Wednesday, February 20, 2008 - A Music Adventure

I must say I absolutely love this site for my music. I will be adding my original material as much as I can on there. The more you bump the songs on my page, the more they will allow me to upload more. My goal is to get my entire collection on there!

Please go to

If you are a music listener, you'll love the site, find your favorite tunes and build a collection.
If you are a music artist, you'll love it too!

When you join, either as a listener, an artist, or both, please use the refer name: Doubledown

There are many many SL musicians on here already. I'm hoping the SL electronic music producers will join and add their tracks

From the site:

Our Mission
thesixtyone makes music discovery a fun, adventurous experience with persistent reputation and rewards -- it's like a massively-multiplayer game for music junkies who are always on the prowl for new sounds. For everyone else, it's a spot where anybody can instantly start listening to good new music...a place that personifies people getting excited about music simply because they enjoy it.

Start Listening
Our homepage offers a few ways to explore the music that flows through thesixtyone:

hot: Songs of the moment that are happening as we speak. It's a formula balancing bump count and post Up and coming songs ordered chronologically by post date.week: Top performers on thesixtyone for the current week.the rack: Random mix of songs that haven't hit the homepage. Listening earns you free points which you can spend on bumping your favorite songs up the charts.

How does it work?
Musicians upload their music for listening, but rather than allowing the Simon Cowells of the world decide which songs go on the homepage, the listeners do. How, you say? If you like a song you've found on thesixtyone, just click the "bump" button to increase its bump count. Doing so will cost you points, but if songs you bump get bumped by others, you can earn more points! Collecting points increases your level and reflects your skill in picking top songs in your favorite genre!

By listening to songs through the lens of the collective community on thesixtyone, you'll always find good new music. We're committed to giving every bit of music on the web the opportunity to find its audience.

Highway 61

A road is a road, but sometimes it's more. Sometimes a road sings. Drive down Highway 61 and you'll find music everywhere you turn. Muddy Waters rode the 61. So did Bob Dylan, Ike Turner, and B.B. King. Elvis grew up in the housing projects along it.

Highway 61 was the road by which people left to find better opportunities. And by leaving they took their music to the world.

Come join us on

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