Wednesday, November 14, 2007

You know you've been in Second Life too long when... (by Doubledown Tandino)

Yes, if you're in second life a lot, you begin to look at the real world a bit differently. When you're out in the real world next time, take note, because....

You know you've been in Second Life too long when...

Your friend calls you on the phone and asks you to do something, and you say "Stop spamming me!"

You begin to clean your house and keep looking for red, green, and blue arrows to move things.

You go outside and see an overcast cloudy day, and think to yourself, "I wish they'd roll out Windlight already"

You go out to a club and after 30 seconds want to go to another club.

You would rather be called by your avatar name.

You are now going by your avatar name.

You think it's normal now to go out in public wearing a tail

You see a house for rent, and your first thought to ask the landlord is "how many prims"

You notice your wrists start to float up every time you talk

You're walking through the city and you think to yourself "I could build this"

You want to have sex with your loved one, so you tell her to "get on this poseball"

You get into an argument about 10 cents and then feel the president must be informed about this and the person you argued with must be banned from the country immediately

You stop and stare at anything gray and think you'll see it better eventually

You think to yourself "what's the point of the internet" and "what's the point of email"

You decide to have a yardsale on your front lawn for a month straight

You start wearing anything you want to a business meeting

You think at a club that if you start dancing, 19 other people will do the exact same thing

... more to come soon when i think of em

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Anonymous said...

you've had three spouses, been in ten weddings and worked at six different clubs in the last week.