Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Flaming Moe - Contemporary Jazz from the Future

I saw Flaming Moe (Brian Tervo) at Bliss Basin on Wednesday March 21. Phenominal as always, I must have seen more than 20 of his shows in SL over the past year. Such an outstanding talent; merging sax, flute, keyboard, and electronica. Everyone knows he's excellent.... this dude crashes sims with attendance. Bliss Basin got borked halfway through the show.

I could easily say Flaming Moe is on my top 3 reasons I log into SL (the others being to DJ, and to hear other DJs). He'd be on my musical inspirations list as well. I've already noticed my styles shifting, and I can see some big things coming from me in April... and this is because of Moe's music. Sorry don't mean to sound like a groupie.

Anyway, check his shows out, buy his music

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Moe said...

Wow man, I hope you know how deeply honored and humbled I am to see a post like this coming from you. Thanks man. Really... thank you.

Starting sometime soon, my Bali Hai show is going to be a different kind of show. I'm going to be conducting interviews of SL's talent and podcasting the episodes - all done from MoeTown in Bali Hai and put on the MoeTown website. I'd love it if you could be one of the featured artists.