Monday, December 29, 2008

Get the METAVOTER & Ditch the Old Green Votebox

I still do not understand why many land owners are so attached the the old green vote boxes. They swear they work, and refuse to get rid of them. I have seen entire packed events, and the votes are going into the boxes.... but...

THESE VOTE BOXES DO NOTHING. They havn't done anything in SL in over 3 years. Although it is a lovely relic from virtual yesteryear, the old green vote box made by Linden is nothing more than decoration. It says "thank you for your vote" and then files the votes under 'D' for 'Doesn't Do Anything'


The METAVOTER, on the otherhand, does EVERYTHING! It is connected to the Metahud worn by thousands. Come and get the Metavoter ( and the Metahud, and the Metakiosk ) for your land for free HERE:

Have a Second Life Brand? Check out the new Metabrand system too! Did I mention it's entirely free?

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Pauly Rizhez said...

Very great post DoubleDown, i always had this question in my mind, why people are still using these green voters :)