Monday, October 5, 2009

Doubledown Tandino - Available to DJ, Emcee, & Promote your Halloween Event

Hello ghouls, goblins, and ... avatars.  I (Doubledown Tandino) am available for Second Life Halloween bookings and events.  Halloween is my favorite time of year, and I cannot wait to perform at some of this year's inworld parties.

I am a professional real life and Second Life DJ, and do a live turntable mix of current modern spooky electronica (house and breakbeats), combined with live remixing of various classic Halloween jams.  I've done Halloween events for over a decade, yet always find ways to make the music fresh and unique each year.

Booking me means you'll get:
- Advanced promotion of the event; includes inworld marketing + internet & social media based.
- During event promotion; includes TPs, notices, group chat, twitter, facebook, status updates, etc.
- Live broadcast DJing & live mixing and remixing
- Live on-the-mic Emcee to promote goals of the event (products, freebies, giveaways, contests, venue info, people involved info, etc)
- The broadcast stream (if your venue does not have one)
- Any extra Halloween decorations if needed (I am able to provide a Halloween DJ booth & lighting)

October 28th, 29th, 30th, and 31st dates are available (pending time availability.)
Depending on your expectations, approximate rate is $5000L for one hour, $8000L for two hours.
(The time spent on advance promotion is included.  (If you would like a graphic flier designed for your event, the cost is $5000L.))
The cost is $3000L per hour if you JUST would like me to DJ, but not do any promotions or speak on the mic.

please contact me ASAP at DJDoubledown @ to discuss your expectations and lock in the time.

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