Sunday, March 16, 2008

"Tonight LIVE with Paisley Beebe" - Filming March 16th, 2008 - 6pm slt

Tonight Live is a weekly half hour chat show every Sunday 6pm – 6.30 filmed live here in SL in front of a live studio audience. It is a P.G show, streamed live to screens here in SL, then uploaded to the web and videocasted for later viewing. All previous episodes will be available on our website and Google Video.Subscribing to Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe is now available on iTunes!

Your avatar may be filmed during the taping of the show.
The Video of tonights show will be streamed live at and then uploaded for later viewing a few hours after the finish of the show.

March 16th

After another sim filling event with lots of colour and sombreros on Mexican Night we decided to continue with the themes .. so this Sunday we'd like you to pull out your best dance clothes as we prepare to boogie away under the disco ball! Don't forget to get to the sim early to guarantee a seat in our live audience this Sunday for a start time of 6pm SLT

Voicedude Reinoir- Voice-over actor
As his name suggests, Voicedude does voice-overs for corporate videos and commercials as well as create and sell fun and wacky gestures. He also provides the voice for Detective Jared Washington in the CSI:NY inworld games.
Shop location: Krung Thep (220 220 21)
Business website:

Doubledown Tandino - Digital Music Engineer, Turntable DJ, & Virtual Worlds Social Specialist
Doubledown, our musician of the evening, is a Rl turntable DJ and one of the first to enter SL. He has really embraced this world to allow himself to work full time in SL doing a variety of projects in the music, audio, events, and promotion fields.

Business Website:

Dizzy Banjo - Metaverse Composer
Dizzy has embraced the creative element of SL. He writes and produces music for places, companies, organisations and events in the metaverse. PARSEC is an interactive giant SL "instrument" which allows you to play it using only your voice
Personal website:
Business Website:

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* If the sim is full we have a live screen set up at: Sunset Jazz Club

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