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5 Possible Plots for Avatar 2

5 Possible Plots for Avatar 2 
2Blue 2Furious

By Hanso of

James Cameron ain't in the movie failure-makin' business; he’s in the movie success-makin’ business. And cousin, business is a-boomin'. After stepping away from the game for 12 years, he finally delivered his latest epic, Avatar, and movie audiences around the world have answered with their wallets to the tune of over one billion dollars worldwide. That kind of cheddar can mean only one thing: sequel! We know that it’s coming, but with no official word on the sequel, we are left to wonder what is in store for the return trip to Pandora. The possibilities are endless but here are a few to make Avatar: 2Blue 2Furious even better than the original.

5. Avatar 2: A Na’vi Odyssey
James Cameron has gone on the record stating that he has envisioned the possible Avatar sequel taking place off Pandora and instead on one of the many moons orbiting the planet Polyphemus.  Under Cameron’s direction, there is no doubt that Polyphemus’s moons will be filled with great wonders and something amazing for the sight to see, but the fact is the audience already discovered a new world so why go through that again?  Besides, the Na’vi don’t need to be going off moon anyway, they got everything they need right in Pandora.  Is James Cameron’s idea to send Jake and Neytiri off Pandora on a search of a Macguffin? The idea could work as a start up point for the sequel but unless James Cameron has devised a way for the Na’vi to have conquered space travel via flying Ikrans (the banshees) his best bet seems for him to keep the sequel set in Pandora.

4. Avatar 2: A Fistful of Na’vi
First thing that is needed in the sequel is for the audience to get to know more about Jake’s tribe, the Omaticayan, because so far this is what we know about them:  they love nature, have a tribal chief, a shaman, hunters, sleep on hammocks and are constantly saying “I see you.”  It is essential that the sequel delves deeper into the Omaticayan culture because a lot of questions are still out there.  For example, what do the Omaticayan women do?  What happens to the guy that fails in capturing an Ikran? Is he the laughing stock of the tribe forced to wear a scarlett letter and live the rest of his life in shame?  What other roles besides hunters do the men play?  What is their average life span? How do they train their children for combat?  Do the different tribal face paints have meanings?  The Omaticaya look like they enjoy toking up the occasional magical herb, is that their drug of choice or do they prefer psychedelics? 

While the Omaticayans are being explored, a perfect opportunity arises for James Cameron to touch on some of the secrets of Pandora.  Like the Island on Lost, Pandora seems to possess mystical qualities.  We know it’s a sentient moon that can transfer people’s souls into other bodies, hear people’s prayers and control the local fauna but what else can it do?  Can it control the weather patterns? Can the mother brain that is the Tree of Souls be shut down? Can it send people back in time by the turn of a frozen donkey wheel?  We don’t know but Cameron does and he should take the time to address these things and allow the audience to have a better understanding of the world of Pandora and its inhabitants.

3. Avatar 2: Shakespeare in Na’vi
James Cameron has previously given us the Alien Queen and the T-100 so he knows a key factor for the sequel to be a success is a better class of villain. Avatar gave us Miles Quaritch who was 100 percent pure bad ass as the main villain but he was kind of a one note type of guy.  The sequel needs to up the ante villainwise and this time he should be a native that is causing conflict from within the tribe. Avatar 2 needs a character like Shakespeare’s Iago.  Let’s take a look at the following fact.  Jake Sully is an outsider who benefited from the deaths of Eytucan and Tsu Tey, in order to assume leadership of the Omaticaya. With that in mind, who better to be the sequel’s villain than the guy second in line to assume leadership prior to Jake’s arrival?  Think about it, here is a guy that has forgotten more things about Pandora and the Omaticaya than Jake has learned, with Eytucan and Tsu Tey dead it’s his time to become tribal chief but somehow gets screwed over because Jake Sully came riding in a big fancy scary red dragon. So now you have this character that didn’t get the promotion he views is rightfully his, has an inferiority complex because he only has four fingers while Jake has five and to top it off he is upset that Jake gets to do the no-pants dance with the hottest chick in the tribe, under the Tree of Souls while he has to settle for an ugly chic and a hammock up in a tree.  The motives are clearly in place to set up a more complex villain this time around, one that quietly creates discord among Jake and Neytiri by playing off their weaknesses, proceeds to manipulate tribe members into setting off a civil war and doing it all under the guise of friendship.

2. Avatar 2: Full Metal Na’vi
Aside from a great villain, the sequel to Avatar also needs WAR!  Towards the end of Avatar, James Cameron introduced a few more Na’vi tribes like the water tribe and the plains tribe.  With the Omaticaya being the Earth tribe, one has to wonder if there are also fire and wind tribes and if with all these tribes’ powers combined they can summon Captain Planet.  Interesting but not as interesting as getting to know these tribes and how they feel about each other.  Yes they were all friends at the end of Avatar but that was because they had a common enemy who was threatening their home.  Now that the humans have been taken care of, it’s back to straight up hating amongst the tribes.  Come on, not one tribe is jealous that the Omaticaya get to chill out under the Tree of Souls?  Sure the water tribe has some nice beach front property but you know the tribe out on the plains must be pissed as hell all they got stuck with nothing.

If Pandora real estate isn’t a good reason for war, there is always religion.  Eywa can’t be the only goddess in Pandora can it?  The tribes out by the ocean probably pray to a water god which lends its self perfectly for some tribe vs. tribe war over religious beliefs.  The reason for war is not important here, what is important is that there is war. An all out war spread across the different regions of Pandora would provide James Cameron plenty of kick ass action sequences that would put the ending battle of Avatar to shame.  We already got machines vs. nature; the sequel must now provide us with nature vs. nature.  How cool would it be to see the Na’vi riding Ikrans waging war against each other in a massive air battle?  Better yet if they fight against the water tribe it’s a chance to put on the screen some new dangerous sea creatures that engage in epic underwater battles the likes of which have never been seen! 

1. Avatar 2: The Phantom Menace
Finally, tying up all these different ideas and scenarios would be the RDA Corporation. You didn’t think we’ve seen the last of them did you? When last we saw them they were running back to Earth with their tails between their legs. RDA can’t go out getting punked like that because there is too much money to be made off unobtatium for them not to return to Pandora. The sequel would feature the return of the corporation with a lesser role but no less the evil. 

Knowing that Pandora can simply summon all its living creatures to kick some ass, the corporation would simply borrow a page from the Senator Palpatine playbook and play in the shadows. They would be the ones responsible for approaching the film’s main villain using his desire for power has a way to push for the civil war that would distract the Na’vi enough for them to be able to obtain their goal. What is their goal? Shutting down the Tree of Souls so they can wage war against the Na’vi without Pandora interfering. This leads to something also needed in the sequel, a downer of an ending that sets up part 3. Avatar 2 would end with the Tree of Souls temporarily shut down, the Na’vi numbers dwindling due to the civil war and the RDA Corporation stepping out from behind the curtain with Pandora’s demise at its grasp. 
Make it so Cameron, make it so.


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