Sunday, July 5, 2009

Doubledown Tandino's Digg It Favorites of the Week - July 2009 - 1

As I do, here's a hodge podge of articles from the week that interested me:

Second Life Data Offers Window Into How Trends Spread Do friends wear the same style of shoe or see the same movies because they have similar tastes, which is why they became friends in the first place? Or once a friendship is established, do individuals influence each other to adopt like behaviors?

Social Influence and the Diffusion of User-Created Content Three social researchers from the University of Michigan obtained data from Linden Lab about the possession and acquisition of 'gestures' (preprogrammed sequences of text, avatar animations and/or audio) and data about account creation dates and friends-lists, and studied how gestures passed from user to user.

Subliminal Mind Control, Brain Washing, Media & Psychology watch! Subliminal Mind Control, Brain Washing, Media & Psychology Dr. John Breeding discusses the use of television and the mass media as a form of information and mind control. Visit Dr. Breeding's Website at

Is Virtual Presence Viable for Collaboration? IBM announced last week that it was adding a virtual world collaboration service it's calling Virtual Collaboration to its Lotus Sametime communications and collaboration software, which is aimed primarily at enterprises.

US rallies hackers to defend networks - The Boston Globe The government's urgent push into cyberwarfare has set off a rush among the biggest military companies for billions of dollars in new defense contracts. The exotic nature of the work, coupled with the deep recession, is enabling the companies to attract top young talent that once would have gone to Silicon Valley

Jammie Thomas To Appeal Her $1.92 Million Verdict Jammie Thomas-Rasset, the woman who was charged with copyright infringement through online file sharing, tried to fight RIAA, and subsequently lost, will appeal the verdict in her case, which ordered her to pay $1.92 million in damages to the recording industry that sued her.

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