Friday, March 2, 2007

UK Techno Legend Luke Slater at Alpha Box - Mar 1, 2007

Bigtime industry DJ Luke Slater (Planetary Jacks in SL) dropped a live set at Alpha Box. Luke is one of the UK techno pioneers and the SL EDM crowd certainly knew it'd be a treat to have him spin in-world. The sim was full and it wasn't even an announced event. 40 people squished into a small 512 black box. Although the club build was a complete laggy hassle, filled with resource-sucking animations, large filesized pictures that never rezzed beyond gray, and overlapping rotating lights, the event was a treat and the people had a great time. Thank you Thinker Moy for producing this event. And thank you Astryd Moore for the heads up about this event; good lookin' out.

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