Monday, August 6, 2007

iBreaks Radio - Breakbeat Radio, Record label and enters Second Life

iBreaksRadio Nightclub - Breaks/Breakbeat, Techno, Funk, DnB

(SLURL will be posted here once SL is operational again)

Breakbeat, tech, funk, techno, minimal sounds for your lsitening pleasure with live in world and offworld DJ's. Over 8 hour each day of live performances plus additional inworld shows.

Current inworld DJ's:
Norgan Torok
Jmekka Oh

iBreaks Radio - Breakbeat Radio, Record label and music distribution. Our goal and drive is to unite a community and help expose our music to more of the world. The Compound is a huge area containing a group buildings incorporating the ibreaksradio nightclub, breakbeatonline shop, retail shop space, public sandbox and general hangout.
More info and Schedule please check the website or in the club itself at

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