Thursday, July 30, 2009

The 1st Question :: 28Jul09 :: on Treet/SLCN in Second Life

I was thrilled to be a special guest panelist on the inworld gameshow "The First Question" produced and presented by (a.k.a

A great battle of wits brought to you by Pooky & Hydra. This show marks the first guest that identifies with periodic table element 116, Uuh. Could it be Doubledown Tandino, Gaius Luminos, MenuBar Memorial or Joel Savard? That and other questions are answered so be sure to watch this 1st Question.

I had met Joel Savard and MenuBar Memorial in the past through my travels and through their excellent projects in SL, however, the 1st Question show was the first time I got to meet Gaius Luminos. Gaius is part of "Fierce Tibetan Gods," the band also featuring Greg Hawkes (of The Cars fame). As you'll hear when you watch "The 1st Question" show, Gaius mentions the date of their next live inSL concert.

Watch the show HERE
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