Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Animusic - Gyro Drums

Monday, May 26, 2008

'AvaDudes' protest targets AvaStar!

'AvaDudes' protest targets AvaStar!
By: Leider Stepanov & Isolde Flamand

BEING featured as the AvaStar of the Week is one of Second Life's greatest honours.

UNCONVINCING LADIES: The 'AvaDudes' from left to right - Johnnie Mohr, Crap Mariner, Silas Scarborough and Doubledown Tandino demand justice at AvaStar IslandBut for four desperate dudes, it was all too much watching a succession of beautiful women grace the back page of Second Life's best-loved newspaper. Doubledown Tandino, Silas Scarborough, Crap Mariner and Johnnie Mohr decided to take action, and donned blouses, skirts and protest signs and headed for AvaStar Island to complain.

Popular DJ Doubledown, who wore a denim miniskirt and see-through blouse, revealed the demo was part of a larger movement sweeping the grid: "I just showed up at the AvaStar offices as I usually do to beg and to try to make it as AvaStar of the Week. I've been secretly dressing as a woman in the hopes that I would one day make it.

Time for action

"But as I was hanging there week after week, I noticed there were other ladies trying to catch their big break too. Soon, I began to realise that many of these other 'ladies' were in fact... other gentlemen, disguised as women trying to make it into the Avastar. We decided it was time to take action!

"We believe we have all of the qualities of the AvaStar of the Week women and we just want to be counted! Just because we may be more masculine, have bulges in different places, and well, mostly look like dudes, we still deserve the equal chance!"

Judging from the picture, the 'girls' may be waiting a while before they are given the nod by AvaStar bigwigs.

• Do you think the boys have a point? Should one of them become AvaStar of the Week? Let us know at newsdesk(at)the-avastar.com.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

SL Music Community Island - Official Opening - Saturday - May 24th 2008

Saturday - May 24th 2008

Intended as a resource in world and also as a huge showcase of Musicians/Dj's/Venues and Radio Stations in the main gallery. It has information on many aspects of Music in SL. SLMC FORUMS

If anyone is free to come and help out with tours and general information then please contact Slim Warrior or Doubledown Tandino inworld.

SO FAR (updated May 21, 12pm): some not totally confirmed yet / revisions will be updated here

1:00am - Soundcircel Flanagan
2:00am - Fyrm Fouroux
3:00am - Club Piranha presents:
DJ Seismo Glanz
4:00am - VI AI PI Music & Media Ltd & Dorian Grey presents:
DJ Andy Moon
6:00am - Club Vital Staff presents:
DJ Clastix Enzo
DJ Stefan Chrousch
8:00am - Sunset Jazz Club & Circe Circle Radio present:
"Coffee & Pajamas" with Elfay Pinkdot & Circe Broom
10:00am - Kourosh Eusebio
11:00am - Slim Warrior
12:00pm - Aira Jun
1:00pm - Grace McDunnough
1.30pm - Joozz
2:00pm - Dres Forder
2.30pm - Dizzy Banjo
3.00pm - Preciousse Moody
3.30pm - Lyndon Heart
4:00pm - Andie's & Rg's BlueBerry Hill/BZoO Radio WorldWide presents:
Papp Daddy and The Papp Daddy Dancers
5pm - Spotlight Promotions presents
Nad Gough
Norris Shepard
6:00pm - Johnny99 Gumshoe
6:30pm - Doubledown Tandino
7:00pm - Da Bluez Preacher Man
8:00pm - Silas Scarborough
8-30pm - Kaklick Martin
9:00pm - Juel Resistance
10:00pm - Elvis Duffy
11:00pm -
11:30pm -

---Djai Skjellerup is backup performer noon-4


Slim Warrior

games & trivia:
Slim Warrior
Doubledown Tandino

creative sound & art installations:
Eshi Otawara
Dizzy Banjo
Elliott Eldrich
Adam Ramona
Robbie Dingo
Bibi Ballanger

hosts, staff, & production team available:
1am-4am -- Soundcircel Flanagan
4am-10am -- Doubledown Tandino, Radi Roffo, Circe Broom
10am - 6pm -- Slim Warrior, Doubledown Tandino, Ticious Trottier
7pm - 10:30 pm night -- Cher Harrington
Sally? Bibi? Komuso?


Friday, May 16, 2008

The 3rd Annual SL Combat Expo - Armory Island - May 17th, 18th, & 19th 2008

The 3rd Annual SL Combat Expo will be held on Armory Island from May 17-19, 2008. The event will take place within the virtual world of Second Life, and is open to all residents of Second Life.

The event follows on from previous expos held in 2007 at Armory Island, and 2006 in Jessie.

This will be a chance for Second Life weapons makers and developers to show case their corporate details to a broader audience, and an opportunity for real life companies to develop their marketing efforts within the virtual worlds.

Program for SL Combat Expo

May 17 (All times PST and subject to change)
4pm Pre-Opening Party: Hosted by DoubleDown Tandino

5pm Official Opening by Apollo Case, Owner of Armory Island

5:10pm-7:00pm Presentation Session One
* Black Ops Presentation by Grey Blankes
* Aubretec Presentation by Luc Aubret
* Lehane Presentation by Anthony Lehane
* All Worlds/LoLSBS Presentation by Auron Prefect

7:00pm-7:30pm Break

7:30pm -9:00pm "Real talents applied in a Virtual World and Virtual Talents applied in the Real World"

9pm-11pm Live DJ (Cherribomb Vavoom)

11:00pm-12:30am Presentation Session Two
* Goliath-Enigma Presentation by Sirlor Stonecutter
* Tyro Tech Presentation by Jiminy Roo
* Sparrow Industries Presentation by Jacks Sparrow

May 18 (All times PST and subject to change)

4pm Pre-Opening Party: Hosted by DoubleDown Tandino

5pm Official Opening by Apollo Case, Owner of Armory Island

5:10pm-7:00pm Presentation Session Three
* Jadsoft Presentation by jadz0r Conover
* Lightfox Labs Presentation by Lightfox Ludwig
* EAC Presentation by Indira Matova

7pm Break

7:30pm -9pm Presentation by IntLibber Brautigan, CEO, BNT
"How to Organize an IPO Prospectus for your Company"

9pm-11pm Live DJ (Cherribomb Vavoom)

11:00pm-12:00am Presentation Session Four

* Quantum Products Presentation by Darling Brody
* LL Action Designs Presentation by Lienna Lowey

May 19 (All times PST and subject to change)

4pm Pre-Opening Party: Hosted by DoubleDown Tandino

5pm Official Opening by Apollo Case, Owner of Armory Island

5pm-7pm Gold Vendor Presentations

7:30pm-10pm Hourly Contests and Give Aways

10:00pm Close of Expo

Copyright 2008. Armory Island. All rights reserved.

Kubrick - Hate Shaped Box - The Music Video

Our very own SL musician and DJ Josey Trautman is the drummer! The video looks amazing, the track is rockin'! Enjoy!

Josey Trautman's SL booking info:
Alternative Rock live Dj

I use SAM and Traktor Dj Studio Software - Behringer Mixer - Sennheiser Mic - Soundbalster Pro Soundcard.

Average setlist is about 35 tracks for 2 hours of live broadcasting.

Some band that I play the most: Theory of a Deadman - Nickelback - Pearl Jam - Breaking Benjamin - Seether - Crossfade - System of a Down - Smashing Pumpkins - Nirvana - Papa Roach - Doughtry - All-American Rejects - Blink 182 - Green Day

Actually I play at:
Aphrodite Club (ask at Voff Uggla);
Titty Twister (ask at Camille Nozaki)
Titty Twister Vip (ask Rudy Bosh)
Golden Sands (ask at Tom Cosmos)
Pink Pussycat Club (ask Rayman Beck)
Montserrat (ask Myra Goodliffe)
Sakaya Club (ask julie Campbell)
Spicy Club (ask Claude Morigi)
The Rail Club (ask Debbie Watson)
The Lighthouse (ask Cinderella Koenkamp)
The Rose Threads (ask Pockley Podolski)

IM me to discuss about booking and prices. Prices are fare and they depend on streaming fees, lenght of performance, SL time you want me to perform at.

Booking for any day of the week are usually possible with at least 24/48 hours earlier request.

-Josey -

Bill O'Reilly Flips Out — DANCE REMIX

Bush does Dr. Evil.

One more for the politics section... then I promise.... back to music, dj, and partying

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More Politics on The SL DJ and Club Blog

From time to time on this blog, I post about politics. True, it has nothing to do with Second Life, DJs, Music, or anything...... however, many many DJs, clubbers, musicians, and generally SLers seem to be out of the loop of American politics (which should be something of importance to the world.... meaning, if McCain wins, there will be a horrible future for the world... if Obama wins, the world will continue towards a positive path). I try not to veer this blog in oddball directions, however, it's important to me, for the SL scene to take notice:

1) Vote for Obama
2) Watch "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report"
3) Watch MSNBC and read REUTERS for factual world news. (CNN & BBC are also reliable news sources,just less pertaining to politics)
4) Do NOT watch Fox Noise Channel
4a)Bill O'Reilly is an idiot
4b)Sean Hannity is an idiot
4c) Rush Limbaugh is draft dodging, drug addict (painkillers), a laugh riot, and is PAID by Republics to spew their shit out over the radio.
6) Rupert Murdoch is aiding terrorists and owns 68% of the media since G.W. Bush allowed all of the media to be controlled by one person. (added note: Murdoch just purchased Wall Street... so now he owns the media & the stock exchanges. Bill Gates couldn't even wear Rupert Murdoch's jock strap.)

And now, on with a video:

Monday, May 12, 2008

Fox Noise Channel - At it Again

Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox Noise is a lying jackass and is damaging humanity with false news that is broadcast nationally and internationally. 110% of the time Fox Noise is lying, so anything they report on Fox Noise is NOT TRUTH. Fox Noise is fictional news designed to make rich white conservatives richer.

EDIT: those bitches on Fox Noise can't even get their embed video code right....
here's the link to the video.

I think the funniest line in the video: "You, as the participant can CHOOSE to get raped"

From www.Your2ndPlace.com
by Ciaran Laval on Sun, 05/11/2008 - 13:55. SecondLife
"Fox news are carrying a story about the dangers of Second Life for children.
The headline "Does the Internet site Second Life pose a risk for kids?".
Here's a tip for Fox news and Mark Kirk who wants to issue a warning. Second Life main grid is 18+.... READ MORE "

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Questions and Requests to the DJ & Club Community in SL

I have recently relocated to The SL Music Community Info Island. Although I am not officially open (opening info to be posted soon), I have 3 initial things:

1) Question: What RL DJ/Music Producer would you like to see/hear perform live into Second Life? ( Please keep it realistic. Don't say Tiesto. ) Please reply in comments with some of the DJs in RL you would love to hear in SL. Please DO NOT reply with "hey I can get you DJ such and such, you want him?" I am looking for serveral options, not agents looking to get money. I am looking for various options of RL DJs that we as a SL clubscene would like to hear in SL live.

2) Request: Prior to opening my new shop location, I have Club and DJ ad spaces available. I want these spaces filled PRIOR to opening. SO, any DJs, Clubs, Events, and Promoters, get over to the new RAVELONG LOCATION now, and get the best space. FREE rentals prior to opening! Just pay the space and I will refund you.


3) Please begin to focus your attention to these main groups in Second Life regarding SL DJ, Electronic Music, and Live Music:

a) "Live Turntable DJs" - For Live Turntable DJs, Electronic Music Producers, Beatmatchers, Event Promoters, and the fans that want to stay informed

b) "Live DJ's" - For Playlist DJs, MP3 DJs, Request DJs, Talk DJs, Mix DJs, and the fans that want to stay informed

c) "Electronic Music Informer" - For electronic music producers, and the promotion to fans of electronic music in SL

d) "Live Music Enthusiasts" - For Live Musicians, Live Singers, and the promotion of Live Music in SL

e) "Independant Musicians" - For Independant RL and SL musicians and singers, and the promotion of music to fans.

---There are many wonderful groups in SL that are geared to more specific clubs, djs, and styles of music, anytime you find someone interesting, make sure to check their profile for the groups they belong to. You'll find some interesting niches too. HOWEVER!!!! We also need to encourage people to STOP creating more groups with the same function and same people. We do NOT need any more overall general DJ promo groups, we do not need any more groups about Electronic music. ... I'll say again that niche groups are excellent.... but trying to start another "ALL DJs join this group" group is not needed.

Thank You
Doubledown Tandino.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My Baby Hamsters Party at Second Life club!!

Baby Party Hamsters at The Clock Tower

Baby Party Hamster at Contrast

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Serdan Mendes @ Solo & Stereo Sushi Party


Venues and events in SL played at:

- Funkyhouse
- The Wish
- Sands House CLub
- SLeek
- Koola
- NIKKI House Club
- official Playboy SIM
- lots of SIM openings, fasion shows, private parties

Warmup and aftershow sets for:

- Hed Kandi
- Stereo Sushi


IRONWORKS - every monday 12pm SLT: 􀀀
SLEEK - every wednesday 12pm SLT: 􀀁
KOOLA - every friday 12pm SLT: 􀀂
ELECTRIC CABARET - every sunday : 􀀃

Photgraphy by Doubledown Tandino

Monday, May 5, 2008

Mr. Stephen Colbert, it's Time you Come into Our World and Answer for your Warcrimes! - Metanomics Colbert Challenge

"...The Metanomics Colbert Challenge
SLCN has outdone itself, wrapping that segment up into the Metanomics Colbert Challenge in the form of a youtube video. Pass it on to your friends...or to Stephen, if you know him...


More info to come as it develops. We expect S. Colbert to arrive in to SL to discuss a thing or two

Here is the original "The Daily Show" piece on Second Life

Groove Tube - A Look Inside - Masters of Digital Media Project

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Club Republik & DJ Jenns GOING STRONG

Closing Party at Contrast Club - May 4th, 2008

The SL clubbing community would like to thank the team at Contrast for their extended hard work and dedication

Ravelong Productions is RELOCATING! - Company Update May 2008

BIG BIG and sudden news! As of now, Ravelong Productions is at Tivona: The SL Music Community Info Island! I couldn't have asked for a better location! Thank you Slim Warrior for your support, and looking forward to being your neighbor.

More info on Ravelong as it develops.

Pink Floyd's "The Wall" - Weekends in May at Haven's Paradise

As mentioned HERE & HERE, "The Wall" performances in SL have been making waves.
Be sure to check out the show weekends at Haven's Paradise in May.

I was lucky enough to get boxed seats for May 3rds show, which had over 140 in attendance.

The CARP Wall Team:
Creative Director: Debbie Trilling (UK)
Producer: Velazquez ‘The Global Wizard’ Bonetto (Germany)
Wall Design: Elfod Nemeth (UK)
Giant Animated Puppets: Duggy Bing (US)
Costumes & Animations: Caravaggio Bonetto (Austria)
Music: Junivers Stockholm (Sweden) & Josina Burgess (Holland)
Machinema: Eifachfilm Vacirca (Switzerland)
with valuable contributions from:Scio Kamanchi (US)
Celeste Moonlight (US)
DJ Jenns (UK)
Adec Alexandria (UK)
George W Bush (US)
and, of course, Pink Floyd's incredible album 'The Wall'

Friday, May 2, 2008

"Raving for Charity!" The Avastar - May 2nd

The Rave for the Cure was a major sucess bringing in over $100,000L for the Relay Raiders Team! Thank you to everyone who was involved!

THE AVASTAR - Issue 72

Emvee | Metaversatility Cuba - Grand Opening Friday, May 2nd, 12pm slt



The most gorgeous island in SL is finally open to the public. Tomorrow (May 2) Emvee’s Cuba Island is holding it’s first event to show off our awesomeness. Starting at Noon SLT DJ Doubledown Tandino will play some tunes for your listening pleasure. Slim Warrior will also play a set at 1:30 SLT. The event lasts until 3:30 SLT. Attendees are invited to browse our gift shops and boutique outlets for Hybrid, Lemon, Torrid and the Loft 12-3:30 SLT with musical entertainment by DJ Doubledown Tandino. We’re also holding a photo contest. So here’s the scoop, take pictures at the Emvee Cuba island and sumbit them to our flickr group. Three high-res pics will be chosen and owners will receive an 8×10″ high quality print of their image. One uber lucky devil will also get L$10,000. The contest lasts until May 16th so be sure to visit the island and get some pictures in. All pictures submited will be considered for the Emvee Cuba gallery in-world. Ugh, I can’t wait. I’m putting my virtual dance shoes on as we speak! Hope to see you there!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Raw Leiba Stars in Grand Theft Auto for Nintendo!

One of my best buddies in the world, Raw Leiba , sent me this spoof he starred in. He's the ripped dude with the gun. He and I go way back to working on a project in New Jersey together, and we've been great friends ever since. He's working on an upcoming movie , plus is going to be "Tomahawk" in Season 2 of American Gladiators. Anyway, this is such an awesome video for us gamers. Enjoy.

Also, he previous starred as Balrog (ep. 4 thru 8) in the web series Street Fighter - The Later Years . He has the best line EVER: "If you pause it right there, you can see Chung Li's underwear"