Friday, March 30, 2007

Doubledown's Remix Contest - Update!!

A few quick updates on the contest:

1) Register into the remix contest:
--BEFORE April 7th and the entry fee is only $200L.
--From April 7th to April 15th the entry fee is $500L.

2) You may register to enter the contest by paying the entry fee BEFORE your remix is finished. So you can enter now, and then submit your remix anytime before April 15th.

3) If you would like to participate, but do not want to pay the contest entry fee or be in the competition, you may still submit a remix. Up to 2 non-registered songs may be played at the Menorca listening/voting party.

All original info/rules on the contest can be viewed HERE

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Jungle Vacano @ Clock Tower

Great set by Jungle Vacano. Dope Hip Hop DNB remixes, flawless scratching, and a general all-around exciting set. Clock Tower

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Great Shots of Eltacubo Sol @ Dogglounge

I got these dope photos at another great night at Dogglounge. The place is very photogenic, especially because the design matches the music. Eltacubo locked me into another excellent deep house set.

DJ Doubledown's Deep House & Funky Beats Chart - Mar 2007

I couldn't narrow it to 10 this month. So amny good tracks were released recently.

Sam Irl - Watch A Gwaan - Original Mix
Watch TV - The Manual - Titonton Duvante Refreak
Boswick Gates - You Are The Remix - Original Mix
Shahrokh SoundOfK - Chicago - Original Mix
Bassnectar - Uda Shuffle - Original Mix
Joseph - Transformed feat. Daniel - Slightly Scared Boy and DJ Ozd Dub Mix
Landslide - Bird Of Paradise - Latino Garage Remix
Sam Irl - African Dance - Original Mix
Matthew Brian, Alan Alda - Round Girls
DJ Enne, Ed Royal - Rhodes Scream - Album Version
The Juju Orchestra - Take Four
DJ Enne, Ed Royal - Funky Flute - Original Mix
Sam Irl - Keep Talkin - Original Mix
Ryralio DJ's - Nothing Special - Rithma Sure Is Special Remix

303Klang Wunderlich @ Sphere

Thursday, March 22 at Sphere. Tight progressive set! Acid, electro, techy. Nice stuff

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Flaming Moe - Contemporary Jazz from the Future

I saw Flaming Moe (Brian Tervo) at Bliss Basin on Wednesday March 21. Phenominal as always, I must have seen more than 20 of his shows in SL over the past year. Such an outstanding talent; merging sax, flute, keyboard, and electronica. Everyone knows he's excellent.... this dude crashes sims with attendance. Bliss Basin got borked halfway through the show.

I could easily say Flaming Moe is on my top 3 reasons I log into SL (the others being to DJ, and to hear other DJs). He'd be on my musical inspirations list as well. I've already noticed my styles shifting, and I can see some big things coming from me in April... and this is because of Moe's music. Sorry don't mean to sound like a groupie.

Anyway, check his shows out, buy his music

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Air, A French Band, in Second Life

As reported by The SL Insider, AIR makes their way into Second Life promoting their new CD.
I've always been a major fan of Air, especially their album Moon Safari. The listening room has some clips and samples... I wanted to hear more.

DJ Doubledown - March/April 2007 Show Schedule

FRI 03/23 - 8pm-2am (est) - Lucid Sessions @ XS, Baltimore, MD - (DJ)

SAT 03/24 - 8am-10am "Coffee & Pajamas Gourmet Blend" @ Sunset Jazz Club & XS, Baltimore - A SL/RL integrated live jazz show with Elfay Pinkdot - (DJ) - Sunset Jazz Club - Grand Reopening Party Weekend��

TUE 03/27 - Enigmatic Artworks - 8pm-10pm - tentative��

FRI 03/30 - 8pm-2am (est) - Lucid Sessions @ XS, Baltimore, MD - (DJ)

TUE 04/03 - Enigmatic Artworks - 8pm-10pm"Beautiful People" Exhibition - Doubledown Tandino spinning a live mixset of Deep House, NuJazz, & Funky Beats. (LM, DJ)��

FRI 04/06 - 8pm-2am (est)Lucid Sessions @ XS, Baltimore, MD - (DJ)

SAT 04/07 - 8am-10am"Coffee & Pajamas Gourmet Blend" @ Oasis Island & XS, Baltimore - A SL/RL integrated live jazz show with Elfay Pinkdot - (DJ)�� - Sunset Jazz Club

FRI 04/13 - 8pm-2am (est)Lucid Sessions @ XS, Baltimore, MD - (DJ)

SAT 04/14 - 10am - 12pm - Doubledown Tandino - NuJazz, Fusion, & Broken Beat Mixset (LM, DJ) - The Ultimate Mix of Original Eclectic Electronic Sounds & Manipulated Rhythms - Sunset Jazz Club (after Coffee & Pajamas w/ DJ Elfay Pinkdot at 8am)��

FRI 04/20 - 8pm-2am (est) - Lucid Sessions @ XS, Baltimore, MD - (DJ)

SAT 04/21 - 8am-10am - "Coffee & Pajamas Gourmet Blend" @ Oasis Island & XS, Baltimore - A SL/RL integrated live jazz show with Elfay Pinkdot - (DJ)�� Sunset Jazz Club


MON 04/23 - 6pm-8pm - Doubledown Tandino @ Oyster Bay Sculpture Garden and Aquarium����

TUE 04/24 - Enigmatic Artworks - 8pm-10pm - Doubledown Tandino spinning a live mixset of Deep House, NuJazz, & Funky Beats. (LM, DJ)��

FRI 04/27 - 8pm-2am (est) - Lucid Sessions @ XS, Baltimore, MD - (DJ)

AUGUST 24th-26th - SLCC - Doubledown Tandino is included in the live music panel & also performs at the SLCC masquerade ball. (quite possibly with Slim Warrior & Flaming Moe in a jam session.
(LM)-Live Music (PO)-Pre Recorded Originals (DJ)-Live Mix DJing, Turntablism, Beat Manipulation

Friday, March 16, 2007

DJ Doubledown @ the DJ Shop - Afternoon Mixset

I got a chance to drop an hour prog-tech house on Friday afternoon. It was cool.

Hot Night at the Dogglounge - March 16th

I got some great pictures of the party at the Dogglounge March 16th I wanted to share. Party was hopping with the Dogglounge crew displaying their beats. I think the stream was either a previous recording, or a RL set being piped in... but the set was HOT!! 30+ listeners dancing their virtual asses off.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Pits Yao @ Parkade - Original Tech-Sound Meshing

Crunchy Beats and Glitch-Tech came out of Parkade Club March 13th. Pits Yao was working the intelligent electronica magic with his original produced stuff. Tremendous beat-play; this was such a groundbreaking mesh of sounds, I'm glad I heard it and didn't hear about it. Breakcore, drum-n-bass, breaks, techno, IDM, glitch, even triphop all thrown into a crazy pile.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Top DJ Clubs in SL - March 2007

1) Piranha

2) Club Republik

3) The Clock Tower

4) The Dirty Club

5) The Dogglounge

6) HUB Club

7) The Munitions

8) Rave Island

9) Conscious Lounge

MoogConspiracy Lykin Live from Berlin & Electric Soulside from (Belgum) - Elektrotribe Records

March 12, 2007 - Big show at The Dirty Club -

I really dig the club build here. Very warm purple neon, but not overdone. The place has a very sophisticated vibe.
Moog Conspiracy -- Elektrotribe Records (Berlin) - a blend of tweaky acid electronica, hard driving beats mixed with a delicious melody backgrounds. It sounded like aliens on acid having sex in a funhouse!
Electric Soulside -- Elektrotribe Records (Belgium)
and opening set by Racin Baxter
Post-Party set by STEED Schlesinger

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Doubledown Tandino's Current & Past Client List + Working Business Relationships through Second Life

March 2007:
AMD - Metaversatility - Playboy - Electric Sheep Company (Starfruit) - House of Nyla - Second Sweden - Metaverse Messenger - The Avastar - Menorca - - Wolfhaven Productions - Project X Productions - Club Republik - The Art Loft - Keenag Gallery - The Gallery of Independant Art - Sine Wave - Oasis Island - The Clock Tower - Silva Mura - Enigmatic Artworks - Oyster Bay - Conscious Lounge - Anarchy in the UK - Folie's Girls - The Munitions - Rockcliffe University - OMG Magazine - SL Business Magazine - SecondTunes - - Club Leroux - Purple Stripe Productions - Swedish Resource Center - Wicked Karma Radio - Circe's Circle Radio - Sunset Jazz Club - Club Ice - Studs! Nightclub - Karamelo Nation - Anandra Gallery - Castles in the Sky - Club Nebula - Solaris Club - Club 9:13 - ZZN Virtual - IDanze - Italia Vera - Emblems Island - ColeMarie Soleil - Piranha

House of Nyla Grand Opening Event - March 4th

I had the fortunate pleasure of DJing the House of Nyla's Grand Opening event.

More info is located on the ASPIRE! Blog

Quote taken from the Aspire Blog:
"Music was provided by DJ Doubledown Tandino, and let me tell you, if you have never heard this DJ do his thing, he is amazing! The drum and bass/breakbeat inspired tunes had me and Isabella Lazarno cutting a rug in no time!" - Aspire

Monday, March 5, 2007

Finding your new self - In the online world of Second Life, let your avatar lead the way. Baltimore Sun - March 4,2007

"Online concerts For entrepreneurial spirits such as Baltimorean Brad Reiss, Second Life opens a profusion of marketing possibilities. Twice a month, Reiss presents a multimedia simulcast of video and audio that brings together the real-life patrons of XS, a Charles Street restaurant, and Second Life regulars from China, Pakistan, England and other outposts."

Full Story featuring Circe Broom and myself:

Friday, March 2, 2007

UK Techno Legend Luke Slater at Alpha Box - Mar 1, 2007

Bigtime industry DJ Luke Slater (Planetary Jacks in SL) dropped a live set at Alpha Box. Luke is one of the UK techno pioneers and the SL EDM crowd certainly knew it'd be a treat to have him spin in-world. The sim was full and it wasn't even an announced event. 40 people squished into a small 512 black box. Although the club build was a complete laggy hassle, filled with resource-sucking animations, large filesized pictures that never rezzed beyond gray, and overlapping rotating lights, the event was a treat and the people had a great time. Thank you Thinker Moy for producing this event. And thank you Astryd Moore for the heads up about this event; good lookin' out.