Sunday, August 30, 2009

Selling my Second Life Group: "Live Turntable DJs"

 For over 3 years, I've done my best to establish a promotional, networking, and collaboration group for the Live Turntable DJs and DJ fans of Second Life.   I have done my best to sort out the DJs, the Event Promoters, and the music lovers in SL.  Back when this group first started in SL,  there were NO live turntable djs.  There wasn't even a difference in classification of the type of DJs in SL.  I made this group because I needed to show Second Life that a "playlisting" DJ is not a real turntable mix DJ.   Since then, Second Life has blossomed into a full fledged Live Turntable DJ community.

Now the time has come where I am looking to sell this group.  The reason why I am selling it is because of the extreme time and effort I've invested in making this group special.  Furthermore, the future owner of this group will have full access to over 1000 members, over 300 DJs, and over 300 club and event promoters.  This group is a high value opportunity for any DJ agency, club looking to book DJs, club looking to hire quality staff, and a effective method for DJ, club, and event needs.  If you are in the club business & music entertainment industry inworld, you will find this group is an excellent investment.

Link to the group:

If you have any questions, inquiries, or simply want to know why I am selling this group, please email me at DJDoubledown (at)
If there are no qualifying buyers, the group will be shut down sometime between September 5th and September 9th.

Here is your chance to jump on a tremendous opportunity filled with contacts that will make your Second Life entertainment business catapult to success.

Once again, email me ASAP at DJDoubledown (at) with any questions. Please act fast.
(Doubledown Tandino in SL)

Thank you.

P.S.  I am not getting rid of this group because "I am tired of it"  ... It pains me to have to let this group go.  Hopefully the new owner will continue onward with the ideals I set out for the group.


Anonymous said...

>The reason why I am selling it is >because of the extreme time and >effort I've invested in making this >group special.

and if you don't find someone to buy? all this effort from us, your loyal members and your efforts are going to the trashbin? how are we going to trust that this won't happen to any of your future projects? and how much effort does it take anyway? just giving roles to promoters ? not to mention all the non-turntable notices that already take place in this group, like 1000 linden contests and so on? is this result of your hard work ? That is no good result DoubleDown it is not what we joined your group for!

Brad Reason / Doubledown Tandino said...

Absolutely not, there is no trashbin for the group.

Before I answer your questions...
first off, I have received offers... and the person that is taking over the group, literally, I could not have asked for a better person to take it over. This is the absolute BEST person to be taking ownership of the group. More on that soon, but yes, the group is sold, the deal is good, absolutely nothing is changing about the ideals of the group, and the person coming to take the reigns is #1, and top notch to take on the group.

I would not have relinquished the group to someone that would not be able to fill this role properly.
I wasn't selling to the highest bidder. I was taking offers, and deciding who is best to take over the group.

Brad Reason / Doubledown Tandino said...

now... lets move on to trust....
If you don't trust me by now, then, well, I don't even know what to say.... anyone that knows me in SL knows I am one of the most honest, trustworthy, & selfless individuals around. Feel free to take a look at my track record, or ask anyone you wish.

My future projects: I am allowed to sell any of my future projects that I wish. I own them, and I don't understand why I would not be allowed to sell my future projects. On that note, I also have the freedom to invest, or jump into a project as well... just like every SL resident does.

Effort: It takes a tremendous effort. Back in 2006 when I started DJing in SL, there were literally less that 10 other turntable djs. Not that I want to brag or take credit, but I was the one in SL that set out to make the clear definition that a live turntable DJ is entirely different from a DJ that playlists music. I am not saying that it all wouldn't have happened anyway, but I happened to be the one that spent the time and effort introducing Second Life to the concept of the "live turntable dj". I spent months of battling with live musicians in SL trying to convince them that a live turntable DJ isn't just playing music. Back then, every single time I posted my events under the "Live Music" category, I would get 10-20 IMs telling me that I am not live music, and that I must put my events in the "nightlife/entertainment" section. It took months of convincing and months of performances to show the Live Musician Scene and practically all of SL that DJs come in many forms, and before me entering SL, the playlisters was all they heard. After they heard my shows, they understood the difference. Now it is common standard in SL that a live turntable DJ posts an event under "live music"

Brad Reason / Doubledown Tandino said...

You may think BULLSHIT, you Doubledown Tandino didn't do that in SL.. We all did, as a "community".. you're stealing credit. Well, facts and history and truth is what it is, and yes, that was me who first defined the clear line in the SL sand to show inworld that a live turntable DJ is an live music artform, and should not be clumped into the playlister category. Feel free to ask anyone from 2006 and before what the "club and dj scene" was before I entered SL, and what it became after I entered SL. From March of 2006 to approximately January of 2007, that was my goal.
That was a lot of hard work and dedication. Live Turntable DJs began entering SL, and more clubs were created, and I take no credit in any of that, but I paved a path and all of the Live Turntable DJs entering agreed with my ideals.

By 2007 in SL, there were 50 or so live turntable DJs, and 50 or so clubs that understood the live turntable DJ artform. By 2008, there were hundreds of each.
Again, if you have doubt, ask anyone from 2006. Again I want to reiterate I am not claiming to be "the first real live turntable DJ in SL" .. I was just one of the originals, and I strongly expressed my views about Live Turntable DJing.

The group is a GROUP effort, it grew because of everyone. everyone's passion to push the ideals of the group. It wouldn't have become what it is today, if it weren't for every member of the group.

I'm finding it very hard to resist calling you out by name because I know exactly who you are.

Brad Reason / Doubledown Tandino said...

Anyhoo, the reason I need to give up ownership is exactly because I can no longer control it. It's become very large, I'm not in Second Life 50 hours a week like I was, I cannot monitor the group as well. I need to have someone in ownership of the group that can move it towards the direction that it should be. I cannot do that anymore.

Finally, you know how effective the group is.... that's why you're in it. You're promoting your events, you're finding new djs to book, you're finding clubs to go hear music, and you know that even though there is spam in the group, the Live Turntable DJs group is one of the best SL groups for all things live turntable DJ related. With over 1000 sorted out members (djs and promoters) you know it's an effective group to be in.
That's why you're in it.

The future of the group, its going to get a hell of a lot better, BECAUSE I won't be the owner of it. The new owner will be taking it and taking it to the right place.

If you (or anyone) were to leave the group now, I think YOU would be making the mistake. You have no idea what's in store for the group....But hey, it's your choice to make.

I chose the right person and I know I did.

yeah I rejected the $150L offer, why? because you are you, not because of the $150L.

Sorry you're angry because you don't understand the full situation, and because I elected not to give you ownership.

Brad Reason / Doubledown Tandino said...

To me and to every person that was interested in owning the group: this group is a valuable investment and an asset. Many people know that. That's why I got many offers and people craving to own the group. I think you and only one other person voiced a problem with it.

I know how many gigs i booked because of my group, so do others. I know that people come to see my shows because of the group, and other people's shows get patronage because of the group.

I guess I'm done ranting at you. You and I have never gotten along. I think you're just an angry individual that likes to blame other people all the time when things don't go your way. you've offended me many times, and I just brushed it off and moved on.
I would never consider allowing someone like you to own a valuable group like Live Turntable DJs.

... and on that note.
anyone can stay in the group if they'd like, anyone can leave if they'd like (I know in your head you're already trying to plan a boycott to get everyone to leave the group and start your own... sorry, it doesn't work, it's been tried before, dealt with it several times.)

Too many people know the value of the group, know me, know what I've done for the SL community, the SL music community, the SL DJ community, the SL art community....and they're gonna stick around to see who the new owner is and how the group is going to blossom in the near future.

Doubledown Tandino

Brad Reason / Doubledown Tandino said...

PS, you should post your name and not hide behind being anonymous.
Second Life knows what kind of genuine, honest, open, loving, caring, selfless person I am.
You should let Second Life know who you are. Sorry, our ideals clash.

Brad Reason / Doubledown Tandino said...

Yep, I own the Live Turntable DJs group, and I can do with it what I wish. I know I'm making the absolute best decision for the group.

And yep, I also own this blog too.

And yep, you just got PWNed!

you should have emailed me in private like I asked instead of trying to stir up public drama on my own blog

Anonymous said...

nah, i prefer to stay anonymous to avoid drama directed to me personaly and because this may not be my personal view but the view of your average group member who needed this answers in public and not in your email.

And I am not angry.. I only express this view passively to resolve confusion, and please don't blame me for not understanding your position and situations because it doesn't matter and it doesn't matter who i am either. you reply explained things that you hadn't explained in original post, dispite the fact that they were accusing me for being ignorant. I really don't care of how you manage your group, as long as i know i can trust you.

Brad Reason / Doubledown Tandino said...

Ouch, damn. I was a total asshole. eeek. Ok, so, it was 4am to 5am in the morning, I was drunk, and... omg, no excuse... just sorta rereading everything I said.

My explosion and eruption was like everything completely going horrible in my SL and my RL, and then BLAM I completely powered up all my negative energies, and just exploded on you.. personally. I was vicious. I feel so bad right now.

Where I was coming from at the time: It's like, for 3 years, I've devoted my entire RL into the SL community.. to the point where my RL has fallen apart: financially, mentally, psychologically, and physically, I'm a TOTAL wreck these days. I'm at rock bottom. literally, in RL, at the point where I am soo low, and I now see no light at the end of the tunnel.

For 3-4 years, in SL, I've been so honest and selfless to the SL community 100% of the time, and asked for nothing in return. I really had passion and love for WANTING to do everything I've done.
And then to hear: "How can you let us down Doubledown, how can you be so selfish, how can we trust you ever again. You are the opposite of what a person with integrity."
You didn't even say this, but somehow this is what i heard. I just let it out and exploded... all on you, and I'm sooooo sorry for that.

I could just delete everything, but it's really all truth, but nothing about the parts directed at you. I'd like everyone to take it as ...this is where I'm coming from, in RL and SL... this is what I've done for you all... please please please trust me and support my decision, because it's the right one. Please please support me right now. i've never asked for anything from anyone.. and PLEASE SL community, don't turn on me now!

It's sort of hard to explain in text, but I truly hope you can forgive me, and understand that I totally exploded, and let it out all at you.. and it was so very wrong to do.

Some people see me as a SL attention hog (I'm really a very humble person). Some people see me as a selfish person in SL, using people to get to the top (they just don't know who I really am and what I'm about and it's totally the opposite)... they see me getting the good dj jobs, and the cool magazine writeups and think I'm scamming my way to get all that...

the reason that all happens for me is because of the legit, true, honest, caring person that I am.
I just really want the world to know that I'm here for the world. It's NOT about me. It's about, you and everyone, together.

The reason I'm selling the group is because I can't maintain what I want it to be, and the person coming in can. The 'sale' part of it isn't even part of the equation. I just know it's a valuable group and I wanted to see what kind of offers would come in.

I just need to shut up now, and just please know, my anger and frustration was not at you personally at all. I was venting at the random 'anonymous' of life.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure and trust that youre choosing the right people to take over the future of the group! :-)

Hope you be well, thank you for all your efforts, I hope you won't stop posting blogs here about music whenever it comes to you and good luck with your future ventures!