Sunday, April 29, 2007

Phat Cats Jazz Club - I just don't get it????

Help me out here, because for the life of me, I can't figure it out. Phat Cats Jazz Club has an average traffic of 130,000. It is a nice looking sim, nice mall, nice ballroom. It's streaming in the most muzakey of the soft smooth jazz music. There's not many classified ads taken out for the club, there's no camping chairs, and there's no tags like 'sex' 'money' ' porn' etc.
I just can't friggin' figure it out. I was there for close to 30 minutes, the place never rezzed beyond the floor and a couple of AVs in front of me, but the map showed about 100 blips. I can't figure out why SO MANY people are finding this place, coming here, and staying here?!?!?!
I talked to the owner briefly and she was nice. There was other staff present and that was cool too.... but hardly anything ever rezzed, lag was severe, I never really saw many people. What is going on here?!?!?! Is it a massive army of AV bots that are logged on to create the traffic? Is it some kind of marketing ingenuity? Someone please post your thoughts as to why this sim is causing so much traffic to arrive and stay.


Moe said...

I don't know man. I don't get it either. I actually played one gig there once and was never asked back. The other jazz clubs don't seem to like the place or the owner (another guy that owns it).

Anonymous said...

I get it. Bot Boxes. Invisible (from the outside) boxes filled with bots hovering in the air 24/7 above the sim.

Traffic counts were made meaningless by campers but still, I have myself seen a bot box in action, being used to boost a stores traffic count (I was actually in the box, and have pics of the ruths, on Nov 26th).

IMO, Linden Labs should completely remove the traffic count stat. If these bot boxes are littering the grid, how much are they contributing to network and lag problems?

NOTE: I'm posting anonymously because I can't remember my Google password. It's ME Ticious Trottier :-) Purrrrrr