Wednesday, August 6, 2008


720LIVE! - AUGUST 23RD - 8am-9pm (slt)

Operation Kid Equip (OKE) in partnership with Monogram Virtua (MV) will host a very rare event at the Monogram Virtua Convention Center on August 23rd, 2008 from 9am to 9pm PST/SLT featuring Bosco Constantine (A.K.A. John Bosco) playing for 12 straight hours with 12 other Second Life (SL) artists jamming along with him using dual stream technology. OKE is a Michigan based program to provide under privileged youth with back to school supplies enabling them to be ready for school on day one.

At the top of each hour, during the set, another SL musician will join Bosco on the stream for a unique duet experience with changing styles from the different SL performers that come on stage. Scheduled to appear during the 12 hours are Azriel, Anek Fuchs (Anekretia), Peregrine Singh, Chaos Noyes, Jano Runo, Max Kleene, Detritus Rau, Distilled1 Rush, Dominick Manatiso, Norris Sheperd and others! Kicking it off will be DJ Doubledown Tandino at 8am and your MC throughout the day!

There will be a live video stream to several in world venues as well as kiosks for donating to this great cause!

Also available at the event will be an auction of goods donated by many SL businesses and booths rented to help support the event with proceeds going to OKE’s fall drive for supplies.

Once again the SL music community is coming together to help a great cause for children and we thank them whole-heartedly for their participation. This again shows how much the live music community in SL can come together to support real life causes and make real life changes.

For the latest in Lineup, Musician’s Bios, and further details please visit the website at

For any questions on the event please feel free to contact:
Address: PO Box 364
Royal Oak, Michigan 48068-0364
In SecondLife: Alligator Wingtips or Maybee Fall

Operation Kid Equip is a program of Congressional District Programs, Inc., a registered 501(c)(3) Public Charity. (Tax ID#:65-0970090).

The mission of Operation: Kid Equip is to provide economically disadvantaged children with the basic educational supplies needed to be successful in school.

Monogram Virtua Charities, A division of Monogram Virtua.

With the charity arm of Mongoram Virtua's business, they provide non-profit organizations with an outside-the-box way of placing organizations in front of global donors.

Visitors are entertained while being educated and informed about charitable organizations while interacting with real-life organizers.

Monogram Virtua has organized virtual charitable donation projects such as: Spiritual Gatherings, Concerts, Parties, Donor Box Placements, AA Meetings, After-School Homework Programs and many more.

For more information visit:

Venture Magazine:

Launched on August 1, 2008, Venture Magazine is entered an arena that filled with many other great magazines. However, Venture Magazine does not have any direct competition. As of this press release, there are no other monthly magazines that feature business leaders and offer advice on how to grow small businesses into big businesses. This new tool for business owners will surely positively impact how business is done in SL, forever.

For further information regarding advertising, kiosks or magazine copies, please contact Carter Giacobini. To join the group for the magazine, simply do a search for "Venture Magazine" in SL.

Bosco Constantine:
Raised in the great city of New Orleans with over 12 years real life touring experience he will thrill you with original music and a non-stop performance that has been compared to a powerful religious experience for the musically in-tune. All of his original music is written just for SL and is based on experiences we all share. His new hit song Addicted, has sold numerous copies at every show and is a can’t miss.

Bosco broadcasts from his professional studio on theEast Coast and runs his feed from a dedicated computer not running SL for the best in signal quality. He has 3 different guitars available for use during his set for a smooth transition from song to song and everything is done live, including guest musicians that come from time to time to the studio.

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Awesome MAN!

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