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Prokofy Neva and the FIC 2.6 List (July 2009 - Oct 2009)

Prokofy Neva every so often creates a list known as the FICFeted Inner Core?  I forget.  Anyway, what once was a list (1.0) of people Prokofy believed were in cahoots with the Lindens, it slowly developed into a list of people that personally crossed her and people she hated. 2.5 was a good list of characters.  Now, it has now developed into a list of.... well... I don't even know how to describe it.  Prokofy Neva is better at describing this than I am.

It's strange.  The FIC is a combo of people doing amazing things in SL, mixed with people doing horrible things in SL.     2.6 appears to be a list of who Prokofy views as "the cool kids" of SL. 

Personally, I am very touched and honored to have made it on
Prokofy Neva's FIC 2.6

Doubledown Tandino


I wanted to give a sampling of Prokofy's wikipedia entry of what the FIC meant.  I believe the wikipedia denied the entry, but here's some of the text:

The Feted Inner Core (also known as the Fetid Inner Core) is a conspiracy theory that exists among certain players of the computer game Second Life. It argues that certain groups of players use their relationship with the staff of Linden Lab, the game providers, to obtain favours that advantage their in-game businesses at the disadvantage of others. Since businesses within Second Life can be run for real-world money - the game's currency, Linden dollars, has a maintained exchange rate with the US dollar - this is considered a significant danger.


Footnote:  Because I am a member of this so-called FIC, and Prokofy believes I hold the values of this FIC thingy, this blog entry was created for the sole purpose of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Stinky Footnote: Prokofy, keep doing what you're doing.  We need someone like you in the world, whether we realize it or not.

Toejam Footnote:  Prokofy, don't send me a takedown notice or anything like that.  The disclaimer is that everything and anything in this one FIC related blog post was designed, created, masterminded, fondled, and crafted by Prokofy Neva.  She owns the rights to her blog, and anything I copy and pasted from her blog.

Pinky Toe Note: Prokofy Neva is on the FIC list, although somehow, her name never appears on the list.... I think it's the inner workings of the inner core of the feted inner core?

Toenail polish note:  I was really trying to make this blog entry as long as Prokofy's blog entries,  but there's no chance in hell I'm even coming close.  I have no idea how she musters the strength to write so much out each blog post.   I'm winded already.


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