Monday, August 6, 2007

Chicago Music Promotions Premieres MP3 Music Store in Second Life

Chicago Music Promotions Premieres MP3 Music Store in Second Life

I met Mattchicago Cleanslate at his MP3 music store in Second Life. I was intrigued and impressed. Mattchicago seems to possess marketing and promotion skills especially since he's taking his operation into Second Life. He has set up presences including the website:, within Second Life, myspace, and on other online social networks.

I joined myself up as a DJ and Music Artist through the site and can't wait to check out the numbers of visitors and downloaders of my music and DJ mixes. This also looks like a GREAT way to get music for my DJ sets.


From the Press Release:

Michael Nalett (aka Mattchicago Cleanslate) has opened a music store in SL with a different idea behind it.

Most online music stores on or off SL are staid affairs, consisting of stale menus and simple shopping carts.

Even in SL, the inclusion of Streaming music in the world has been a problem... while most people stream lots of music, the copyright issues have tended to be iffy. Attempts to chop music into 10 second clips have proven somewhat prone to lag.

Mattchicago's company,

Chicago Music Promotions
has recently invested in most of the Ilgop sim. One of their first activities (after investing in actual public works) was a nightclub streaming several genres 24/7, with regular changes of music depending on the day of week.

MattChicago says the latest attempt to build a independent music-themed sim in Second Life by his company is purely for promotional purposes. "We're not looking to actually earn directly from Second Life, but rather, to give Residents a chance to listen to music from our artists and (hopefully) get hooked enough to buy the music that we promote."

The company has opened a in-world shop where Residents can sample some of the music his company offers in a music store setting
and purchase legal copies of MP3s from its library on the spot.

The shop is relatively simple, consisting of several listening booths with chairs and "players", each linked into a separate stream from the company's servers.
On one far end of the shop, a wall of virtual albums is placed, each purchasable with L$.

The cost of the download is a nominal fee, mainly to cover the cost of bandwidth for the downloads themselves. Prices ranged from L$150 - 250 at the time this report was filed. and it was noted that some mixes actually lasted over an hour.

MattChicago plans to introduce even more music in the MP3 Music stores, but can't promise a timeframe: "We have over 2000 to 3000 songs across a wide spectrum of genres, and more are being submitted everyday at our website. To give you the cream of the crop here in SL requires a lot of vetting by the company, and this is not something we want to rush."

The delivery consists of a simple script for less technically oriented Residents who don't know how to set media URLs on their land, as well as a URL for a direct download for those more interested in bringing the music into their part of the real world, or into a more capable media player.

As Mattchicago tells it, this wasn't an easy thing to do.

"I'd asked around and while nightclubs are a dime a dozen in Second Life, a shop that sells 100% legal DJ mixes isn't a thing that has been done before. Until now, that is."

Chicago Music Promotions plans on opening more CMP Music Centers in Second Life to promote other genres of music under the company's wing in the coming months. The company is welcoming land owners interested in setting up such centers in other parts of the grid catering to different genres of music.

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