Sunday, April 29, 2007

Urbane DJ Festival Pictures - 4/28/07

Wild times! The event was a HUGE success! Thank you to Dnel DaSilva & the Urbane sim, as well as all of the DJs, Clubs, and Crews involved. Another successful massive rave pulled off to perfection in Second Life.

The Lineup:
Doubledown Tandino
Jungle Vacano
Viceroy Vanalten
Zenboy Timtam & Ravovich Figtree
Moogconspiracy Lykin
STEED Schlesinger
303Klang Wunderlich
Nitron Xi
MoShang Zhao
And a surprise afterparty with:
Elisha Richez

"Far beyond my wildest expectations!" - D'nel DaSilva

Viceroy Vanalten

Jungle Vacano

Zenboy & Rav

Dnel DaSilva, Doubledown Tandino, Moogconspiracy Lykin on the decks.

Korbin King from OMG Magazine covered the event, view the blog with pics HERE

More photos can be viewed HERE courtesy of NSDesigns.

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