Monday, February 26, 2007

Live Radio Show Broadcast from Texas & into Metaversatility - Feb 26 8pm (slt)

From the press release: "Bringing a great mixture of progressive electronica styles from Nu Jazz to Lounge and Hip-Hop, we will play their original material, as well as a selection of similar electronica from our favorite artists. Our avatars will be broadcasting from the KRTU complex on Metaversatility island. Come sit in and participate in an evening of discussion, interview, and great electronic music."

Bliargh Dada (host) & Adri Saarinen (Metaversatility coordinator) conducted a listening session & livechat with A.M. Architect (electronic musician) and delivered a great radio show (which was broadcast from 91.7fm San Antonio, Texas and into Second Life). I really enjoyed the format of the show (with a studio/living room setting) that weaved from talks about A.M. Architect's music and influences to playing his original tracks mixed in with music to fit the same flavor of genres.

Lots of friends and familiar faces came out for the show including Frogg Marlowe, Ute Hicks, Moo Money, & Celebrity Trollop.

Can't wait to check out more shows and the musicians they feature.

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