Sunday, June 29, 2008

Nicholaz' Viewers for Virtual Live Performers

I edited the original title from Nicholaz' Viewers for Virtual Worlds

Nicholaz, mid-may released some amazing Second Life viewers (you know, you click the SL hand on your desktop? well this dude's got a different hand that loads different stuff).
I thought I would post this here because I was suprised to find out that so many SLers don't know there are alternate viewers for SL..... better ones!

The reason I bring this up here, is in relation to performers in SL.
Anyone streaming live knows the issue of:
SL + stream + not a great computer + not enough bandwidth = crappy show

So I recommend checking out their versions of SL viewers. They are lighter, and will take up less resources. Plus, Nicholaz provides options to remove things you don't want there stealing your bandwidth... such as voice, or water, or the sky.... who need nature crap loading when you're tryin to rock the party?

Nicholaz' Viewers for Virtual Worlds

If you've always thought you've had such a bad SL experience, try these out.
Especially if you have an old computer, try the "old school" version.

Eye Candy: current official viewer (good if your have 1.19 installed already and if your computer can handle atmospheric bliss).
Bleeding Edge: (good if your machine can't handle the fancy sky rendering or has problems with 1.19., it still gives you voice and the search all tab.)
Old School: (before voice and chatterbox, rock solid workhorse, good for performance challenged machines and luddites :-)).
Snow Blind: 1.20.RC6 (bright skin, just experimental, expect problems, use at your own discretion)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

DJ/Club/Nightlife Zone now OPEN at SL 5th Birthday Party

At the Second Life 5th Birthday Party: The Second Life Music Community Exhibition Area

Waaay in the the:
DJ / Club / Nightlife Zone

24/7 - Open Decks for any and all Second Life DJs. The stream info is onsite. To perform, just IM me inworld (Doubledown Tandino). There's no plans, stress, or organization. It's just "THE ZONE" ... a place for anyone and everyone to party 24/7 at the SL5B with live music and DJs.

This area will be open until the close of the SL5B June 30th.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tribute to Lasse Gjertsen

The originator of this video editing beatmaking style is the legendary Youtube viral internet meme creator: Lasse Gjertsen

Lasse Gjertsen (born July 19, 1984) is a Norwegian animator, musician, and videographer known on YouTube as lassegg.[1] He is best known for his short pieces "Hyperactive" and "Amateur", which string together short clips of video to create a unique form of video akin to stop-motion animation. His "Hyperactive" video has over 10 million views.

The original:

Here's an amazing cover version from a young girl. She did excellent hitting the beats:

Here's an "Always Sunny in Philadelphia" promo utilizing the technique & also delivering a tip of the hat to Lasse:

And finally, I found this hysterical... If you get it.
This is showing what happens if you don't use the Lasse Stop-motion film-making technique

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Orange Island & Create Programme present Summer Solstice - June 20th, 2008 - 10am-5pm (slt)

The Create Programme @ Orange Island presents


June 20th - 10am-5pm (slt)

Orange Island celebrates summer under the canopy of stunning, lifelike vegetation. As you wander deeper in the Primal Forest, feel the pulse of the deep electro vibes, resonating among the organic surroundings as our guest DJs spin. You’ll find yourself suddenly emerged in the midst of the Summer Solstice Party.

Live DJ Performer Lineup

10am-12pm : Mach Volitant (trip-hop/eclectic electronica)

12pm-2pm : Jungle Vacano (drum-n-bass /techstep )

2pm-3pm : Doubledown Tandino ( Basshouse & Garage)

3pm-5pm : IONIC Benton (minimal & tech house)



Thank you Second Arts for the support on spreading the word.

Linden Lab took my F*cking Desk!

I come in to my office today to find my desk stolen. Well, not stolen. Taken away! Suspect #1: Linden Lab

In a recent Linden Lab 'je ne sais quoi' they took down a bunch of what was once believed to be specific stolen/duplicated content. Later, we find out, it was all an accident ( I am willing to bet it was within two mouseclicks ). I have posted my thoughts on Second Arts since Morris offered up the topic to discuss.
However,..... now it's allll different! Things have changed. Linden Lab took my fucking desk! Nothing else... just my desk. They even left my chair. What company goes into another company's office and takes their damn desk? I'll tell ya who... mobsters and repo men....
I had papers. Important papers. Business papers... all layed out... organized.... ON A DESK.... there were bins too! Where are my paper bins?! Welp, my desk is gone now. I guess the creator may have been a content theft, but still, where am I supposed to think about buying a new desk now? I don't have a place to think about thinking about buying a desk?

Notice they did leave the two GAMBLING machines on the wall.
$2L Lightning pay!... they left that, but they take the desk.

Props to the Innovators who Revolutionized Music Distribution & Telecommunications

While watching Colbert Report (June 17th) his guest was Jonathan Zittrain, author of The Future of the Internet--And How to Stop It .

Anyway, not that the author had anything uninteresting to say, but I'm guessing the author prefers that the mainstream never started using the net... and crap like myspace is junking up the supposedly limited supply of space for filejunk, and there's probably a section about his thoughts on why we cannot have net neutrality, because someday the bandwidth supply will run out... I dunno, I got the impression that the book wasn't something I was gonna read. Then the author went in to mention how hackers possibly have potentially already placed files onto your computers, and they are programmed to explode on a future date..... aaaaaannnnywayyyy.

The purpose of this blog post, is to give props to Niklas Zennström, Janus Friis, and Priit Kasesalu!!! Kazaa and FastTrack were created by Niklas, Janus, and Priit (all of whom were later to create Skype and later on still Joost). It was introduced by their Dutch company Consumer Empowerment in March 2000, near the end of the first generation of P2P networks typified by the shut down of Napster on July 2002.

These guys revolutionized much more than what they are given credit for.. These three completely rendered two leechingly successful industries useless (or heading towards outta there): the music industry and the telecommunications industry. Niklas, Janus, and Priit did SO much more than many will know. I do believe over time, these three will be recognized as people on top 100 lists of people that changed the world... eventually.... they are the initiators that will eventually put the music business and the phone business out of business.

(PS, if you're saying to yourself, no way music industry or telecom industry will ever go out of business.... no, their companies may not, but they will also advance to new things. But consider this, both industries are complaining massive losses in the millions over past years. Sony's music dept complains on a daily basis of how they're losing millions and if it continues they don't even know what'll happen. As for telecom companies; skype, VOIP, and such aren't mainstream yet, but they will be... once companies realize they can make international calls for free from any computer, they'll be a shift in the phone industry too.

Verizon and Orange seem to be doing okay.

Yay smart people that invent stuff. I bet the dudes that invented the typewriter, fax machine, and beeper were crazy pissed when they were rendered unwanted and pointless.

Sunday, June 15, 2008 - Ringtones

I found today and finally one of my tunes is now a downloadable ringtone.

More from Brad Reason at Myxer

If you're into downloading ringtones this is the spot.
If you've got music you want people to have as ringtones, this is the spot

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Meet the Spartans - Laugh for the Morning ...& 300 in Second Life

Nothing to do with SL, but caught Meet the Spartans last night and just friggin' laughed hysterically. It's not that it was a great movie, but I was laughing nonstop. And, I thought I'd give my readers a quick laugh. Here's the trailer. And what gets me everytime, laughing out loud, is Britney Spears. I've watched this clip about 20 times this morning and cannot resist to bust out laughing when she does that goo goo gah gah thing.

I may as well also include one of the greatest battle scenes ever filmed, from 300:


Now, on to Second Life. It's old news, but 300 had a Second Life presence:

Friday, June 13, 2008

SpaceJunky on CNN & SLNN + the AcidPlanet Remix Contest

"Real Life/ Second Life band SpaceJunky's involvement [in SL] has resulted in Sony Creative Software's AcidPlanet hosting a remix contest for SpaceJunky's song Gravitational Pull. This is the same remix contest that they have hosted for artists [such as] Madonna, Lenny Kravitz, Nine Inch Nails and Black Eyed Peas."

In the band's unique tradition of involving fans as much as possible, SpaceJunky is asking SL residents to participate in the contest. The winner will have his/her name credited next to the song's remix title. AcidPlanet is offering other prizes as well.

Contestants need to create a remix of Space Junky's song, "Gravitational Pull." According to the AcidPlanet website, contestants don't need to have the Acid software to make the remix, but they suggest doing so because the software is easy to use. Additonally, contestants will need to download loops from the song, which are available on the AcidPlanet website once interest has been registered. After creating the remix, upload the song.

The contest closes on July 11. SpaceJunky will pick their favorite remix as the winner. Other favorite remixes will be broadcast during in-world performances; dates will be announced after the winner is picked.

According to the band's publicist, Bella Dutton, SpaceJunky chose to bring the contest to Second Life because of the band's own success here.

"It would be a good thing for all of Second Life to participate in," Dutton said. "There are a lot of talented people here."

Questions can be addressed via IM or notecard to Bella Dutton. Dutton is also the contact for requests to join the Alphacrew of Space Junky group for the latest news and updates about the band. For more information on Space Junky, visit the band's official web site,
The news clip that attracted Sony's attention can be found on by clicking this link.
To enter into the remix contest, visit Sony's AcidPlanet Web Site.

Space Junky Shares Real Life Success with Second Life Residents
Delaynie Barbosa (June 11, 2008) writes an article on the group which is mostly promotional info.
Check out the latest news on the SpaceJunky HERE

On a sidenote, Second Life is becoming a great connection for collaborations and remixes of music. Remix contests are making their way into Second Life more and more.
The first ever music remix contest in SL happened to be the one I arranged, and we ended with an awesome listening party and approximately 10 very cool submissions. Although I like to claim that I created the first ever remix contest in Second Life, there were many many musicians collaborating looong before me.. and they met in Second Life. In fact... my "remix contest" dissolved from a contest when all the contestants agreed to just split the winnings and congratulate everyone. But that was just the simple beginnings. Since then, we've had very cool remix projects from musicians like Lovespirals, Herbie Hancock, and now SpaceJunky. Meanwhile others are doing the remixing, such as Moshang Zhao releasing his album Asian Variations.

Second Life is VERY VERY COOL! I cannot say this enough. Musicians, artistic people, creative people, are coming together in Second Life, and making music together...and in many variable methods. Some are jamming live across the world through ninjam technology, while others are passing compositions back and forth to create final polished works. All this, very cool stuff.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Scum Records presents @ Pill Box - June 13th, 2008

Friday the 13th, 2008
Scum presents @

12 Hours, 8 Dj's.

10-11.30am - ArmageddoTox Raymaker
11.30-1pm - Audio Johnson
1-2.30pm - Cally Zabellin
2.30-4pm - Coca Supercharge
4-6m - Maxxim Taurog
6-7pm - ISItheDreaMaker Teskat
7-8.30pm - Sirhc Martinek
8.30-10pm - Clyn Vella

More info to come. Pics of the event to come as well. Here's a pre-party pic of the awesome sophisticated venue Pill Box. There are DJs and events there on a regular daily basis, so head on over there any time->

Brady Bunch in SL

I have to give props to this one. Really excellent work matching up with the original, head turns, facial expressions and all.

Zak Claxton - Second Life Performer - Promo 2008 Video

Zak Claxton is a Los Angeles-based songwriter, singer, and multi-instrumentalist whose self-titled debut album is in the midst of being created, during spring and summer 2008, with an anticipated release date this fall. Check out a preview of his new releases HERE

"Bumpin' It" or "Terrorist Fist Jab"

Most humans on Earth (and other beings on planets) know this gesture as giving someone a bump. You're bumpin' it. Bumpin' knucks.

Real news reports that Fox Noise Channel likes to call it "Terrorist Fist Jabs". Other lunatics like to call it "Hizbollah hand jabbing"

Anyway, the whole point to this is to check out RDV Animations new up-and-coming product "RDV Meet & Greet HUD 2.0" (which I hear is actually going to be released TODAY so visit Muse Isle. One dual-avatar animation option includes the awesome "bumpin' knucks."

5 Websites That Make the RIAA Irrelevant (by RAC)

Coming to you from The Remix Company comes:

5 Websites That Make the RIAA Irrelevant
Jun 11, 2008 in remix from

Here at RAC, we’re all about doing things ourselves, and we decided to share a bit about some methods we recommend. Record labels are scrambling to figure out the next business model, and these sites are giving the power back to the musicians.

* TheSixtyOne - These guys are revolutionizing the way you discover music. It’s an interactive game-like web app that makes listening to new music fun and helps you find your audience. RAC is currently standing strong at NUMBER 1!

* TuneCore - Did you ever wonder how to get your music on itunes? Well, for about 20 bucks you can get it not only on itunes, but amazon, emusic, rhapsody, and many more.

* JamGlue - web-based online remixing

* Reaper - Do you hate Pro-Tools like us? Or do you not want to pay the ridiculous amount for the hardware? Well, there is a nice alternative that was created by the same guy as Winamp 2.91 (the best version to date).

* Beatport - Sure this one is relatively well known, but it’s a fabulous tool for electronic musicians to sell their music and share it with fans.

RAC's The61 page is here:
and many of their music artists also have their own pages on

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Back 2 Reality - August 3rd - The Countdown Begins

The initial info is already in. The pre-planning and arrangement on this event is astounding. Bubbs Zenovka, lead of the Back 2 Reality project / RL & SL integrated event, has already shown his dedication to making this event a monumental occasion.

As this show develops I will post updates here, but always
For the updated lineup, RL venue info, the poster, and everything you need will always be posted there.

To join in on the continuing event production & organization conversation visit:

Monday, June 9, 2008

New Tunes and Updates on

I uploaded a new tune recently to www.TheSixtyone.Com/Doubledown

"Brushjourney" by Brad Reason
Listen and Bump HERE

Other DD Music news: "On & On vs Film" -My previous upload is a mashup of Erykah Badu vs Aphex Twin and you can check it here

Meanwhile, you'll notice on the61 site, each song has a small link that says "watch" If you click it, it'll play some random video on youtube which is generally unrelated. However, the video attached with my tune "Chameleon" comes with the watch video of Herbie Hancock's classic "ROCKIT"

Content Theft, Avatar Rights, the RIAA, & The Sound of Music

Wonderful genius Gwyneth Llewelyn comes to us with two brilliant posts regarding the future of music, technology, and the internet. These are must reads!

Content Theft, Avatar Rights, and the RIAA
You had to be very distracted to have missed the recent massive cry-out against content theft in Second Life. As the world grows, and as griefers and similar people commit misdemeanours all the time and get away with it, the situation can not improve by itself, as more and more petty residents find out that the best way to make money in SL — sometimes a cartful of money — is by illegitimate means. ..READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE


The Sound of Music
Not so long ago, I commented on the future of music distribution via virtual worlds like Second Life®. It is still my belief that we’re assisting at the end of an age where music distribution via records/tapes/CDs and earning an income from royalties is coming to an end. While “free information activists” have long since predicted the downfall of the RIAA and the end of “music piracy” as a crime, they usually just address one side of the issue: consumers, who currently have sidestepped the distribution model by essentially exchanging music for free. Initiatives like Apple’s iTunes tend to combine both models: easy music distribution for a very low price and making sure that the musician gets a cut from the profit.
But these models completely forget one major player in the music industry: the musicians and performers themselves.

How, indeed, shall they survive, if their music is freely copied? ..READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE

True Life | Full Episode | 'I Live Another Life On The Web' | Three girls explore life on the web

True Life Full Episode 'I Live Another Life On The Web'
2 Sluts and 1 musician.... I mean... Three girls explore life on the web.

TOTAL Awesomeness to our beloved Keiko from SL!! Here's some champagne chat and caviar text at the SLMC forums

On this episode of True Life we meet three people who embody alter-egos online that are vastly different to who they are in real life.

Sexism in the US Presidental Race

On my ongoing posts about nothing having to do with Second Life music....

"To women... misogyny is like Jazz. They know it when they hear it."
-Kristen Schaal

wait a minute... I think I can connect this US politics Comedy Central thread to Second Life music. A bit of a 'six-degrees-of-pixelation' if you will..... lemme see if I can relate this to Second Life.

Ok, Comedy Central is awesome, Jon Stewart & The Daily Show are awesome.
Kristen Schaal is awesome and funny!! She also appears on the HBO show Flight of the Conchords. Flight of the Conchords are also on (and kicking ass mind you). And hundreds of Second Lifers LOVE and BUMP Flight of the Conchords....

And of course we must not forget the Avadudes protest regarding sexism, which sparked the potential talk about this possibly turning into another protest...i think.
... plus, there's a wonder woman outfit in SL too.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Second Life 5th Birthday - Initial Info

Everything you need to know about SL5B can be found on the wiki. If you'd like to get involved, visit the link now!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ravelong Shoutcast Streams Summer Special

Rent a Ravelong Shoutcast Stream for the Summer with this easy package:

$10000L for a 3 month stream. (now until September 1st)

100 listener / 128kbps / unlimited use 24-7 / emergency stream backup / friendly havailable help and troubleshooting

IM Doubledown Tandino inworld or email for more info
To begin renting:
Stream from now until September 1st - Pay Doubledown Tandino inworld $10,000L
Stream for 1 month - Pay Doubledown Tandino inworld $3,800L

DJ Myla Vuckovic's Birthday @ Kromatic : Music, Art, & Design - June 3rd, 2008

We celebrated Myla's birthday at Kromatic as she DJed the night away. Kromatic is a very awesome space run by multimedia & metamedia artist anocas Cortes.

Happy Birthday Myla!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008