Monday, April 16, 2007

Doubledown's Second Life Remix Contest - April 2007


Doubledown’s Remix & Reedit Contest
A competition to showcase a re-interpretation of music inspired by exploring & interacting in the world of Second Life held at Menorca:
Deadline for Submissions: April 17th
Showcase & Voting: April 22nd. 12pm slt


1) You may register to enter the contest by paying the entry fee BEFORE your remix is finished. So you can enter now, and then submit your remix anytime before April 15th.

2) If you would like to participate, but do not want to pay the contest entry fee or be in the competition, you may still submit a remix. Up to 2 non-registered songs may be played at the Menorca listening/voting party.

Original Track – Doubledown Tandino: “Cruisin’ ‘Round Second Life”
Download the original track & samples here

The Contest: Donwload the Original Track & Remix Sample Pack. You will have until april 15th, 12am (slt) to remix, rework, & rewire. You may use the sounds provided, add your own sounds, add your own lyrics, electrify it out, or do an acoustic cover. Do anything you’d like; use your creativity and warp the original into a new piece.
(7) Seven Finalists will be selected to have their remixes heard publically. A Live Listening & Voting Party will take place in Menorca on Sunday April 22nd, 2007 @ 12pm. All attending audience members will be given a notecard to place votes for their favorite versions of “Cruisin Round Second Life.”

Prizes: 1st $6000L 2nd $3000L 3rd $2000L
All entrants may have a 4x6 promotional poster up at the event @ Menorca.

How to Enter: After you have made your version of the track, pay the avatar Doubledown Tandino $500L to enter. 100% of the entrance fees will be used to pay the winners and sponsor the contest & event. Send your finished remake in 128kbps MP3 format to In the email, please include your avatar name, and you have the option to include a website url, slurl, and real life city.
The MP3 must be titled in this format: Cruisin Round Second Life (your avatar name).MP3
Please only send the email after you have sent the $500L entrance fee.

Now until April 15th, 2007 – Download the Remix Pack & Enter Contest
April 15th through April 21st- Contest entrants get narrowed down to 7 finalists.
Sunday April 22nd – 12pm (slt) – 7 Finalists Listening Party, Voting, and Winner’s Prizes given at Menorca:

The Rules: By entering the contest you agree to the following: “Cruisin’ ‘Round Second Life is an original copyrighted music piece by Doubledown Tandino (under RL name Brad Reason). Any reworked track is considered a joint collaboration between Doubledown Tandino and the contest entrant/remixer. You may enter as many times as you'd like provided you pay for each track submission. After the contest, both Doubledown Tandino and the contest entrant/remixer may use the reworked track for any non-profit or promotional purposes. Any other use, along with the terms of use, must first be discussed and approved by both Doubledown Tandino & the remixer. Any distribution of the mp3s must maintain ID3 info to include original title, original artist, and remixer name and version:IE:
Doubledown Tandino – Crusin’ ‘Round Second Life (Joe’s Remix).MP3

If incorporating sounds and samples other than what is provided, you must own the rights to use those sounds or samples. Do not use copyrighted lyrics. All original stuff only.

You must be a Second Life resident to enter.

Any updates or revisions to the contest will be announced here:

Any questions at any time, please
IM in SecondLife: Doubledown Tandino

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