Friday, April 6, 2007

Doubledown's DJ Shop - What's New - April 2007

What's new at Doubledown's DJ Shop:
* 3D Intelligent Club & Stage Lighting Systems (with HUD controls)
* NEW Prefab DJ Booths - "The Blacklight C" , "The Circle" , "The Stone Setup"
* Doubledown's Remix Contest - Entry Deadline: April 15th
* More new DJ, music, and club gear (korgs, moogs, new DJ tables, new DJ setups, speakers, dancefloors, club signs)
* THE LIST - Updated list of jobs and gig opportunities for SL DJs
* Featured SL Electornic Musician's Info & MP3 Downloads
* "The DJ Scene" - a 2-pager featuring SL's premier turntable jockeys. (featured in OMG Magazine)

Still popular at the shop:
* Sine Wave Ultimate DJ Animations
* Lucky Chair with free copyable club gear
* Ad spaces at $20L/wk for clubs and DJs

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