Monday, October 19, 2009

POLL: Should Doubledown Tandino Consider the Opportunity? (Wanted: Second Life Community Experts for Hire )

UPDATED:  First: I wanted to mention this poll is entirely anonymous.  I cannot see who voted.  The only thing I can see is the percentage results.  I want, and value your honest opinion.

Second:  This poll is not about "Should I do this."  ...this poll is about "Would the SL community WANT me as someone to be a voice for them."   I think this is the best approach.  I am asking the SL community FIRST, do you want me as someone doing this for YOU, the community.  I don't want to just apply, and then suddenly I'm the leader, and then everyone says "we didn't want you!  who elected you as king of DJ town."
I am here asking FIRST, the SL community, do YOU feel I am a good candidate.  The only reason I would potentially do this is I get an overwhelming response of people that are saying "yes, Doubledown, we WANT you to be the one"

So, please, take a quick moment, and vote on the poll.  Pass this blog post link around the SL DJ, club, and nightlife world.  Pass this link around the social network scene.  I really need to know from the SL community if you all think I would be a suitable candidate to represent us.

Again, I remind you that your poll votes are anonymous.  If you would like to create a dialog about this, leave a message in comments and we can discuss.  You can remain anonymous if you wish.   And, I promise I will not get defensive, and try to attack what you say here.  If you feel you want to leave comments about why or why not, please, let it flow.  I won't be defensive and I won't attack you either.

Here is the question I pose to you:


insilico.pngWanted: Second Life community experts for hire
Posted by Courtney Linden

Second Life Destination Guide pilot project is now up and running on!

As announced in a previous blog, we're looking for a few good Residents to help the community--but how? By finding the best destinations in Second Life! New Residents (and many oldbies too) aren't sure where to go, what to do, and how to find other people once they're inworld.

In a recent survey of Residents, two of the biggest reasons that they leave Second Life is that they either "couldn't find anyone to talk to" or "didn't know how to find interesting places to see, things to do."



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