Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Music Venue Guide of Second Life - Send Submission Entries

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Hi All,

Several weeks ago I posted that one of our main takeaways from SLCC was the desire for a music venue guide - kinda like the back pages of the Village Voice with listings of clubs that regularly host live shows in SL. I am happy to report that we are nearing launch of a music venue guide for and are now pre-selecting submissions. If you are interested in having your venue included in the music site at launch, just send me an email with the form below filled out.

Please note this will be an editorially controlled area of our site and that submission does not guarantee inclusion in the directory. We expect to open up submissions to all Residents by the end of the year but at this time will only be accepting submissions on a limited basis. Since I already mentioned it on this list a while ago, I thought it was appropriate to give the music community a 1st crack at this...please let me know if you have any questions.

- Jesse

SL Name:
SLurl to your venue:
Website (optional)
Image URL (images should be 500x325 .jpg format)
Description of 150 words or less:

Finally, please choose up to 3 categories from the following list: :

* Alternative Rock
* Blues
* Classical Rock
* Classical
* Country
* Dance & DJ
* Folk
* Hard Rock & Metal
* Jazz
* Latin Music
* New Age
* Other
* Pop
* R&B
* Rap & Hip-Hop
* Rock

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