Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Feline Slade's Perspective from the Audience Member's Viewpoint

Slamming Shut the Door on the “Killer App”
by Feline Slade
via http://felineslade.wordpress.com

"M Linden’s now-infamous labeling of music as a “killer app” for Second Life has led to a lot of discussion and blowing of hot air. Even when some very specific and relatively easily-implementable suggestions were made during the Looking to the Future of Live Performance in Second Life session at SLCC (Really, how hard would it be to repurpose an unused subcategory in Events?), they were automatically put in the “Not in 2009″ pile. In the end, the live music community has been left to its own devices to feel its way along.

I’m pretty much a nobody on the Second Life live music scene. I don’t own a venue. I am not a musician, since I can’t tolerably play an instrument as well as sing. So why is the current music venue “to cover charge or not to cover charge” drama bothering me? Maybe it’s because I’m the supposedly deep pockets that it feels like some music venue owners and musicians seem to want to reach into for cover charges.
So in the interest of market research, let’s take a look at a few facts about Feline, a representative individual among SL Live Music Target Market... "

Slamming Shut the Door on the “Killer App”

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