Saturday, May 5, 2007

Cave Rave (at Rave Island) - 5/5/2007

Nitron Xi and company at Rave Island have made a substantial breakthrough in the world of Second Life raves.... well, that is at least in the realm of atmosphere and location.

The opening party in the Rave Cave took place Saturday May 5th. As you can see in the photo, the whole approach to scenery has been upgraded created a vibe for the whole event. Atmosphere and presence is usually lacking at most SL parties. Some fancy glowing walls and cool lighting just doesn't do it anymore. Nitron saw some mission elements and brought his ideas to fruition. I'm not going to reveal his secrets of 'interior design' but he has many other venue ideas in the works.

Make sure to catch the weekly Rave Island party every Satuday. It usually starts at 7pm, however there are DJs and partying going on there all weekend.

More info to come

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