Monday, March 12, 2007

MoogConspiracy Lykin Live from Berlin & Electric Soulside from (Belgum) - Elektrotribe Records

March 12, 2007 - Big show at The Dirty Club -

I really dig the club build here. Very warm purple neon, but not overdone. The place has a very sophisticated vibe.
Moog Conspiracy -- Elektrotribe Records (Berlin) - a blend of tweaky acid electronica, hard driving beats mixed with a delicious melody backgrounds. It sounded like aliens on acid having sex in a funhouse!
Electric Soulside -- Elektrotribe Records (Belgium)
and opening set by Racin Baxter
Post-Party set by STEED Schlesinger

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Moog Conspiracy said...

Yeah ;DD
Thx Guys!!!!!!

Next Elektrotribe Night @ THE DIRTY soon !
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