Monday, August 11, 2008

How to Find Real World Talent in Second Life - By Eric Rice/Spin Martin

Eric Rice a.k.a Spin Martin wrote a brilliant article on discussing an overview of the real world talent of the people not only taking place in Second Life, but taking place as real life careers; 8 specific SL professional careers in fact.

I was delighted to find myself mentioned along with famous SL music legend Cylindrian Rutabaga
on page 3.
"Under the hood, the Second Life software is a streaming media client, capable of playing Quicktime movies and Internet radio streams. Independent musicians like Atlanta-based Grace Buford (SL: Cylindrian Rutabaga), ‘perform’ by broadcasting from their homes or studios, to regular audiences around the world. This exposure has led to artists like Grace performing in venues around the country in real life. Club DJs are also part of the mix, performing nightly to enthusiastic crowds of club-going avatars, like East Coast DJ Brad Reason, who performs full time—virtually—as a club DJ as Doubledown Tandino for large and small venues alike."
Full Story:
August 5, 2008 By:Eric Rice

"Virtual worlds like Second Life are massive, interactive places that are as diverse as the Web itself. Is it possible to find real world creative talent in the metaverse? Of course! Here are six creative skills that exist in plain view -- and how to dig deeper."

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