Monday, December 31, 2007

World Trade Organization allows Antigua to ignore US$21 million of US copyright per year

Here's some news that peaked my interest. The first things I thought about were music and Second Life... Would it be legal for someone from Antiqua to set up shop in Second Life offering music, movies, games, etc? This is a slow-moving story, and I believe these are all arguing tactics of nations. But, lets say it remains that US copyrights do not stand in Antiqua... hmm...

World Trade Organization allows Antigua to ignore US$21 million of US copyright per year

Arbitrators at the World Trade Organization (WTO) have granted the Caribbean country of Antigua and Barbuda a special dispensation to ignore United States copyright law.

In their report, the WTO panel stated that Antigua possessed "no effective trade sanctions against the USA" and agreed to allow the country to ignore up to US$21 million worth of US copyrights a year. While this amount falls significantly short of the US$3.4 billion per year dispensation that Antigua was seeking, it is far higher than the US$500,000 per year allocation that US negotiators were pushing for.

The ruling comes at the end of a five year legal contest between Antigua and the USA regarding the USA's blocking of offshore online gambling sites. Because many of these sites were located in Antigua, the Antiguan government filed a complaint with the WTO saying that the US prohibition constituted unlawful restriction of trade. When the WTO agreed, Antigua pressed for US$3.4 billion in punitive damages. They asked to have this penalty assessed as permission to copy US intellectual property, since there was no trade embargo that Antigua could impose on the US to collect the amount for itself. The panel agreed that Antigua had no way to collect punitive damages through trade sanctions. However, they lowered the amount of damages to US$21 million per year.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Holidays from Coffee & Pajamas @ Sunset Jazz

I myself celebrate Festivus. Not because I'm just a Seinfeld fan, but because I know every line... word for word... and I know every single possible thing there is to know about Seinfeld. I could answer any question about Seinfeld. (please challenge me if you'd like. You can send an IM question in Second Life, and I'll reply with the answer.)
I believe in Festivus and have been celebrating it for 10 years now. It's something I just am inbred with, I can feel it.

Here's Elfay Pinkdot and Saturday morning at Coffee & Pajamas

I just got the tree there in time for the picture, dropping it in place as the camera snapped.

Some of us were just waking up, while with others of us it was obvious we hadn't slept yet.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Princeton University's Alexander Beach Sim Opening - 11/28

Princeton University's
Alexander Beach Grand Opening Celebration
November 28th, 2007

Sim Owner/Management - Persis Trilling
Sim Architecture & Design - Scope Cleaver
Photography - Isolde Flamand
DJ of the Event - Doubledown Tandino

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

You know you've been in Second Life too long when... (by Doubledown Tandino)

Yes, if you're in second life a lot, you begin to look at the real world a bit differently. When you're out in the real world next time, take note, because....

You know you've been in Second Life too long when...

Your friend calls you on the phone and asks you to do something, and you say "Stop spamming me!"

You begin to clean your house and keep looking for red, green, and blue arrows to move things.

You go outside and see an overcast cloudy day, and think to yourself, "I wish they'd roll out Windlight already"

You go out to a club and after 30 seconds want to go to another club.

You would rather be called by your avatar name.

You are now going by your avatar name.

You think it's normal now to go out in public wearing a tail

You see a house for rent, and your first thought to ask the landlord is "how many prims"

You notice your wrists start to float up every time you talk

You're walking through the city and you think to yourself "I could build this"

You want to have sex with your loved one, so you tell her to "get on this poseball"

You get into an argument about 10 cents and then feel the president must be informed about this and the person you argued with must be banned from the country immediately

You stop and stare at anything gray and think you'll see it better eventually

You think to yourself "what's the point of the internet" and "what's the point of email"

You decide to have a yardsale on your front lawn for a month straight

You start wearing anything you want to a business meeting

You think at a club that if you start dancing, 19 other people will do the exact same thing

... more to come soon when i think of em

Orange Presents Identity Summit: Avatars and Identity - November 15th & 16th

On Friday, November 16, Orange Island will host a series of discussions by Second Life residents and community leaders on the nature of identity and avatars. Panels will address such topics as non-human avatars, avatars as personas, and avatars as personal brands. Speakers joining us on these panels include: Ordinal Malaprop, Torley Linden, Celebrity Trollop, Michi Lumin, and Forseti Svarog. In addition to the panels, open-ended discussion is encouraged during exhibits throughout the day. Everyone is welcome to listen, share, and discuss these fascinating issues.

Leading in to the Identity Summit, Orange Island is hosting an Avatar Showcase on the plaza at 10am Thursday November 15. Residents are invited to present their most unique and interesting avatar in this two hour event. The top three avatars will have their portraits made and displayed during one of the gallery exhibitions during the following day's discussions.

Orange Island is a community site sponsored by Orange to foster and encourage resident collaboration, innovation, and creativity. The Identity Summit is only the first in a series of Orange Presents discussion days, and is part of a robust events schedule that includes classes, games, exploration, and discussions. To get involved with the Orange community in Second Life, stop by the island and talk to the staff: Fandango Milena, Fab Outlander, and Moe Anderton. Events announcements and community opportunities are sent via SL group, Orange Island, and posted on our blog,

Contact Adri Saarinen ( or Haver Cole ( for more information.

Identity Summit Schedule

Thursday, November 15

10am -12pm – Avatar Showcase
(participants are encouraged to register with Haver Cole ( ) prior to the event to ensure they will have a chance to present.)

Friday, November 16

9am – 10am – Avatar as a Personal Brand
Speakers: Torley Linden, Celebrity Trollop, and Saeya Nyanda
Moderator: Haver Cole

10am – 11am – Open Discussion on Avatar and Brand Identity

11am – 12pm – Persona and Identity Transparency in Business
Speakers: Ordinal Malaprop, Forseti Svarog

12pm – 1pm – Open Discussion and Gallery Showing of Avatar Showcase Winners

1pm – 2pm – Non-Human Avatars
Speakers: NeoBokrug Elytis, Kumi Kuhr, Michi Lumin
Moderator: Adri Saarinen

2pm – 3pm – Open Discussion and Gallery Showing of You and Your Avatar photos

3pm – 5pm – Wind Down Mixer and Discussions
Music and entertainment by DJ Doubledown Tandino

Music Venue Guide of Second Life - Send Submission Entries

Current SLMC Group Discussion HERE
Hi All,

Several weeks ago I posted that one of our main takeaways from SLCC was the desire for a music venue guide - kinda like the back pages of the Village Voice with listings of clubs that regularly host live shows in SL. I am happy to report that we are nearing launch of a music venue guide for and are now pre-selecting submissions. If you are interested in having your venue included in the music site at launch, just send me an email with the form below filled out.

Please note this will be an editorially controlled area of our site and that submission does not guarantee inclusion in the directory. We expect to open up submissions to all Residents by the end of the year but at this time will only be accepting submissions on a limited basis. Since I already mentioned it on this list a while ago, I thought it was appropriate to give the music community a 1st crack at this...please let me know if you have any questions.

- Jesse

SL Name:
SLurl to your venue:
Website (optional)
Image URL (images should be 500x325 .jpg format)
Description of 150 words or less:

Finally, please choose up to 3 categories from the following list: :

* Alternative Rock
* Blues
* Classical Rock
* Classical
* Country
* Dance & DJ
* Folk
* Hard Rock & Metal
* Jazz
* Latin Music
* New Age
* Other
* Pop
* R&B
* Rap & Hip-Hop
* Rock

Thursday, November 8, 2007

BMI in SL - "Pay the Piper or Face the Music?" by Justine Babii of SLNN

Via Second Life News Network

Pay the piper or face the music?
by Justine Babii
November 07, 2007

SUNSET BEACH - If you own a venue or club in real life that hosts DJs or bands, then you are probably familiar with Broadcast Music, Inc. or BMI. BMI is an organization that has arranged to handle licensing fees for over 350,000 creators of music, the songwriters, composers and publishers of more than 6.5 million musical works.

If you own a club or similar venue in real life then, you pay fees to BMI. Those fees gives your DJs the right to play the copyrighted music and bands to play cover songs for those compositions that BMI represents.

If you own a club or other venue in Second Life, you might not be familiar with BMI yet, but there’s an excellent chance you will be in the near future.

Currently, DJs in Second Life are not required to pay performance rights organizations such as ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC, but that may change in the near future. The current legal climate for Second Life DJs is that they are providing a service and are being paid for that service; thus, are exempt from having to pay for licensing.

Similarly, no one has pursued Second Life club owners for licensing fees to date. The idea that there is no actual venue, or alcohol sales, or significant revenue from advertising probably makes the individual club owners not worth the effort to pursue. There is, however, much going on in the world of digital music licensing that creates a considerable gray area.

And it is this gray area that will make for an interesting year in the Second Life music business. Currently, internet radio stations are embroiled in a contentious dispute with various entities over the costs of broadcasting copyrighted music over the internet. The outcome of this battle could well determine the next steps that BMI and similar organizations take with regard to music performed in Second Life.

In May of this year, the United States Royalty Copyright Board approved an increase in rates internet radio stations would have to pay in order to broadcast songs. Viewing the new rate structure as crippling and potentially in conflict with other pieces of legislation, such as 1998’s Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the internet radio industry immediately challenged the decision in court and a protracted battle has ensued.

In addition to the challenge, a bill called the Internet Radio Equality Bill was proposed in the House of Representatives seeking to ameliorate the rate increases suggested by the Royalty Copyright Board. How this battle plays out may have some effect in Second Life.

In what is purportedly an unrelated development, music licensing giant BMI arrived in Second Life during the summer of 2007 as part of an arrangement with Funky House Club owners Charming Babii and Danni Dollinger.

Dollinger said in a published interview with DJ Doubledown Tandino, “We are sponsored by BMI London. Our plans are to promote new talent and Artists in Dance Music.”

“BMI wants to promote artists from the dance scene ...and they want to do it with [Funky House Club]. They want to sign [and] discover artists (artists including writers, DJ´s, & producers) in SL and RL and promote them in SL and of course in RL. We are making our island into a dance scene,” he also said.

Dollinger then added that “We are planning to hold monthly events where Dance Music Artists can play their tunes to a live audience. At the moment BMI and Gibson Guitars co-sponsor the Wavelength event at The Blarney Stone here in SL which is a live simulcast from Hammersmith London (the Regal Rooms). The Hammersmith monthly event is for Piano acoustic artists.”

The plan didn't work, as the Funky House Club was closed not long after the interview was published on Tandino's blog. Charming Babii, according to his profile, is now associated with a new club, the Sands House and Jazz Club.

SLNN contacted Ham Rambler to speak to him about his working relationship with BMI, but he was travelling. BMI still sponsors the Wavelength events. His business associate Sitearm Madonna had this to say:

"Ham Rambler totally supports live music and musicians and audiences and venues in SL. He is passionate about music in RL and great music ANYwhere.. he is the perfect matchmaker :)"

Futhermore, the clubs on Dublin, The Blarney Stone and Fibber Magees, host DJs every day

There is no evidence of an association between BMI and the Sands House and Jazz Club, and neither Babii nor Dollinger are among the fifteen or so members of the Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) group in Second Life. Neither would respond to requests for interviews for this article.

The Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) group was founded by Raj Roviana, who in his profile explains that he works for BMI in London. His profile encourages the music community to join the group, as it says ” If you are a songwriter, composer. or music publisher then please join our group: Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI)." Mr. Roviana did not respond to requests for an interview.

Though there is clearly the potential for exciting opportunities with this relationship, this synergy between an established force in the music industry and Second Life clubs creates some fear and anxiety for many club owners and DJs alike.

The primary fear is that bringing the groups that license music into some clubs and not others will create a network of “licensed” clubs and freeze out clubs that are not licensed by threatening them with performance fees.

Occasional RL musician and Second Life businessman Hammer Flanagan said, “Many of us believe [BMI is] in world to evaluate, to scope it out if you will. As there are no laws to my knowledge regarding streaming music in Second Life, some of us believe they are in here to simply find out what’s going on so perhaps in the future they can try to build a formal streaming music law, to their advantage."

"I feel that Funky House had no idea what they were doing. Their club might benefit in the short term from publicity and whatever perks BMI is offering, but in the long term, unless someone points out to BMI that club ownership here is often a hand-to-mouth operation that couldn’t afford licensing, they may have started the end of all this wonderful variety of streaming music we hear here and see it replaced with the bland corporate suit rock that predominates in American terrestrial radio.”

Thursday, November 1, 2007

DJ Nexeus Fatale - The Holiday Season - DJing for a Cause (DJ Services Free For A Cause)

Nexeus Fatale

The Holiday Season - DJing for a Cause (DJ Services Free For A Cause)


This holiday season I’ve wanted to find an interesting way to give to others or help raise awareness important causes. After the success of the ASpiRE! Pink Charity Ball, the idea became crystal clear. Although With the official holiday season about a month away I’ve decided this year I would like to start my own initiative called DJing for a Cause. Throughout the holiday season I am offering to donate my DJing services to any group, event, foundation or individuals who are holding an event for a meaningful cause. These events must be philanthropic in nature (such as fund raising) and has to embody the Holiday theme of giving to others.

As a DJ, we have the ability to place an emphasis on issues that impact our world, our society, and provide much needed attention to important issues such as help for the homeless, natural disaster aid, and aid to important health issues such as cancer, AIDS/HIV, and Altheimer’s. Second Life has such the potential to bring awareness, help and really focus on new, creative ways to help those needs (a great example is the Second Life - Relay for Life). This initiative, DJing for a Cause, is really my way of giving back in a new creative way that really shines the attention on issues that often get lost in the daily virtual (or even real life) grind. While this initiative will start in Second Life, I hope in the future it expands to a much larger audience (then again my goals are lofty!)

If you have an event that you are interesting in using my services and it matches the requirements for the DJing for a Cause Initiative, send a message via the contact page and select the “DJing for a Cause” option or send me a message in Second Life. After contact, the appropriate arrangements will be made.

This holiday season let’s see if we can’t help but to give back.
-Nexeus Fatale

Second Life Insider

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"Ruthed" Closing Show - November 3rd - 1p-3p (slt)

The "Ruthed and Other SL Mishaps" gallery exhibition will be closing on Saturday November 3rd. Don't miss the closing party of the best of the worst of SL. 1pm-3pm Doubledown Tandino spins some quirky funky house at Simply Elegant

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Coming Soon - The Best of Second Life Live

Best of SL LIVE is the latest effort by the Best of SL Team to bring out the best of SL for everyone else to enjoy. This contest is for the LIVE solo singers and bands of SL - a chance for them to pit their talents against those of other LIVE vocalists - a chance to win L$25,000 and the title of the Best of Second Life Live Vocalist.

Instructions for contestants for The Best of Second Life LIVE competition:
There are two components of the competition:

1. The Audition Process:

We will be holding LIVE auditions at the One World Live Arena
All interested entrants are required to enroll in the "Best of SL LIVE" group (L$100 entry fee) by the 15th of November. Auditions start November 17th. Contestants are required to have their own audio stream and will be allowed to audition in front of our judges and perform up to 2 songs (total of 5 minutes).

At the end of the audition process, 10 contestants from each category - solo and band -will be chosen to compete against each other.

2. The Performances:

Each week beginning January 5th 2008, all contestants will perform LIVE for the judges at a different music club in SL and will be rated by them. After this, all SL citizens will be able to vote for their favorite performer at the Best of SL LIVE website (
In each subsequent week, two contestants in each category - solo and band - will be eliminated based on votes from SL citizens.

On February 9th, 2008, will be a final showdown between the last artist standing in each category, but there will only be ONE winner. SLers will choose their favorite vocal artist and give them the title "Best of Second Life LIVE!"

Instructions for the voting fans and audience of Best of Second Life LIVE
Make sure you stay informed on events and voting results - join the group "The Best of SL" for event updates

Instructions for Music Club owners, venues and sponsors
Please contact Amulya Aabye to book the event to be at your club or to sponsor gifts for the winners/judges/contestants

Ravelong SL & Doubledown's DJ Shop is a proud sponsor of the event.

Dance for the World in Second Life - November 9th, 2007

Join groups of residents across the Metaverse and in Reality as they Dance for the World (D4TW) on Friday, Nov. 9, 2007. CUSO is a Canadian organization that has been sending volunteers overseas since 1961 and D4TW is part of a campaign to fund these volunteers with the tools they need to complete their community projects in Africa, Asia and the Americas. The M2 is happy to be sponsoring the event in Second Life. For more information, please contact Rubianne Ellison or Phedre Dumouriez, or visit For more information about CUSO, please visit

More info to be posted soon.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Orange in SL - Sim Opening October 26th, 2007 - 8am slt

It has been a long time coming, but Metaversatility is proud to announce the opening of Orange Island in Second Life. On behalf of the entire OrangeSL Team, we’d like to invite you to celebrate with us this Friday morning with a concert and island tour.

8am - Exploration of the Island (and background chillout tunes from Doubledown)
10am - Doubledown Tandino
11am - Slim Warrior
12:15pm - Clint


Metaversatility Blog

Second Life Insider - Welcome to Orange Island "This is a build that you can spend some quality time in, whether it's by taking a stroll to look at the sights, playing with the many little fun interactive toys, checking out the streaming music available at the listening stations, or dopping in tomorrow, October 26 at 8 AM PST for the Grand Opening

SLNN - Orange you glad you use Second Life?

Making A Living in the Virtual World - Baltimore Sun - Oct 25th 2007,0,1046432.story?page=1

Brad Reason quit his day job as marketing and entertainment director for a restaurant group in Baltimore to make his living in a virtual world called Second Life.

"It was a good job I was giving up," Reason said. "As I was working there, I started to get into Second Life, and I realized the amazing potential. At the point I quit, I wasn't even close to making enough to survive on. Once I was able to devote a good 40 hours a week, the possibilities opened up."

Reason, 28, along with some of the world's most successful companies - including Toyota and International Business Machines - see vast potential in Second Life.

In this simulated land, more than 9 million computer users from around the world take on digital personas - cartoon-like characters called avatars - that allow them to live out their dreams, however unlikely or impossible. People get married, start businesses, build homes, travel and hold down jobs just as they do in their "first life." They buy and sell and start businesses. There's even an official currency, Linden dollars, that can be cashed in for real dollars, at the rate of about 270 Lindens to the dollar.

Companies still are trying to figure out the best ways to handle this new virtual world, said Lee Richardson, professor of marketing at the University of Baltimore Merrick School of Business.

"I expect at first they thought it was some loony bunch of nerds," he said. "A lot of companies go in there and are still not sure how to attract these avatars. It's kind of like landing on Mars and finding it civilized."

There have been examples of companies that tested the waters and got out quickly, but many more are experimenting.

American Apparel opened its Second Life store on a private island - a virtual island that both companies and individuals can buy, with real dollars - in June 2006, at a time when there were fewer than 200,000 registered users of Second Life, and later pulled out, according to the retailer.

"We tested an idea, played with a concept and hopefully learned a few things about what online shopping might look like in the years to come," said Raz Schionning of American Apparel.

Washington intellectual property boutique Greenberg & Lieberman credits its virtual office in Second Life with making contacts that resulted in about $20,000 in real-life legal business this past year, according to partner Stevan Lieberman.

"To most larger firms, $20,000 is meaningless, so you're not going to see the big firms going in here right away," said Lieberman, who specializes in computer patents. "To a little guy, a little bit of money makes a big difference. Any new way I can advertise on the Internet is great."

Lieberman believes the 3-D medium will grow quickly.

"When people meet in Second Life and there's an avatar, it's like meeting a person," he said. "There's a level of trust, and that will translate into more Internet sales."

Companies also can use Second Life to enhance business in ways other than buying or selling, said Edward M. Roche, director of scientific intelligence for Barraclough Ltd., a research company.

"You might have a new product line and want to see what the cyber generation thought of it," he said. "So you get people to look at new products that wouldn't be economically feasible to do in the real world. Simply trying to build an exact copy of a brick-and-mortar store and running it the same way is not the answer."

Reason, known as Doubledown Tandino in Second Life, runs a virtual shop and sells products for clubs and music venues there. He also works as a DJ and recently - from his home computer - orchestrated an online book-release party for a real-life book called Second Life: A Guide to your Virtual World.

"Second Life, or at least some 3-D virtual platform, will take over the Internet in five years," said Reason, who said he doesn't yet make as much money as he did at his day job. "The majority of people think it's just some kind of cult video game, but that's what they said about the Web. I'm in there so I can experience it from the get-go."

Started in 2003 by Linden Labs of San Francisco, Second Life constantly evolves because it is created by its registered users. A basic membership is free, with upgrades, payments for virtual land and in-game currency - all billable to a real-life credit card.

Each day, conversions of Linden dollars to U.S. dollars and vice versa amount to the equivalent of $250,000, according to a Linden Labs spokesperson. In September, 855 people made $1,000 or more in real money - and 138 of those more than $5,000, according to Linden Labs, which issues monthly reports on transactions.

Damian Hart, an adjunct professor at the University of Baltimore who teaches a class in Second Life, said retailers are waking up to this parallel universe, just as they gradually caught on to the potential of the Internet in the mid-1990s.

"They've finally heard of it," he said. "They're trying to figure out how to get involved. I think we're going to see an explosion as soon as businesses can see a way to turn this game/not game into a way to make real money."

IBM owns more than 30 islands in Second Life where it holds meetings and training, does real-time collaboration and operates a 24-hour business center staffed by avatars, a spokesman said.

Often companies that come into Second Life are trying to create an aura around their brand rather than trying to sell products.

"We're just getting brand awareness out there and having Second Life residents have a good experience with Scion," said Allison Takahashi, a Toyota spokeswoman for the sporty economy car.

Plenty of individuals, too, are experimenting in Second Life.

Circe -----, known as Circe Broom in Second Life, owns a club, a concert hall, an Egyptian-style stage and a park venue overlooking the ocean in the virtual world. The former jazz singer, who now uses a wheelchair, hires real people who play on real stages separately from, or sometimes simultaneously with, their Second Life gigs.

She pays artists the equivalent in Lindens of roughly $13 an hour. The artists sell CDs and single-track MP3s at her stores. Each gig may not bring in big money, but the artists also make tips. One made $125 in tips in addition to the $13 she paid him. And many play 25 shows a week, she said.

Broom earns income from an "in-world" job for the real-life company, which has a cafe in Second Life for which she arranges music artists. rates Web sites based on people's comments.

But she also spends about $1,400 to pay for real artists, and currently is reimbursed for only about half of that, she said.

"Someday I hope to break even," she said. "I love it. It's my hobby. But it is eating into my resources. I'm not Carnegie. I'm not Rockerfeller."

Neither is Reason, and his "first life" and Second Life have merged in a way that most people aren't daring enough to try. But he doesn't seem worried.

"With the growth I've had, I'd be doing good by January or February," he said. "The possibilities are so unlimited - even more so than in real life."

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

USC's Virtual Vibe Jazz Fest '07

Posted Oct 23rd 2007 5:53PM by Akela Talamasca on Second Life Insider

The University of Southern California, in conjunction with the U.S. Department of State Bureau of International Information Programs will hold their Virtual Vibe Jazz Fest '07 in Intercambio, this Friday at 6 AM SLT. Among the entertainers performing will be:
Paisley Beebe
Jean Monro
Ankari Holder
Kelvin Blue Oh
Frogg Marlowe

Virtual Live Band From the press release: "There will also be a panel discussion titled, "Jazz in the 21st Century: The role jazz plays in promoting American values overseas and how new technologies like Second Life are helping."

Panelists include Joshua Fouts, Director of the USC Center on Public Diplomacy, Charles Fishman, Executive Producer of the Duke Ellington Jazz Festival, and John Stevenson, Director of the Central Programs Division at Voice Of America."Go check this event out!

(Thanks, Matt & Second Life Insider)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Doubledown Tandino - Upcoming Performances - Oct 21 - Nov 11

Upcoming Performances & Events: (all times are SLT)

SUN OCT 21 - 8a-9:30a - Deep House, Nujazz, Triphop
Sea Song gallery in Caledon

SUN OCT 21 - 12p-2p - Drum-n-Bass
Illegal Warehouse Rave

MON OCT 22 - 5p-7p - Minimal & Tech House
Club Vega

Metaversatility Event w/ Slim Warrior TBA

SAT OCT 27 - TBD - Deep House, Nujazz, Triphop
A.R.t Galerie

SAT NOV 3 - 10a-12p - Funky House & Electronica
"Ruthed!" Closing Show @ Elegant Images

D4TW Fundraising Event

SUN NOV 11 - 6p-8p - TBA

HUGE Blog Love from Morris Vig & Second Arts

Morris! Thank you! You da man!

Second Arts - October 2007, Doubledown Tandino's Month to Shine

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Pangaea Island & Herbie Hancock Remix Contest

Your track - and He wants to hear it.

Remixing is just one possibility. Produce and record your own song inspired by Herbie Hancock's music. Take elements from any Hancock track - play or combine them in your own way and show Herbie what it means for you.

With this special remix contest hosted by the renowned Jazz musician Herbie Hancock, Universal Music Germany will launch the new brand Pangaea Island. Hancock's early engagement with new musical forms of expression made him a pioneer in the generation of electronic sound in music. Launched along with Ableton, this contest is intended as jump start of activities which focuses on the musical potential of virtual worlds like Second Life - including its advancement and promotion.

The winner of the contest can expect Abletons "Live 7" program, amounting to 599 USD, and the chance of a follow-up release by Universal Music Germany.


All you have to do is after you have listen to Herbie Hancock: Send an e-mail to

Afterwards we will send you a link to the piano track of the Song Solitude from Herbie Hancock`s New Album River: The Joni Letters.

Regardless if you use this track for your own creation, or not, there are two possibilities to bring your track into the contest.

A) The first is to upload it at Vudyo ( in the "Herbie Hancock Remix Contest Group". This gives you and us the chance to get a first feedback from the audience and other participants.
B) The second opportunity is to send your finished track to
Deadline is the 15.11.2007 / in case of extension the 01.12. 2007.

Circe Broom's Thank You Note to DJ Elfay Pinkdot

"Thank you - I want you to know how much I appreciate all you do here. Elfay, you are a great DJ and a wonderful person" -signed Circe

Friday, October 19, 2007

"Metapparatus" - The $100,000L Word & The Electrolux Innovation Grant Program

Electrolux Innovation Grant Program
Published on Thursday, October 18th, 2007 by Blair

Well this afternoon Electrolux, the Gronstedt Group, and Millions of Us finally unveiled a plan we’ve been working on for quite a while. First we announced the winner of the “Invent a Word” contest. Doubledown Tandino won himself $100,000 Lindens with his word “Metapparatus - An all encompassing tool used in a virtual world to make interactions and processes easier.” The other 30 participants in the word creating exercise will earn $1,000 Lindens each as well.

Then we came to a very special announcement for our project: the Electrolux Innovation Grant Program. This is a program to really engage the Second Life community and work with them on their terms, not in pre-canned typical corporate experience way. Since Electrolux has been strongly committed to recognizing innovation within both the real world and the virtual one, this grant program is the perfect way to foster and encourage innovative minds within the community. Already the reaction from the kick off ceremony this afternoon has been overwhelming and positive.

Here’s a few choice quotes from users at the event:

[12:55] Sin Trenton: Thanks you guys for arranging this

[12:46] Doubledown Tandino: this is incredible!! ive actually been looking at ways to do this. i had no idea how to submit inventions.
[12:52] Doubledown Tandino: finally i get to utilize all these doodles and scratch pads of stuff i couldnt make!

[12:55] MSo Lambert: I’m really excited to see how Electrolux is engaging the Second Life community, thanks so much

So now we need to spread the word and let people know about this program so we can get some cool proposals in before November 1st. If you or someone you know is an aspiring Second Life inventor, creator, or innovator, get involved. Let them know we’re looking for cool people or teams to sponsor.

Here’s the official grant program guide:

Are you a Second Life innovator, creator, or inventor who wants a chance to make the great idea you’ve always had come to life? Now you can have the help you need to make your visions a virtual reality. The Electrolux Innovation Grant Program is looking for creative teams or individuals to help support cutting edge new ways of making all of our Second Lives even better.
Electrolux Innovation Grant Program

Second Life residents will be encouraged to submit ideas for useful devices designed to solve a specific challenge. They can present ideas already in development or projects that are still in the concept phase. They can work either as a team or as an individual.

Electrolux will decide among the submissions which projects they deem worthwhile, feasible, and able to be completed. From the projects they select (a number at their discretion) they can then award them significant amounts of grant money in Linden dollars based on merit.

Submission criteria:
1. Describe the problem you’re trying to address.
2. Describe a thoughtful, cutting-edge and innovative solution that is based on consumer insights.
3. Describe how you or your team is prepared to meet that challenge.
4. Describe how long you think it will take your team to complete the project.
5. Be as detailed as possible. How is this innovative? Will it be free or for sale? How will it help Second Life users?

A private team of Second Life innovators, Electrolux employees, Gronstedt Group representatives, and Millions of Us members.

Grants will be awarded in amounts of $25,000 Lindens for accepted proposals. Upon reaching a decided upon halfway milestone, a second $25,000 grant will be given. Projects that are finished and released into the community will be given a final $50,000 Linden award grant.

As a special recognition, the project completed and deemed most innovative by the judges will have its inventor or team avatars be permanently added to the display of great innovator paintings in the Innovision Hub.

Entrants own the intellectual property rights to their entries. Electrolux will NOT own the invention. If inventors would like to name or include Electrolux’s Innovation label on their product somehow of their own choice, we definitely are open to that.

Grant proposals should be submitted by Thursday, November 1st. At that time grant winners will be contacted within 7 business days by Electrolux. Further group meetings to discuss projects will be held weekly at the Innovision Hub.

Send your Electrolux Innovision Grant Program proposals to

Alright Second Lifers, get the word out there!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Sunday October 14th - RUTHED! & Other SL Mishaps - Opening Gala 1pm-3pm (slt)


adj. A conditional identity one may encounter while traveling between realms in Second Life usually resulting in auburn dome hair, abnormal ugliness, sexual androgeny, and an overall confused sense of self.

Photography Exhibition & Opening Gala
at Simply Elegant
Turvile (235, 193, 40)

SUNDAY October 14th 1pm - 3pm
Featuring some of SL’s celebritiesand many other shifty characters.
Music provided by Doubledown Tandino
The gallery will be on display throughout October.
Presented by Isolde Flamend & Doubledown Tandino

The Avastar - Issue 43
- Event of the Week

Reuters - Event of the Week

Isolde Flamand

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Atlas Josten @ House Divaz - 10/7/07

If you're looking for high NRG hardstyle, DJ Atlas Josten is da man! Atlas and I go way back to the early days of Club Republik. Atlas has a banging selection of hard hard peak hour rave joints, and has an excellent voice on the mic as well.

I was impressed and mesmerized with House Divaz as well. A trippy eye-candy club build. In fact, as soon as I arrived, I forgot to even notice who was DJing or what was going on... I began poking at the lime jelly. Anyway, very cool visuals.

Friday, October 5, 2007

The Avastar - Events of the Week - 10/5 - 10/11

I made it as an Event of the Week in issue 42 of The Avastar. WOOO! "Welcome Back Doubledown" was featured under "Nightlife"

Also, the Multimedia Arts Center (MMAC) is having their 6 month celebration. Be sure to catch me perform on October 8th, 5pm slt. The MMAC will be having entertainment all week.

Electrolux & Millions of Us Honors Doubledown Tandino as a SL Innovator

I want to thank Electrolux and Millions of Us for honoring me with this award. It was such a huge treat to hear I am in the ranks of the other innovators mentioned. It came as a big suprise and I'm still glowing from the acknowledgement. I am glad I could represent the SL DJ community in this way, and it's cool to see my name listed with SL geniuses.

-Thank you



Electrolux Enters Second Life in a Really Innovative Way
October 6th, 2007 by Blair
Sometimes it can be tricky for a company to figure out exactly how to enter Second Life. A few have tried and struggled with setting up a storefront that mimics their real life presence, only to find that users in Second Life had a completely different set of needs and expectations. For international electronic appliance company Electrolux, the challenge was even more unique. Electrolux is a company that sells items like washing machines and vacuum cleaners. Useful in real life, but not so in a Second one.

So the minds at Electrolux and Millions of Us teamed up to come up with a unique and creative solution to this challenge. Electrolux spent months researching and talking with Second Life users to identify their needs and problems. Instead of simply setting up shop and waiting for the community to come to them, they went to the community to understand what made it tick.

Ultimately they realized that Second Life was a thriving virtual world full of people who were as innovative and creative as their own researchers. What emerged from this process was a virtual building dubbed the “Innovision Hub.” A place to recognize the achievements of real life innovators as well as the budding ones inside Second Life.

To demonstrate their appreciation and recognition of the emerging in-world innovators, Electrolux opened their building with a special ceremony to recognize and celebrate the most creative and exciting inventors in Second Life. The Innovision Awards were held at the top of the light bulb shaped building in a quirky and fun pavilion. The biggest and brightest names from around the community came out to participate. In addition to the awards given out to the 10 innovators, Electrolux also held a discussion panel with everyone gathered to talk about the unique challenges and issues Second Life inventors deal with.

Afterwards the party moved downstairs where Electrolux hosts showed off an interactive wall that lets users invent a whole new word and share it with other visitors. The grand prize for best invented word is $100,000 Lindens to be given out in 2 weeks on October 18th at the Innovision Hub. Soon after the gathering turned into an avatar costume contest where some of the users showed off their most crazy and unique avatar creations.

More Flickr photos of the event here.

Here is the official list of Second Life Innovators who won the Electrolux Innovision Award:

Shep Korvin - creator of the original Lucky Chair and various other viral marketing tools in Second Life - Shep’s original viral marketing creation the “Lucky Chair” is now fairly ubiquitous in Second Life and has even seen emergent behavior form when bands of people created Lucky Chair Strike Force groups to round up content housed in Lucky Chairs. He’s since developed an in-world auction sales system, and “MobVend” which lowers the price for goods the more avatars in a defined radius.

MSo Lambert - creator of the Subscribe-o-Matic group information distribution tool - Subscribe-o-matic is a group update system which circumvents the flaws in the Linden provided group system. Subscribe-o-matic automatically generates an RSS feed for announcements and prevents the hated group IM chatter which no one can turn off.

FlipperPA Peregrine - creator of the system - SLTrivia is a resident created trivia question and answer system similar to the systems which are played in many RL bars. SLTrivia also supports banner advertising with engaged players who are enjoying themselves trying to answer trivia questions retrieved from an out-of-world database system.

Francis Chung - creator of the open-source Franimation AO system and the amazing Dominus Shadow - The Dominus Shadow is probably the best known car in Second Life. Styled after the classic Ford Mustang the Shadow can also turn itself into a hovercar. The Wet Ikon/Franamation animation override provides the basis for just about every animation overrider in Second Life. It was one of the first to take advantage of animation override permissions back in the very early days of Second Life.

Jorgen Friis - Created the Interactive Wall for Electrolux Innovision Hub which allows users to drop notecards which are read by the wall and stored inside the system for other users to read and share anything from word definitions to famous quotes with each other.

Keiki Lemieux - creator of the HUDDLES animation HUD - The HUDDLES system can animation not just the user of the system, but also other avatars. Additionally, it features one of the clearest and nicest looking animation activation HUDs in Second Life.

Doubledown Tandino - DJ extraordinaire - always has an innovative mix of house beats and cool jams over top - Every show’s an adventure in layered sound and mashups.

Sasun Steinbeck - Made a “only in Second Life” prim sculpture that changes and morphs shape as avatars touch it, and also created - the network content distribution system that vends the art gallery notecard all over Second Life.

Flea Bussy - The man who runs Grendel’s Children, already known as one of the most amazing prim and texture artist in Second Life with an incredible sim sized store to house the amazing creations of Grendel’s children.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

SAVE LAUK’S NEST: Celebrating a jewel of Second Life

The drive to save Lauk’s Nest from doom as a result of the sudden European Value Added Tax policy imposed by Linden Lab continues in the best way that the Second Life art community knows how - with an awareness-building art show and music event!

Come join us on Saturday, 6 October at Lauk’s Nest in Second Life’s Alviso sim for an afternoon (evening, if you’re in Europe) of joyous activism as we try to rally resident support for this wonderful place in Second Life.

Artists - visual and musical - will be added throughout the course of the week, so check back in for an updated list of event.


Alizarin Goldflake
Yarosh Nohkan
Cyanide Seelowe
Sabine Stonebender
Gore Suntzu
Sunn Thunders
elros Tuominen
Morris Vig
Breeze Winnfield
Ub Yifu
More to come!


Andreus Gustafson

Moshang Zhao
Doubledown Tandino

Gary Kohime

Via Second Arts