Wednesday, February 7, 2007

DJ Doubledown's Music, DJ Gear, & Live Broadcast Streams - My Shop in Second Life

Check out my new DJ Shop in Second Life

DJ Equipment:
-High Prim Turntables & Mixers
-Low Prim Mobile Gear
-DJ Tables
-Party & Club Gear
-Multi Gadgets
DJ Animations:
-The NEW Ultimate Poseball for DJs
-DJ Poseballs
Broadcast Streams:
-$3800/month - $600L/day - $200L/hour
-Info about the logistics of streaming, & how to setup a stream broadcast & DJ Live
DJ Jobs & Gig Opportunities:

-Get the current edition of "The List"
Original Music Downloads:
-Get Brad Reason/Doubledown Tandino original electronic tracks - $300L per MP3
-Get other SL musicians music courtesy of SecondTunes
Doubledown Tandino Bio & full list of services available

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