Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Mechinima Documentary Premier from Robostudios - Jan 31st - Doubledown Spins the Afterparty

I was called in a few hours prior to the event to DJ a prestigious mechinima movie premier after party at Nemesis. The film was produced by Robostudios and featured the important aspects of Second Life living and business. Some important SL heads came out including Prokofy Neva, Hiro Pendragon, Sitearm Madonna, Pheonix Psaltery, Rik Riel, Boliver Oddfellow, Moo Money, & more. Not many stayed around for the afterparty, but the tune played on none-the-less

More inf at the Virtual to Reality blog.

Quote taken from Caliandris Pendragon on VTOR blog:
After the film, Doubledown Tandino was kind enough to DJ for the event, and did a splendid job under difficult circumstances, given that some people were still watching the film, some were asking questions, etc. Many thanks to him for a job professionally and well done. - Caliandris Pendragon

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