Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dark Machines & STEED Drop the Beats HEAVY @ Le Cube

I happened to venture to a party in the late afternoon. DJ DarkMachines Hax was droppin' some HUUGE heavy breaks. I'd never been to Le Cube but the place was happening, and the DJs obviously have skill. It was a very refreshing experience, proving that SL is a great place to find true DJ talent from across the globe. Elecktro Newman seemed to be producer/promoter of the event. After Darkmachines came another resident DJ, STEED Schlesinger. He immediately caught my attention as well with his booty breaks and funk joints.
I was thuroughly impressed with the fact that these DJs broadcast a video feed as well. I would love to do this myself, but can't manage to get enough bandwidth goin' for me. I'm glad to see more and more RL professional DJs are making their way to play parties in SL.

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