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Brad Reason (Doubledown Tandino) - Second Life/Virtual Worlds DJ, Music, Events, & Marketing Bio, Press, & Awards - 3.2010 Update

Brad Reason, also known as Doubledown Tandino in Second Life and other virtual worlds, is a multi-talented solution provider and niche specialist in the development of live music, entertainment, and events for immersive environments and emerging social media internet outlets.

In the real world, Brad has over a decade of experience creating, producing, and performing at corporate, promotional, and music events.  He has been bringing these facets of skills onto the web and into virtual worlds for real life and second life companies such as IBM, AMD, Intel, CBS, Orange, Electrolux, Playboy, Remedy Communications, Princeton University, Electric Sheep Company, Muse Isle Connection, Menorca and many more.

Brad has several aspects he brings to the project which make him a expert in his field.  The first feature to Brad's full package includes marketing and advertising, utilizing the inworld environments, new media, social media, web 2.0, new technologies, and graphic design.  The second feature is the follow through and bringing the project to realization through real-time events, music performance, live DJ, promotional emceeing, and branding.  Many corporations, companies, and clients have ideas, and Brad knows how to turn those ideas into realities, surpass goals, and exceed expectation.  He has a catalog of references and recommendations which can be viewed at:

Brad has a unique skill-set, a variety of talents, and experience which most others do not have.  He is a creative go-getter, and is constantly bringing new imaginative ideas to the table.


Press and Awards:

CNN interviews Brad Reason: "Best Jobs: Second Life DJ" (2010):

BlazingMinds: "Who the Band: Brad Reason" (2010):

FreePlayVL: "Music in 3D - Virtually Live Music is Social Media" (2010) -

Cybergrrl Oh interviews Doubledown Tandino on Rezzed.TV (2009)

Doubledown Tandino wins Live Music Entertainment Award for "Best Live DJ" (2009):

Japan Inc Magazine: "The Music Industry: Real Music for a Virtual World" (2009):

Reason.TV: Drew Carey interviews Doubledown Tandino (2008):

Reuters features Doubledown Tandino's music event "Delicious Dish" (2008):

"Tonight Live With Paisley Beebe" (2008):

The Avastar - "Raving for Charity" (2008):

Doubledown Tandino wins Electrolux Grant Program (2007):

Electrolux & Millions of Us Honor Doubledown Tandino as DJ Innovator (2007):

The Avastar: Intel's "Second Fest" - Doubledown Tandino featured with Pet Shop Boys (2007):

The Avastar: DJ Festival produced by Doubledown Tandino (2007):

Metaverse Messenger: "Doubledown Tandino: Resident of the Week" (2007):

Feature in URB Magazine (2007):

Baltimore Sun - "Making A Living in the Virtual World" (2007):

Baltimore Sun - "Finding your New Self" (2007):

"Groundbreaking SL into RL Mixed Reality Jazz Show" (2007):



Original Music:
Graphic Design and Virtual World Photography:
Second Life Office/Company: Ravelong Productions: SLURL:

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