Saturday, August 2, 2008

Berlin Love Parade in Second Life - Aug 2, 2008

Berlin Parade - Second Life
The Spirit of Berlin Love Parade
August 2nd, 2008


Welcome Area,

Additional Event Area

Vote for your Favorite Truck Here


The Parade 9am,-12pm

14 Trucks are placed on 4 connected SIM´s and play all their own music and present themself!
Differnet Styles from Minimal to Trance, to Techno or Jumstyle about 45 DJ´s spinning on the trucks!
Or so called Loveparade Floats

Their will be a Voting! 5.000 Linden on the Board!
Any Avatar is asked to vote for a favorite Truck at the Voteboard situated at the Mainstage .
All voting avatars can take part and win 5000 Linden$ The winner will be choosen randomly form the board.

So come enjoy a various Trucks and electronic music styles and decide what truck feserves your Vote!
Every avatar has only one vote! So support the truck you like at most!

The Final Party at the Mainstage 12pm- Open End
Andy Moon, Init Hubble, Okin Nishi, Deejay Astaroth Amat, thomtrance Otoole and many more will spin the whole nite on the big and awesome Siegessäule! The Final Party will be broadcasted on all 4 Sims so you can party at every place!

Live Video Animation by Alicedea Timeless during the Mainparty!

Live Video Broadcast !
The whole Event will be broadcasted life on Videostream. You can watch the Live Cast on different vidowalls at the Event SIm and in the Interent on the NewBerlin Websites. We will promote the links soon.

The Impressione "Capture the moment" Photocontest 10.000 Linden Contest
JennyH Gossipgirl and her Impressione Group presenting a Photoconcept! All you have to do
shoot photos and take transfer them to the Contest. All Infos will be placed on the Welcome
Area (LM above!) The 1st 2nd and 3rd Winner cann win up to 10.000 L$

Aftershow parties
At around 03pm SLT different clubs offer aftershow parties with own line up, simple check the Groups for announcments! Acually their are Aftershow Parties at CLub Experience, GlamCult CLub, Ibiza Island Underwater, Arena, at the Mainstage itself and others

Welcome Area
All important Infos will be placed at the Berlin Parade Welcome Area close to the Mainstage.

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Awesome Event! 12 hours of music, 1500 vistors. See our screenshots on Flickr: