Friday, December 19, 2008

DJ Lisa Lashes & DJ Tasty Hax at Koola Klub - Mixed RL & SL Event - Friday December 19th, 2008 - 2pm-6pm (slt)

Friday, December 16th, 2008

2pm-4pm - DJ Tasty Hax (second life)
4pm-6pm - DJ Lisa Lashes (real life)

Real Life DJane Lisa Lashes meets Second Life DJane Tasty Hax @ a premier event in RL/SL Koola Klubs! Lisa DJs for the first time in SL! Don't miss this very special party!! :D Tasty will DJ @ Koola Klub in SL followed by Lisa Lashes at Koola Klub in RL streaming to SL.


Anonymous said...

I really don't know what to say. Seeing the Avatar of Lisa 95% of the time AFK, saying nothing and the set just streamed from a real venue doesn't mean a thing. For me it was simply just a try to somehow get Koola in SL alive for one day again. Maybe I'm right or wrong, but there would have been better DJ's to play together with Lisa which play the style she does. Being elected by a magazine that isn't even one of the popular ones in SL (look up the groups and make up your own mind, because other DJ's in SL have 10 times a fangroup as the amount of readers this magazine has) for "Top DJ of the month" doesn't mean a thing either. Not bad that RL and SL finally mix with events, but we had that before in much bigger dimensions and not for the sake of "i am the best, you're the dumb rest".
I think this event was very controversial and (don't get me wrong if you read that Tasty) it would have been better to get at least a RL DJ that plays in SL or one of the most important DJ's of UK Hardhouse Scene in SL and not just a one that can for some reason draw huge crowds for not providing very much and only aiming for the fame.
Could be that I am dumb and don't know a thing, but at least these are my thoughts to what was going on.

Brad Reason / Doubledown Tandino said...

My opinion is that the above (annonymous) comment is absolutely rediculous. SL was LUCKY to have the TREAT of hearing Lisa Lashes stream in live from her RL club gig, and we were also lucky to have Tasty open for her.
All I can say is the above comment reads as a spoiled brat would post it. This event wasn't controversal amongst the people that had a great time. Only the people that would try to find problems and tear down a SL event would be the people that viewed the event as a controvery.

Everyone in SL has the freedom to do what they want, hang where they want, & party where they want...
if you're expecting something more than where you're currently at, then go to the place that meets your expectations.

It was a free event, and available for us in SL, we should feel honored that something like this can happen in SL, even amongst many SL jaded ravers.

Ronny said...

The problem i see in both opinions are that there might be a missunderstanding for the particular case. I'm also DJ in SL and went to some events in SL linked to RL. I can't say much about Tasty, i don't know her. She doesn't meet my music taste as far as I can tell. Koola for me doesn't mean too much actually, i just came across that name, looked it up in the web and saw it was a RL club as well. What I think I got to know from the first comment is, that there already were top notch RL DJ's playing in SL (like Ferry Corsten, Kevin Saunderson, Cari Lekebusch etc.) streaming from the Backstage Area's of events in RL they performed earlier. I have to agree though, that seeing just the avatar of the Person streaming constantly AFK is not that cool. It's like tuning in on a Web-Radio station and hear a DJ Mix, nothing more, nothing less. I myself haven't been to the event because Lisa doesn't meet my music taste as well and I just don't think she's that great, but that's my personal opinion. I personally would like to hear Suzy Solar, Sandra Collins or Lucca mixing in SL, maybe that happens, maybe not AND it's a big matter of taste of course. I would suggest to see what the future brings and how the EDM-Scene in SL develops. Seems like "underdogs" have barely a chance to get involved into anything at the moment because some of the DJ's in SL are already too proud of themselves and playing others down or don't give them much of a chance and I believe that is one of the biggest problems in SL ever since, because there are those who started early, maybe were nice with everyone and not straight and honest, could built up a nice fangroup or followers which leaves those who start new with only a small amount of people really willing to listen to new ones.

Just my 2 cents

Tasty said...

Hi :)
I want to thank everyone who posted comments about this event. It's really cool to see things from different points of view.! I was unaware of any "controversy" surrounding this event! But apparently that is someone's point of view. One great thing about SL is the variety of music and the opportunity to share it, listen, and discover and experience different and new styles. There is really something for everyone and keeping an open mind to hear different music can be rewarding. I’ve had the opportunity in SL to learn and evolve creatively as a DJ. I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity. All DJs RL or SL started somewhere. I share music I love, which is my personal taste and some people like it, some don't, and that's life! :) I feel honored to have been invited to play with Lisa Lashes. It’s really cool that she would participate in an event like this and give us all a free listen to what others paid a lot of money to hear. Lisa did say a few words before her set, and like many RL/SL DJs, did not have time to chat while mixing. In all the parties and special events that I’ve done or been a part of in SL, the DJ styles have never matched exactly and sometimes there has purposely been variety amongst the DJ styles to expose people to something different, to expand their experience of music. Everyone has an opinion, some positive and some negative. My suggestion is instead of using energy to criticize things you don’t like (which is really a waste of energy and accomplishes nothing) create your own parties and events that match your ideals and preferred styles of music! I’m sure this would be of interest to many people, including myself. If you are genuine with your comments and how you say you feel…create something you are proud of and share it with the rest of SL! We look forward to it. :)