way you live your virtual life !

*Who’s the Band* - Interview with Brad Reason

Who’s the Band – Brad Reason
Posted by Karen in Who's The Band of

Ever popular than ever I’m proud to bring another in my series of “Who’s the Band” and this week I bring you an interview with Brad Reason, so I’m going to stop rambling on and get on with the interview..

Q: So how did you come upon the name of your band? Is it the first name you chose?
I stuck with my name, Brad Reason. Then there was a time where I was doing a lot more DJ work, so I decided to pick a DJ name, and I went with DJ Doubledown. I loved the movie “Swingers” so I went with Doubledown. When I entered Second Life to begin my virtual world performance career, I used the first name Doubledown, and then at registration, I was given the option of several last names. I picked Tandino. So, my name became Doubledown Tandino in the virtual world, Second Life. In the real world, I stick with Brad Reason.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself?
I’m Brad Reason, solo-artist. I am a digital electronic music composer, producer, editor and remixer. I have collaborated with many other musicians, singers, and music artists over the years as well.

BradReason 300x300 Whos the Band   Brad ReasonQ: So what genre of music would you say you are in and who are your major influences?
I create all forms of instrumental and electronica music which includes house, breakbeat, drum-n-bass, trip-hop, chillout, nujazz, avant-garde, and experimental.
My influences stem from The Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Air, Talvin Singh, Medeski Martin & Wood, jazz legends such as Miles Davis and Coltrane, and funk legends such as Commodores, Ohio Players, and James Brown

Q: How long have you been performing/producing music? What inspired to to produce your style of music?
I began creating music on computer in 1996 with now ancient spread-sheet based sampling software . By 1997 I was creating music and sharing with with like minded communities on the internet.

Q: Are you signed to a record label (Indie or major)?
I am not signed by any record label, but I have had some of my individual tracks signed and released through a label or distribution company.

Q: Have your ever performed live? If so where and to how many?
I’ve performed live non-stop since I started. A lot of the shows I do are also DJ based, so I mix DJing with original music and remixing. From 2000-2006 I was DJing on the East Coast of USA, primarily in Baltimore, Maryland. From 2006 to current, I perform live online to people across the world through virtual worlds such as Second Life.

Q: Who writes/produces the music and/or lyrics to your tracks?
I create and compose everything I make.
DoubledowninMusicStudio 300x174 Whos the Band   Brad Reason

Q: How would you describe your music-making process?
I have no process. I simply either get in the mood to create some music, or I have some sounds or beats in my head and I want to lay them out and record.

Q: What has been your biggest challenge as an artist? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?
I wouldn’t say I have had many challenges. If anything, I would say that it is sometimes tough to stick within one mainstream style. Usually I like to push the boundaries of music, and make what isn’t the normal standard. I like to create what I want to hear, which may not be considered a mainstream hit. Sometimes, it is tough to garner a large fan base because each of my music pieces is so varied in style and genre.

Q: What’s your ultimate direction for your band? Are you seeking fame and fortune?
Not at all. I have no interest in fame and fortune. I simply want people to listen, appreciate, and respect my music as art.

Q: What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands?
Stop waiting around and thinking about it. Just start!

Q: How can fans-to-be gain access to your music? Do you have a website with sample songs or a demo CD?
A: for over 90 of my original tracks. Currently I am running a contest. I am giving away my not-yet-released new 2010 album for free. The top 5 people that listen to the most songs on my page between now and March 15th will receive the digital copy of my new album.

Q: Is there anyone you’d like to acknowledge for offering financial or emotional support?
I would like to thank all of the Second Life music performers, supporters, and fans. The live music community in Second Life is thriving, and without their constant daily support, I would not have been able to maintain performing live in SL for so long. Also the inspiration for the tunes on my new album came entirely from my experiences in Second Life.

Q: Any last words?
thank you
Brad Reason
aka Doubledown Tandino
also, other music of mine is at
my blog:
recently, a piece about me performing in Second Life aired on CNN