Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Dogglounge - Live House Mixed from Minneapolis into Second Life

The Dogglounge - Deep House Music, Plush Phi (2, 34, 27)

I've been hanging at this cool chill spot called The Dogglounge (in Second Life). Live Deep House mix DJs and good peoples!

The DoggLounge is a small but growing underground internet radio station playing deep & soulful house music from Minneapolis, USA. They spend hours online finding deep and soulful tracks and then upload them to our servers for your listening pleasure. Make sure to keep coming back because they are always expanding and growing. If you're a sociable one, feel free to jump onthe chat via the main page and talk with fellow listeners and dj's! If you'd rather just listen, that's cool too! Enjoy! If you are a DJ or a musician and have mixsets or tracks you'd like played, please send it to them! Send promos to:

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