Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Koinup's Rocking the Metaverse Tour at Active Worlds - July 14th, 2009 - 10am-1pm (SLT)

July 14th, 2009

Koinup's Rocking the Metaverse Tour
Next stop - Active Worlds

10am-1pm Second Life Time = 3pm-6pm Active Worlds Time

After a series of successful concerts in Second Life, Opensims, Metaplace and Twinity, Rocking the Metaverse, the most popular live music show of the metaverse, is moving towards Active Worlds Europe. The Rocking the Metaverse show will be held at the Active Worlds Europe on 14th of July in the central auditorium building. All details to join and attend the metaverse show are here .


Via New World Notes:

SL Music Stars Rock Active Worlds Tomorrow @ 10AM SLT

Metaverse Active After hitting Twinity last month, NWN partner Koinup is taking the Second Life rockstar tour bus to another virtual world, one of the very originals: Active Worlds, which has existed in various forms for nearly 15 years. (Specifically Active Worlds Europe.) Tomorrow at 10am Second Life Time (i.e. Pacific), SL stars MOshl Kumachi, Grace Mcdunnough, Slim Warrior, Doubledown Tandino will be there performing live, so if you've never visited Active Worlds, there's an extra incentive to check it out now. More details at Koinup's blog, and details for joining the concert in Active Worlds on this discussion thread.


The mission of Rocking the Metaverse is to bring live music in all the virtual worlds (all the metaverse) and raise the bar of entertainment in virtual worlds. Virtual Worlds are innovative and engaging stages to play, enjoy and interact with live music. During the Rocking the Metaverse show at Active Worlds Europe, the audience will have the chance to listen to some of the most appreciated and popular metaverse artists, as Doubledown Tandino, Slim Warrior, Grace Mcdunnough, Moshi Kamachi and many others.

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