Saturday, April 3, 2010

*Moon* - Music by Slim Girl Fat - Video Machinima by SpyvSpy Productions

Slim Girl Fat and SpyvSpy Productions Present *Moon*

spyvspyaeon "Lunar deity is a god or goddess associated with or symbolizing the moon. These deities can have a variety of functions and traditions depending upon the culture, but they are often related to or an enemy of the solar deity. Some cultures relate the moon as a Female, although is known as a male more common worldwide.

The Moon through the edges has been a significant inspiration and creativity of many artists around the world. SlimGirlFat as achieved a great song and the starting inspiration to this creation.

Lunar Deity is represented on this work as the Dryad connecting the entity with the nature. I should frame this work between both of their own simplistic and the complex of its composition but I rather leave you the final judgment. don't blame me ツ. Inspired by Enigma video clips (I'm a big fan of them) I've tried an approach to a SL Machinima to their kinda videos. This video is nothing more than a thought caught in no where place no where in time, some sort of a let it flow (with some few basic knowledge).

Most of the special fx's are made on After effects and I want to mention that the glass breaking on the start it's a precomposed set already build on 3DS max and exported to AE, royalty free. The rest I just applied a bunch of coolest effects build by my own, from foam through cc cylinder (warp drive) and some 3D depth field with some motion blur. I hope you enjoy so much as I this new release. "

Music by SlimGirlFat (aka Slim Warrior in-SL)

Director and producer
spyVspy Aeon

This is a Collaborative work between SlimGirlFat and spyvspy aeon.

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