Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Todd’s Guide to Virtual World Business - www.VirtualWorldBusiness.com

Todd’s Guide to Virtual World Business
by Todd Borst of virtualworldbusiness.com

Want help with your Second Life business? Here is a reading guide to find just what you need.
A blog is a great medium for news and journal, but not so much for finding old but useful articles. Personally, I hate digging for content as well. That’s why I’ve made this post.
This list contains many of the articles written this far. It is broken down by topic for your reading pleasure.
Enjoy, bookmark & share with friends that might find it useful.

-Todd Borst

  Understanding Virtual World Business

Tools and Resources

Marketing and Generating Traffic

Warnings and Pitfalls

Motivation and Self-Discipline

Product Design Tips

Customer Service

Personal Introduction

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